The praise junkie

Most of the posts I write have my incessant need for praise buried in them somewhere (go on, you’ll find it). It’s quite possible that I wouldn’t even get out of bed in the mornings if LOML wasn’t there with a swift ‘you look gorgeous today, honey’. I’m such a praise-junkie that part of me even believes him.

Growing up I would seek praise like a heat-missile seeks prey. The need to please others was ingrained and impossible to shake. Which of course led to gushes of tears should I actually go the opposite way and disappoint someone. My poor parents, disciplining their daughter through a sea of snot. (Don’t worry, Mum and Dad, karma came calling… Cappers is exactly the same as me. It’s tragic.)

So, help me out a little. I’ve been nominated (by my sister, don’t get too excited) for the People’s Choice Awards in the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2011. It’s very exciting as besides realising my dream of drowning in an avalanche of praise-sweet-praise, I could also win a creative writing course. Yes, I really could!

So, please. Vote for me. Then I will stop with this incessant groveling, I promise. Oh, at least until the Kidspot Best Blogs award comes out ‘cos I’ve been nommed in that one too… why, yes, yes I have.

Click on the image to vote. I’m on page 2 (I always wanted to say that, or was it page 3 that had the chicks?).

[Image via weheartit and I can’t for the life of me work out why searching for ‘praise’ just ended up with a whole lot of pics of dogs. Well, maybe I could work it out, but still.]
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  1. says

    Well done you! And have just voted. And those girls you’re taking about? Page 3. I’ve no doubt you’d put them all to shame!

  2. says

    You so deserve to win this Bron! I think u are a brilliant writer and without a doubt, my favorite blog to read!

    As for this praise junkie stuff… Where do u fall in the birth order? Am reading a brilliant book atm called ‘why first Borns rule the world and last borns want to change it’ -byMichael grose. Very interesting read!

  3. says

    heheeehehehe ahahahahah!!!
    well, i did see that nomination a few visits ago and forgot to ask about it!!! Well, if you don’t win one of these bestie bloggy awards soon, I’ll fly to you and award you a trophy myself you are so damn fanstistically fine!

    Love that you love the praise. Do you dish it out as much as you get it?

    Off to vote now – for you of course!

  4. says

    It’s like this was written by me – only better! I too am a praise junkie – I need to be liked, I need to be loved nd I need to be understood. I reckon that’s why I love this online world I have recently discovered… BTW – I just voted, a little tick in the box that says Maxabella :) Also voted for a couple of other special ladies who inspire me every day!

  5. says

    Oh, how lovely! And would it make you happy to know that I didn’t need this post, because I’ve already voted for you! (And I did a squee when I was nominated for that, AND kidspot too). Oh happy days! xx

  6. says

    I don’t know if its because i’m a first born in my fam or because of the moon or the month I was born in but I couldn’t be more different. i’m not playing. Don’t like it, don’t want it. Don’t need it. Happy to vote for you though. x

  7. says

    Hell yeah! I’ll vote for you Maxabella, I’ll also shower you with praise, because you deserve it! There you go… another hit for you, junkie lady ;o)
    Oh god, the page 3 girls, I’m *just* old enough to remember those… and my brothers drooling over them!

  8. says

    Sorry. Am laughing. But I voted too. You need a visit from Mr4 – his favourite phrase at the moment ‘Mum, you’re the best’. Said over and over and over each day. I’m going to train him up with an ‘Auntie Bronnie, you’re the best’.

  9. says

    Done and most well deserved.
    You remind me of my third daughter, she thrives on praise and gets very emotion at times when she feels she has disappointed us or done something wrong. :)

  10. says

    I have already voted. The same sister nominated me (what is she? A compulsive nominator?) I didn’t take her up (and third born Jess – does that mean something???). I am however going to take up the Kidspot nomination, so watch me go hell for leather for the cash prize!

  11. says

    Hello, Ive been blog-stalking you for a little while now, time to jump on the comment train (and feed your need for praise ;)so I will let you know your blog is loved and you have my vote!

  12. says

    Oh, how exciting…just stumbled on your lovely blog today. Love that you stand up and say…I love praise and I am not afraid to say so :))

    Off to vote for you (cause you asked so nicely :))

    xx Cat brideblu

  13. says

    Voted for you already. I must say that all the praises heaped on you are very well deserved. A lot of thought comes with your every post and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Hope you (and Kymmie, whom I also voted for) win.

  14. says

    Omg yes! I can so relate. I’m afflicted with the same issue! Along with my sister and mother! So I’m not too sure that the birth order thingy comes in here though. My sister is first born, I’m second and last until my half brother came along, and my mother was about 4th in a line of 7 siblings. I think my sister and I just “learnt” it from our mum.? It does get quite tiring sometimes though, trying to match up to reap the praise, don’t you think? Getting off my soap box now….sorry! :)))
    Congrats on your nomination and a heap of good luck!

  15. says

    You’re totally worthy of the nomination, no matter who did the nominating. I’m always amazed how often you post and the things you find to write about…sometimes I can’t even find my way to the computer! Ok so I just fed your praise tank but I do mean what I say by the way : )
    Will vote

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