The Divil and the Badoo

Visiting me here Maxabellaland today are some of the lovely bloggers from Mama’s Little Nestwork.

There are places in bloggerspace that just make me feel welcome and safe and nurtured. Mama’s Little Nestwork is one such place. I stumbled onto Mama Hen’s blog early in my blogging days and I really enjoyed the simplicity of the joy she had for her daughter, Little Chick. She’s a warm, caring mother and that extends to a warm, caring blog and now a warm, caring network of mum bloggers. Mums without an agenda. Just writing about their families and, really, far nicer than me (sshhhhh, don’t tell them!). Aspirational if you like!

I hope my fellow Nesties will enjoy having a play in Maxabellaland. Don’t read the posts where I use the f-word or Mama Hen might kick me out!

At my place this weekend we baptised The Badoo. We thought we might try and ‘get the divil out of her’ (as my great-grandmother would say). Anything to help.

It seemed to work straightaway as she was good as gold throughout the mass and didn’t even mind having the ‘guy throw the water on my head’. Yes, I’m sure ‘the guy’ was very gentle, Badoo.

Here she is, the proud, newly holy little sister in the middle. I’m not sure how that lizard managed to become part of the festivities…

Afterwards we had a little luncheon to celebrate (complete with decadent cake). The Badoo insisted on blowing out the ‘birthday candle’ so out went the Christening candle and we sang that well known religious song “Happy Christening to you”.

She was already a little cheeky and now she’s my little cheeky angel. Here she is with her darling Dadda.

What did you get up to at your place this weekend?
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  1. says

    We had a baptism last week for a very special little girl too!! And the wonderful cousins came to saty and play with my cheeky kiddos – so all in all we’ve had a really great weekend! Big deep breath and now start the week again :-) xxx

  2. says

    It looks like a great celebration! Beautiful pics! 😀

  3. says

    The last picture says it all really.
    It’s reassuring that the holy water left at least a little divil behind because as we all know that’s what makes them truly precious.

    Felicity x

  4. says

    Awwww congrats to all involved. Lots of renouncing the divil at your place this weekend then. Round here it was renovation preparation continuing and then a blessed escape to a little Italian restaurant. Just the two of us.

  5. says

    So is it the “divil” in me that totally thinks your husband is hot? Thought so.

    Looks like a great day. I have to get Harper’s christening sorted out soon…you have given me the much needed kick up the bottom that was needed. And the cake! THE CAKE!

    My Nanna {Mum’s Mum} always said I WAS the devil, not even that I had the devil IN me. What did she know? Huh? HUH?!

  6. says

    This post is beautiful! A really special day and the pictures are lovely! The cake looks delicious! Thank you for being featured in the Nest! Have a great day my friend!

    Mama Hen

  7. says

    I had to laugh a little at how normal – yet phenomenal you are. Love this post and really enjoyed meeting you and your gang.

    Congrats on being featured.

  8. says

    what a beautiful post! Stopping by from the Nestwork. you have a lovely blog… following you now…


  9. says

    you know i;m a big fan of yours and your blog, and so it warms my heart no end when i see photos of your loved ones. It’s like an extra little inside scoop on what goes on in Maxabella land!!! lovely post – you have gorgeous children!!! Happy Christening to you Badoo!!!

  10. says

    Congrats on being featured, and congrats on Badoo’s baptism! It looks like it was a beautiful day, with a fantastic cake to boot! How cute that she wanted to blow out the Christening candle – that’s definitely a story to save for her first date. Have a wonderful night!

  11. says

    Thanks so much for leaving me that lovely comment today … and ENJOY your wonderful mention at Mama’s Little Nestwork (Oh, I love that Mama!!!) Your photography is so lovely – I can’t wait to explore more and more of your blog. Love the pics from this beautiful celebration. And so glad to be following you now. I’ll be back for more!!

  12. says

    I love the last pic…what an adorable smile your little girl has! Looks like a very happy occasion and that cake looks like a dream! is it one of your creations or is it a purchased cake?

    Gill xo

  13. says

    your little angel is so sweet – almost as sweet as that Kit Kat cake :)
    hopefully the little ones will all grow up to great big kids – after that teenage thing they go through. wait, mine seems to be doing it at 4 …

  14. says

    I adore your children though I’ve never met them. :) Happy Christening to you guys indeed. I am so impressed with the Badoo’s ability to turn it on for the camera in the “I have my Daddy wrapped around my little finger” look that is equal parts cheeky and smart that is that last photo.

  15. says

    Gorgeous! Love that little Ivy Designs dress on her, it suits her perfectly.

    I am planning on a christening for Miss Izzy when the bubs comes along (remove the divil from the two at once, I say!) – I promised my late Yiayia that I would guarantee them a place in Greek Heaven with her. I would never forgive myself if I didnt follow through…

    Lovely pics but I want to see a pic of you too! x

  16. says

    So glad to find you through Mama Hen whom I adore. The photos of your children are beautiful. Your little divil looks like quite the angel in all the pics!

  17. says

    Congratulations to The Badoo on her special day! What a great post, Maxabella, and congratulations to you on being a featured blogger in the Nestwork. You are truly deserving of the recognition as the phenomenal blogger that you are.

  18. says

    Cutest family! I enjoyed having the ‘biggest rays(race) ever’ in our backyard with my six year old daughter on Sunday! She made the course and the sign..:)

  19. says

    What a beautiful day you all had. I love that she had you sing to her and blow out the candle. That really sounds like something my 3 year old would insist on.

    Congrats on being featured. I’ll be following :)

  20. says

    I’m visiting from the Nestwork – though I’m one of the non-mums in the Nest :)

    This is such a sweet post. And you can never have too many lizards, can you?! 😉

  21. says

    I totally agree with your view of Mama Hen! Simplicity and joy in motherhood. That she is! I loved the pics and your little girl is adorable! Stopping by from the nest. Congrats on your feature!!

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