The Art of Friendship-12

The woven art of friendship

On Saturday, my friend Louise brought us together for a day of making. Lou, Jo, myself and our girls spent the afternoon creating Christmas wreaths from natural materials like leaves, native flowers, rattan, ivy trails and wisteria tendrils we cut straight from the vine. Natural art forms woven ...

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Avoiding drama

Avoiding drama (aka wiping off the ugly)

I am a simple person with a simple outlook on life and unless I'm watching it on stage or screen, I absolutely despise drama. If I feel so much as a solitary goosebump of drama, I will get away as fast as possible. Well, best not to run, but I'll do ...

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The family meeting

Our family meetings

I used to laugh at parents who had family meetings. I thought they were the funniest thing. I was knee-deep in work meetings at the time and couldn't fathom why anyone would want to bring that tedium into the home. Speaking of which, Bart once ...

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Managing Exhaustion

Managing those exhausted days

Some days, like today, I'm just bone weary. It comes from all the doing, I know. It's days like this when we are told to 'just take a break' or 'be kind to yourself' or 'ignore the to do list', but that would start a domino effect that I'm just not ...

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Magical Alice in Wonderland Party on a Budget

A magical Alice in Wonderland party (on a budget)

A couple of weekends ago it was Arabella's Alice in Wonderland party and let me tell you, this one was the most last-minute, budget-friendly party I've ever done. That's really saying something too, because I always leave parties until the last ...

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Ready for High School

I’m not ready for high school

Max says he's ready for high school. "We're forming a gang, Mum," he tells me. "It's gonna have all the boys from my class who are going to our high school in it. We might ask other boys on the first day too. There's gonna be 20, maybe even 100 year ...

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Doing not being

The noise of doing

"I've got nothing to do, Mum," Cappers said, approximately 57 seconds after arriving home from a two-night school excursion. "Why don't you just sit on the front verandah and watch the evening fall?" I suggested gently, fighting the urge to launch ...

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The broken camera

My camera is busted. It's been out of action for about two months now and I feel incomplete. I weirdly feel like I can't even write properly when my camera is broken. Pictures and words tell stories together. So why haven't I fixed it? We've been ...

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