♥ Loving Planning with Kids and Kikki K giveaways!

I’ve been  a mad follower of Nicole Avery over at Planning with Kids for ages now. Her blog attracted me because (a) the word ‘planning’ always attracts me because I am a planning freak; (b) she has, like, LOTS of kids (Five! Four boys! …!) and (c) she plans those kids into a happy, harmonious existence. She is so well-plannned, in fact, that I’ve read her posts for ages and she has never once mentioned that she would like to drop those kids off at the local pound and head for the hills with her ever-patient husband, Phil.

Nic’s blog and I are a match made in heaven – for me. Nic writes the posts with the great ideas and I just implement them at my place. I’m not entirely sure what she gets out of the relationship, but hey, that’s just the way some great connections of the heart go, right?

Now I’m excited because Nic has authored an amazing, must-have, cannot-put-it-down-because-it’s-just-so-chock-full-of- the-good-stuff bookIt’s creatively titled ‘Planning with Kids’ (just so you don’t miss her).  I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how on earth does a mother of five kids find the time? Well, she finds the time because she has read her own book.

Here’s what Nic had to say about the whole thing.

So, Nic, how did you get to be so beautifully organised anyway?
Nicole Avery: My husband. I was really all over the place, living from pay to pay before I met my husband. He helped (made!) me save so I could go overseas on my own. I started learning some internal discipline from him.  I had always been organised at work and very planned in how I approached the projects I was working on, but until I met Phil, I struggled to transfer this into my personal life.

Have there been days when you’ve wanted to ditch the Planning with Kids thing and just be into, you know, Planning Without Kids?
NA: No, my corporate background before kids was performance management, call centre management and project management. While I loved the order part, sorting, scheduling and making things happen, it didn’t give me an emotional connection.  My absolute favourite thing about blogging is the emails I receive from mums who write to tell me how my posts have helped them – you can’t beat that.

What do you do when you have ‘those’ days?
NA: Music is a big part of my life and can help me keep it together. If it is one of those days and it is me who is struggling, then I go for calming music.  I tweeted recently that this is my calming song: What I thought of you – Holly Throsby.  Listening to it makes me feel better.  The whole album is great actually.  If it is one of those days and it is the kids who need calming then I will often head outside.  Four out of our five kids are boys, so when they are all going a bit mad I will head outside and kick the footy with them.  

What three things do you not leave home without?

  • Nappies
  • Water
  • Lip gloss
What do you keep in your car for emergencies?

  • Nappy wipes – is there much they can’t do?
  • Change of clothes for toddler – he always needs them.
  • Tissues – you can never have enough really.
  • Old plastic shopping bags. Tied up for safety of course, but always find a use for them – wet clothes, vomit, rubbish, etc.
  • A hidden $20 note. We have coins as well, but I sometimes get stuck without cash and it can mean I can run into the shop and get a couple of loaves of bread (one doesn’t go far at PWK) and not have to go a bank before hand.

What might be the biggest ‘planning’ mistake that a lot of parents make?
NA: To not have routines for the kids or themselves.  Routines can sound limiting, but I have found that by establishing good routines you have a really solid foundation to cope with all other aspects (crises!) of family life.

And, Nic, what’s for dinner tonight at your place?
NA: Pumpkin Soup.  Not very exciting but its easy to cook, everyone loves it and pumpkins are a great price at the moment.

I love Nicole’s work and I love her book I’m in it, you know… page 255…up towards the top… see, that’s really me in an actual book. A real book. Not just a book in my head.

Best bit is, if you’re a follower of either Planning with Kids or Maxabella loves… you can WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK with me in it. And to help you on your way to becoming a Planner with Kids, I’m including some other yummy Kikki K stuff. I love Kikki K and this is all stuff I use myself. Cute stationery with swedish cheekbones!

One lucky follower will win… (apologies for the shite photography once again. I think I go okay with the composition, but the rest is just point, press and hope for the best…)

1. A copy of Planning with Kids

2.  A jar of heart paper clips for clipping all that paperwork that infiltrates our castle walls

3. A box of Family Conversation Starters to spark the dinnertime chit-chat
4. A To Do list to help get your thoughts organised.
5. A sweet little owl notebook because the owl is sweet and you can never have too many notebooks.
6. Some heart magnets because if I have a bird, I have to have a heart.
7. A shopping list and a little notebook because they were free with my purchase of all of the above.
So, there you have it!

Just leave a comment on this post revealling your best organisational tip for home or family.
Tweet this post for an extra entry (leave me a comment to let me know you tweeted).

Facebook for another one (leave me a comment to let me know you’ve faced). 

Post about the competition and you’ll get two extra entries (leave a comment to let me know you’ve posted!).

And spread the good word about the new parenting bible Planning with Kids wherever you go because it is just that good (especially page 255).  We’ve all heard those fattish blokes at BBQs say ‘it’s a shame this parenting thing doesn’t come with a manual’ (ho, ho). Well, buddy, now you’re not just very not-funny, you’re also very wrong. Personally I’m stocking up so I can give a copy of Nic’s book to every new mum I encounter. Robin B, I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to move over and make a little room.

Have fun on this amazing journey, Nic! x
Entries close on Friday 6th May at 5.00pm Sydney time. I’ll randomly draw the winner out of a hat and post their name on Sunday, 8th May. Good luck! x
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  1. says

    We’re yet to add kids to the mix (hopefully soon) but our best planning tool/tip, is a magnetic whiteboard ‘To Do’ List (on size of freezer) of what we have to do in the near future, ie currently lists:
    – replace dead computer desk chair – Done
    – get quote for built in robe Bedroom2
    – keep each other losing weight
    – organise pantry – 50% done
    – ORGANISE WEDDING!!!!!!!! (yes it includes all the !’s)

    Plus another 5 or so, we try and cap it at 10 so it’s not too daunting, we see it every day as we enter/pass by the kitchen.

  2. says

    Oh I am spreading the word about the Planning With Kids book too, it is on on my list for today’s “We Love May” post….And apparently I am in it to somewhere…! So pleased about that

    I have that TO-Do list – it was a present from Mum…a hint-hint present I think.

    Great questions up there – especially on what to keep in the car. I need this. As for my planning tip….well, you know it is not really my forte but I have to say Having a morning routine is essential for being able to get up and go, it sets the tone for the whole day

    Gill xo

  3. says

    I’m so glad I read this post. Maxabella, I just became a follower, I’ve tweeted this and facebooked it. I’m heading over to “Planning wih Kids” to follow there, too. As a mother of six, I am constantly doing just that and I love every minute of it. Can’t wait to get more clever ideas, and I hope!!!!! I win.

  4. says

    I’ve already got 3 tips in the book! Do I really have to come up with another one??
    How about: make sure you get up before them so you have the moral high ground to stand on when you get crabby with for taking so long to get ready??
    perhaps not :-)

  5. says

    Oh I so need to win this.

    My only organisational tip is to have a freezer full of back up meals for when it seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

  6. says

    actually need this.
    ok so I’m pretty un organised, so my tip is fairly basic…
    I find my mornings go 100 x better when i have laid all the school uniforms out the night before..shoes and socks included! and make up as most of the lunches as possible at night too…adding just the cold things in the morning.

  7. says

    My best organisational tip with children, is to draw the line, make sure they know where the line is, and never let them cross the line! Crossing the line has repercussions, and the repercussions must be adhered to as well.

    We are raising our children to become fine upstanding grown-ups with repsect for each other and everything around them – that respect andunderstanding starts at home, and children thrive on rules – they need to have strict guidlines as to what is or isn’t appropriate – if you get this right, then everything else just falls into place!

  8. says

    My best parenting tip used to be that when you take the littlies shopping n-e-v-e-r let them out of the pram. That way they get used to sitting and looking and you can do what you need to do in peace. Sounds mercenary but hey, mine were 3 years old and still happy to sit … Now as they are older, my tip would be to plan a family day once per week where you cook together and play a game. TV forbidden. Mine l-o-v-e the time together…

  9. says

    Ooh what a lovely looking book!

    I’m not the most organised mum on the block, but I find that having a routine makes for peaceful days with little ones. I have also embraced imperfection – having lower standards in the housekeeping department makes life with kids easier!

  10. says

    My best organizational tip for parents is to be present with them.

    If I dedicate a short amount of time solely to them, they can get on and do things independently for a while, and I can get my jobs done.

    If I try to give partial time to the kids and partial time to my jobs – NOTHING gets done without a stressfull ball of frustrated people!

    Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  11. says

    My best tip…pray for your kids..God knows what you don’t!..and buy the book..I wish I had it when my four boys and a girl were kids..I would have loved something like this. Now if I won, I’d have to read all of the things I should have done but didn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t win!

  12. says

    Great giveaway! My best organisational tip would be to include the kids in your planning and organising. I find I have much more success if I involve the whole family than if I just plan and organise it myself.

    Naomi x

  13. says

    The book looks wonderful. Congratulations Nic!

    My organising tip would be to keep spares in the pantry. This might be so obvious to everyone else. But I always used to buy things just before I ran out of them. In theory at least. But it always ended with extra trips to the shops to pick up laundry detergent or cat biscuits or what have you. Now I buy them before I’m running out and make less trips to the shop.


  14. says

    I saw this blog ages ago but am headed over to follow now. Looks fab. I am big on getting as much as poss done the night before too, and also trying to have a least one Domestic Day a week where we don’t leave the house at all.

  15. says

    What a great book! I am so checking out Nic’s blog once I leave here :)

    With five children I find routine is the key to an organised and harmonious life for us…oh and to expect the unexpected :)


  16. says

    I must confess I already have a copy of Nic’s fabulous book – and it is fabulous. If I won another copy I’ve share with my besties :) My best organisational tip would be to get the kids involved in the planning stage of the routine – that way they own it :)

  17. says

    oh happy joy!!! I’ll be buying this book if i don’t win this giveaway!!! My best planning with children tip would have to be;
    – involve your children in the mundane and boring. So when grocery shopping get them involved, when folding washing, talk about colours, when tidying up, play games about sorting. This way, you can get chores done without the winging and the groaning 😉

    love your style Bron, those Kikki K products look divine!!!!!!

    b xx

  18. says

    I am a follower of both blogs and love them!

    My tip, especially now that the small people go to school, kinder and creche, is to lay out clothes and pack the school bags the night before. Now they know to wake up. have their breaky, put their own lunch in their bag and start getting dressed with only a little bit of help!
    Lovely giveaway – I have everything crossed!!!

  19. says

    My current organisation attempts are 1) plan a week’s worth of meals, make an ingredient list, buy it all at once and hopefully
    a) cut down on trips to shops
    b) avoid wondering at 4pm “what should we have for dinner?”
    2) cook when the baby is asleep, not at 4.30 when she is losing the plot and clinging to your leg crying. Go to the park then instead!

  20. says

    Yah yah yah! I would love to win so that I could give it to my sister!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Best organisational tip – write down absolutely everything on the calendar (especially if you have a memory like mine)

  21. says

    Oooh, what a lush giveaway.
    My organising tip is to reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do by having lots and lots of ‘picnics’. My kids love to eat all their snacks outside, and we throw a blanket down and eat lunch in the garden, out of one big lunchbox. Less washing up, no need to sweep / mop the floor afterwards.
    :) Rhi

  22. says

    The book looks fabulous and the prize is awesome. As a chronically sleep deprived, ageing mother, I have to go with lists- shopping lists, to do today lists, to do this week lists, things to do in the school holidays, you name it. Otherwise I cannot be sure that I will remember all the things that I need and want to do!

  23. says

    It all starts with menu planning with me – if you don’t have to make a decision when stress is building, things are always better :)

  24. says

    I have no planning tips, I barely make it to work on time, usually run out of milk and sometimes forget to turn up to lunch with my friends (sorry, my dear Anna). So best I just win this and see if I can put us on orgisational track.

  25. says

    Fabulous giveaway with lots of little extras. Very sweet of you.

    Reading everyone elses’ tips here has been great too.

    My head is very muddled at the moment but menu planning has been fun and really helps me plan, shop and be enthused about dinner.

    Dropping my standards and expectations has helped too.

    xo jill

  26. says

    If I could plan as beautifully as Nic, I would try to have 5 kids too. I love her blog, it gives me hope that I could one day have a big family that is happy and organised too!
    My organisational tip is to have a laundry tub for each child. As I have time to fold laundry, I pop their clothes in their boxes with their names on them (and cute stickers) and then either myself or hubby will put them away when we have a spare minute (usually while the 3 boys are in the bath). My tubs fit into a standard Ikea shelving unit, so they’re always there, ready to receive more clean washing. I know, I’m a dork, but it saves confusion over whose jocks belong to who. :)

  27. says

    Meal Planning and one of those family calendars with a column for each of us and a weekly meeting with husband where we try and actually ensure each knows what is going on. Works – most of the time but not perfect. And like many others Lists ….lots of lists. and teaching the kids to be independent (age appropriate) so time and energy freed up for other things (like blogging : )

  28. julia says

    keep calm and im the list queen…also visually colour and post its are amazing…oh and being addicted to kikki k helps

  29. says

    I like the rhythm method’s suggestion! My best tip is to have a day each month where each child gets to be ‘in charge’ – they get to be a leader for the day, choose the dinner meal and choose the afternoon activity. It makes them feel special at least once a month and gives me a few decision free days :-)

  30. says

    What’s working for me at the moment is to write a to-do list in bed each night for the next day. I make sure I’m not over-ambitious, and usually make sure it includes something a little more fun than the regular housework.

    Then when I wake up in the morning, my day is already planned and I can hit the ground running.

  31. says

    GREAT giveaway! I so need this.

    My organisational advice is simply this; do not move in with your highly unorganised mother and teenage brothers with your three young children…

  32. says

    Hi Maxabella, I have the book (need it so badly!) so not in comp for that but just wanted to share that life got much easier with the four boisterous bairns when I stopped resisting the 5.30-6am wake ups and just got up and got on with it. I’m up so early with the little ones that there heaps of time to get the morning stuff done. We leave most morning around 8am with no fighting- great.

  33. says

    I have printed out a pictorial schedule on the wall showing the big activities for each family member for the day. Good for reviewing the activities of the day with the toddler, as well as reminding them of what’s coming up tomorrow.

    Forewarned means less tantrums! (also helpful for a subtle reminder to Dad when he needs to be involved with the morning mayhem)

  34. says

    Whenever we go outside, i make it a point to pack a variety of snacks for my little one as well as for ourselves. This makes me feel more relaxed and organised.

  35. says

    My hubby was just telling me that I need to have things more planned out in order to keep my sanity! I think this book would help. A lot. I do have a tip for organization…I always have a fully packed diaper bag ready to go at a moments notice. If I use anything out of it while out. I immediately replace the item when we get home.

  36. says

    What a fabulous give-away package!

    I’m one of the ‘anti-routine’ mums mentioned in the interview…which has resulted in chaos as far as my house! So my one and only tip is to start the day off with a clean kitchen – that way I don’t have to clean up to get breakfasts and school lunch ready!

  37. says

    Great post! And what a fun competition!
    I think for some, having kids forces you to be more organised. I’ve definitely gotten better as the months pass by – thank goodness!
    My planning tip is always have a packed bag in the car with all the essentials (nappies, baby wipes, spare clothes, etc). It’s great for ‘If I don’t get out of the house now, I’m going to lose my mind’ type days, and means that you can just grab a quick snack and drink bottles before getting out.

  38. says

    I’m not a give-away enterer, but this one looks too good to pass up! And with six kids and a strong lack of focus, I’ll be happy to get my hands on Nic’s book! My best tip is to have “Tomorrow Boxes” for the kids to put their clothing into for the next day before they go to bed. It works for us…

  39. says

    What fantastic prizes. Thanks so much for giving us all the opportunity to win. Nic’s book would certainly be a welcome addition to our household as would all the awesome kikki k goodies that would work well together with the book and being organised.

    One of my tips would be to have a designated area to always put things like keys, mobile phones etc…. My OH is the king of dump and always wastes valuable time every money running around trying to find his keys, mobile phone etc… He will say I just picked them up and had them in my hand a minute a go and now I don’t know where I put them. Much less stressful to know that as you head out the door of a morning off to work that the last thing you need to grab is your keys, mobile phone lunch etc so are altogether in the one spot ready to grab and be gone.

  40. says

    Oh I love, love the prize!! I love Kikki K I could spend a hour in their store just looking around at all the goodies! I also really, really want to get this book. I try my hardest to be organised but pretty much fail miserably! My husband works away so it is just me and 2 kids so things go a bit pear shaped.
    My way of organising is to make notes, and notes and more notes. Mainly because I have a memory like a sieve with a 4 month old so this is my only way of remembering things.
    Any help please! I love the thought of being organised so maybe it will come true one day!
    I am a new follower and email subscriber.
    Please be kind me Random.org!
    Love for you to visit me sometime at http://www.mummasminimes.com

  41. says

    What a great sounding blog and book! Popping over now to check it out. But first, my best organisation tip is: Get up early!
    I know how much I love my sleep, but I have found that starting the day early for myself really allows me a clear head and I am ready for when the kidlets rise. I may start with some Yoga, getting the lunch boxes done or a bit of work or housework, but it gives me that extra start on the day that is truly a bonus!

  42. says

  43. says

    Oh would love a peek inside this book…

    Best tip… A BOOTROOM. All shoes, hats, jumpers (in winter), suncream, school bags, handbags, car keys, umbrellas, clock and a place for school forms are in this space so nothing is forgotten as we leave in the mornings. gxo

  44. says

    with two little ones (1 & 3) for me it is all about being able to clear the floor of toys relatively quickly so we can sit down in the evening. We have 7 colourful ikea boxes – one for dress up, one for plastic food and kitchen bites, etc etc and at the end of the day it is just about throwing it all in the right box. Quick and the kids can help.
    For my wife it is the white board next to the Fridge split out into 7 boxes. One for each day with planned activities, things needed from the shops etc etc in their scheduled day.
    As best as we plan however neither are very organised so a book about planning will help no end! Keep up the good work on the blog Bron.

  45. says

    Ooooh lovely booty, thanks you generous thing.

    My best organizational tip is ‘Pack comic books’, a bit of Chip and Dale or Mickey Mouse is such a blessing at the checkout, in the doctors surgery… or wherever.

    Great post. Looks like a fab book, one that I need for sure. : )

  46. says

    totally experimenting…whaddya think?


  47. says

    Hi Bron,

    We’re totally loving your work with this terrific blogpost and gorgeous giveaway. We wish you all the very best with the competition. We’re enjoying reading all the organising tips from your readers – some real gems in there!

    Much love to stationery lovers and organised (or at least trying to be) families everywhere.

    kikki.K x

  48. says

    This book sounds fantastic!

    My tip is get everything ready from the night before…. the mornings are always rushed for us, so I get everything ready from the night before, so that all we do in the morning is get dressed and have breakfast.

    So much easier than trying to find everyones bags, lunches etc…. its all done and ready!

  49. says

    Tweeted! My best planning tip is to get a boot organiser for the car and fill it up with all the things you regularly forget / need when you’re out. ALWAYS keep a pair of kids swimming goggles in there. It will save you $22.95 every time you turn up at the kids swimming classes without them. Love kikki.K. Love Planning with Kids. Now I love you. I’m easy!

  50. says

    Holey Moley! what a great giveaway! I don’t have kids yet but I was hanging out with my neices and their parents on the weekend (who are ace) and they have a really good routine for their almost 2 year old and she is amazing! She is happy to go and have her sleep cause she knows that what happens each day…that’s one example but it’s a good one for me for when I have little ones! OH and who can resist KIkki K? I KNOW I CAN”T! glad your little package of fun arrived! :) x

  51. says

    Wowweeee Maxabella, a wonderful giveaway. We adore our lovely large Blackboard wall in the kitchen. A wealth of organisational knowledge gets shared on this busy space in our little home. xoxox

    Congratulations on 1 year of blogging. So many inspiring posts in such a sort time.

    Much love

    Kell xx

  52. says

    I need this!
    My best planning tip is having a small diary with notes in for every day. If it is not in my notebook, it is not in my life!

  53. says

    I have no tips. Seriously, three kids, work nearly full time, am at work everyday on time, yet constantly caught out with no baby wipes (youngest baby is now 4.5 but still always need a wipe) no snacks, drinks yadayadayada.

    So my tip is to not be like me. I NEED that book. Bern xx

  54. says

    I stick by a routine and make sure the eldest (age three) is always aware of what’s coming next. It makes everything work more smoothly! Oh, I so want to win this book!!!! If not, I’m definitely going to have to buy it!

  55. says

    My life would be an unbearable nightmare without organisation! The only way I can get my husband and toddler out the door in 30mins at 6.30am and myself out the door by 7.20am is to have as much as possible ready the night before. Toddler’s bag packed for day care, my handbag packed for work, clothes for everyone all laid out ready to go, lunches packed and dinner out of the freezer or in the fridge, phew!! I go to bed feeling much better when I know we can get up and get moving with as little fuss and chaos as possible. Cara

  56. says

    surely heart shaped paper clips are just normal paper clips pulled apart?

    I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of girls

  57. says

    I make lists lots of lists they help but i think i need a new course of action added to the list. i make a list up for each of the children (the 3 of 4 that have chores )of their chores, they like to tick their chores off so they get finished quicker yay lists.

  58. says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to PWK – fabulous source for an organised-professional/useless in-the-home-mum like me… and if I don’t win the book I have the blog anyway. Win win!!

  59. says

    I love your give away – my family is desperately in need of some organisation, a lot of the time we wing it, which is currently ok as I am on maternity leave but the prospect of going back to work and having to organise two little ones is frightening!!

    The only tip I have is around meal planning, we have a black board on te fridge with the weeks meals – keeps wasteage to a minimum and takes some of the craziness out of tea time.


  60. says

    loving this giveaway! a few little things i try and do to make life a bit easier is to plan some meals for the week before doing the grocery shopping, and I do my grocery shopping online which is just fantastic with 3 little ones!

  61. says

    Gorgeous giveaway – that book looks fabulous!

    I seem to give the impression of being an organised mum but actually I’m totally disorganised and lazy! The upside is that when we catch up with friends at the park we have a picnic blanket, jackets, gumboots and a ball or frisbee to play with – BECAUSE I DIDN’T TAKE THIS STUFF OUT OF THE CAR LAST TIME WE USED IT!

  62. says

    A great giveaway your offering us! I try to make sure everything has a place so cleaning up is much quicker and I know exactly where to put everything.

  63. says

    My organizational tip is to keep files… for everything! We have a filing cabinet for bills, insurance, work endeavors, resumes, certifications/trainings, vet paperwork for our cat, car repair, etc… It’s a lifesaver. We always know where everything important is!

  64. says

    My best tip would have to be menu planning , if only I always did it I wouldn’t find myself in the fruitshop every day.It seriously can save a ton of cash!

  65. says

    Oh what a fantastic give away – I love Planning with Kids and I love Kikki K. My best planning tip …. now let me see … Probably spending 30 min the night before preparing for the next day. I unload the dishwasher (so I can pack the breakfast dishes straight in), empty the bins and tidy up, set out the school lunch boxes and spend a few minutes going over my diary so I know if there is anything I have to have ready for the morning. Makes school morning run so much more smoothly.

  66. says

    Thanks for sharing and for the givaway. I’m off to check out Planning with Kids blog too now, so thanks for that.
    My best organisation tip for our hous that works is the list. LIST LIST LIST everything!

  67. says

    The best organising tip that works for my family is quite simply menu planning. Knowing what we are eating for dinner every night saves so many headaches. It also means I can start preparing when I have a moment during the day and not at the end of a stressful day.

  68. says

    Cool giveaway! I am fairly disorganised, but trying to get into some more routines (personal and family ones), so this book looks amazing! My hot tip is hooks- hooks for school bags, school hats, jumpers, library bags etc etc.

  69. says

    Unfortunately I have no organisational tips fo you. I am the most disorganised person ever! Sometimes late at night I look at my sleeping kids and wonder how on earth we got through it all. I think I need all the help I can get in this department.

  70. says

    A fabbo giveaway, Bron. Hmm, I always make sure I have some Savlon, bandaids, sunscreen and a safety pin in my handbag – lots of scenarios covered there! J x

  71. says

    I have NO tips! NOTHING. I always forget to pack nappies (who does that?). I NEVER pack food in little containers. I am always buying panadol or bandaids on the trot when we are out and about. I am a TERRIBLE mother.

    So, instead, I blog and read blogs and get all sorts of hints and tips from everyone else who has it SORTED.

    Clearly I need to win this.

  72. says

    Have a plan for the next day for what you want to achieve – whether it is just a day at home or outing/s. I find if I just get up and go with it I faff around and get to mid afternoon feeling frustrated and un-organised! Themed days at home can be fun. A friend of mine does these based on a book, i.e: hungry caterpillar – make H caterpillar themed cupcakes, craft etc.. (new follower)

  73. says

    I need this book! My best tip would be to “just do it”. When you see something that needs doing, do it then. If you leave it till later there is always something else to do, or you forget, or the kids spread the mess further etc!

  74. Anonymous says

    My best organisational tip is, cook dinner in the morning/or buy a slow cooker to cook dinner for you. Love Planning With Kids, please pick me (fingers crossed).Angela.

  75. says

    Fantastic giveaway! My best organisational tip is boring but tried and true..do one big (child/hands-free) food shop to a list/menu plan on the same day every week. You save so much cash, time and avoid supermarket tantrums. You can bulk shop items like washing powder once a month etc. when you get good at ‘the shop’ you find you don’t really ever need that quick mid-week dash for the extras..unless ‘someone’ goes through the toilet paper quicker than expected :)

  76. says

    This is such a fantastic giveaway! I am definitely going to have to get this book if I don’t win. I’m pretty disorganised but find when I do have a routine (not schedule!) then everything falls into place much easier.

  77. says

    see, I’m sooo disorganised I nearly missed this comp!
    I have no tips, no advise, sometimes no memory of things.
    looks like a fab book, you are just awesome Ms Maxabella ♥

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