Harry Potter party for Maxi-Taxi

Whoa, Nellie! Happy Mother’s Day to me (and to you too, if you’re a mumma). I’ve spent the day cleaning up after Maxi-Taxi’s 7th birthday party yesterday. My sister-in-law Lucia, LOML and I went Harry Potter mad and had a fabulous time at Hogwart’s schooling 10 little Harrys and 4 Princess Harryettes.

The invitation to attend Hogwart’s school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was despatched by owl delivery.

The students arrived at Hogwart’s Castle and were requested to knock three times to be considered for entry.

Once their name was checked off the roll, they were invited to change into their uniforms.

And sign up for the House Competition and Potions Class.

The Sorting Hat decided who would be a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw. None of the Harrys wanted to be in Gryffindor so it was decided the Harryettes would be the snakes. Each student received a house badge to wear on their robe.

Then it was time for the house competition. It was a treasure hunt race to see who could find the quidditch snitch first. Each team had a different set of clues that sent them on a hunt all around the house and garden.

Gryffindor stumbled on their final questions, mistaking the white wishing chair on the front verandah for the lounging lizard chairs on the back verandah (it’s a common mistake). Their error cost them the snitch and they limped home in fourth place. The medals went to the Ravenclaw boys in first place followed by the lovely Slytherin girls and the Hufflepuffs in third place.

After the excitement of the competition and a bit of mad free play involving rock climbing in the Forbidden Forest…

… it was time to use their wands to burst the floating bubbles…

… followed by a flying lesson on the trampoline.

A refreshing drink of Butter Beer saw everyone ready to settle down for class where Professor Lucia taught them all how to make their own Minstry of Magic memo owls.

Then it was over to the chocolate fountain to coat breadstick wands with chocolate and dip them into cauldron pots of surprise sprinkles. The wands were washed down with a magic potion drink (two drops of food colouring dried on the bottom of the glass, covered in ice, lemonade turns coloured in the glass!).

Following dinner of Oozy Parcels (sausage rolls) and Goblins Fingers (mini-hot dogs with tomato sauce), we hit the dessert table for the real food!

Hedwig Owl Pops (raspberry cake pops decorated as owls)
Dragons Eggs (left-over easter eggs!)
Quidditch Balls (cheezels)
Goblins Boogers (popcorn)
Wizards Hats (cakes with mini-ice cream cones filled with marshmallows)
and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (jelly beans).

Stuffed to the tips of our wizards hats, we settled in for Professor Moody’s Potions Class.

Professor Moody showed us an amazing dragon’s egg that was lit red from within, a volcano in a bottle explosion, a breathe capture and firework’s in a jar. We cracked open some glo-sticks and danced around while the volcano exploded.

The sparkler-ladden cake made it’s entrance and Maxi barely got a look in as the candles were blown out by his over-excited friends just as the final school bell sounded.

Hogwart’s lessons were over for the day, which was just as well as the Professors were absolutely exhausted!

Lessons learnt:
1. You can never have too much fun at a child’s party.
2. You can never have too much fun preparing for one either.
3. But, oh no, the clean up! And the sore feet! And the sheer exhaustion! Argh!
xxx Happy Birthday, my sweet Harry xxx
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  1. says

    oh my goodness!! what a fantastic party, what do i have to do to get on the invite list?

    happy mothers day maxabella!


  2. says

    My goodness, that looks to be one of the best take a theme really seriously parties I have ever seen. Coming from someone who had a Goodies and Baddies 21st party too.
    Can I follow Tenille and request a Titanic themed party with multiple outfit changes, silver dining service and an inflatable Titanic jumping castle/waterslide combo. Leonardo is optional, Hugh Jackman would be fine as a substitute. Your son will probably be reminiscing on this party FOREVER.

  3. says

    oh my goodness, i love love love it! i have never ever wanted to be little again so much and get an invite to a party! utterly inspiring, what a day! xx

  4. says

    OMG! This looks amazing! Great job Supermum! Wanna help me plan my kids parties?

    Hope you have had a great Mother’s Day! Have a great week.

    Tamara xo

  5. says

    UNBELIEVABLE! WOW! I wish I had been accepted to this party, I would have been prepared to make the whole 10 hour trip just for a chance to be sorted by the sorting hat. Seriously, you have done an amazing job

    And of course, a Happy Birthday to Max!

    Gill xo

  6. says

    Yep, commented under my “other” blogging hat again…I am in InkPaperPen mode on Sundays and can’t be bothered to re-sign in all the time

    Plus, forgot to wish you a very Happy Mothers Day!

    Gill xo

  7. says

    Just fantastic! You and your troops have done a brilliant job. You are right, there is just so much fun to be had when planning the party, not to mention how much fun it is celebrating! LOVE YOUR WORK!

  8. says

    Oh please!!! What chance do you give us mere muggles??

    Really fab party – I’m sure he had the BEST time!!
    But seriously what are *left over* easter eggs?? Never heard of them!

  9. says

    How does one mum keep track of so many details? It does look like everyone had so much fun, I bet you are absolutely exhausted!

  10. says

    Holy donkey’s Maxabella! That is one helluva par-tay! My goodness, you have set the bar way too high there, just how would anybody top that?!
    I don’t even know the Harry Potter stories (I know, I know, living in the dark ages), but seeing this display has been enough to bring me up to speed. You must have put SO much work in and it all looks SO worth it. I bet Maxi was grinning from ear to ear.
    Love it! Thanks for sharing :o)

  11. says

    I’m exhusted just reading about it!! Although I now feel the urge to do something similar in about 6 and half years when my little one will want an all out 7th birthday party 😉

  12. says

    This is just amazing! My roommate and I are huge Potter fans (we are in our 20’s) but I could totally see her throwing a party similar to this. Love, love, love it =].

  13. says

    Oh my!! It’s official. You are a cool Mum!! Maybe you could do party plans as your new career.Was the party at your house? Those boulders outside look amazing!!

  14. says

    That is one of the best parties I’ve ever seen! I love every little detail – you have thought of everything! Every kid at that party will be remembering that one for a very long time – I’m super impressed!! Just brilliant!
    I also love that I’m not the only one who goes the extra mile for kids parties! Thanks for linking in to my DIY party linky and for adding the button (and for your help with it!) to your blog!

  15. says

    Lots of happy boys they all look so enthralled. keping tabs for the future. it is something I’ve never been good at parties.

    Hope you are now resting, but maybe you are working? have a good sleep tonight.

    x jill

  16. says

    OMG you have blown my mind with this one! My 9yr old (and madest harry fan) says he is over themed parties, but I’m sure he’ll be up for one more after taking a look at this, brilliant!

  17. says

    Wow! You’ve done the most fantastic job, what a great party and what a lucky boy to have such a creative and clever mum like you. xo

  18. says

    Words cannot describe the amazing amazingness of all that, one to remember for a long time me thinks! Well done Professors!

  19. says

    This is just amazing! What a huge amount of effort you went to and how special for your little man.
    Just started following you thanks to Kidspot top 50….Good luck your blog is fabulous!

  20. says

    well blow me down! how didimissthis? un freaking believable! whoa baby, look at all that amazing wizardry you pulled out of your hat (like that pun?). I’m only sad i didn’t score an invite – i think this party would have gone off! I take my pointy hat off to you Bron. You’ve set the bar you realise, and now it can never be lowered!!!! Start planning for next year!

    pft, i’m still totally spun out, my head is spinning xx

  21. says

    Oh my god I would have LOOOOOOVED this! I’m 26, and I’m convinced my Hogwarts letter has been lost in the mail for 15 years. Maybe if I didn’t move so much….

  22. says

    Oh my. I have to get me to one of your parties! This was an absolute marathon. Your imagination went into overtime. Move over J. K. Rowling!

    This is fabulous… and I’m feeling your exhaustion. Last year I hosted a Wild West Party for my lads, and couldn’t move once all the guests were gone. But the best bit? Maxi won’t stop talking about this party for a very loooooong time! (See? All that effort was worth it!)


  23. says

    I love this idea! I’m so sad that my son will think he’s too old for these kinds of parties anymore. :( I love parties. Particularly ones I can go overboard with!!!

  24. says

    What a magical and absolutely fun-filled party!!!!! I can’t believe anybody can whip up a birthday party that awesome. Great!!!! Now, you’re giving me ideas on how to prepare one for my grandson’s upcoming party. Such a party to remember forever.:-)

  25. says

    The detail!
    I love your attention to details but the wonderful home-madeness of it all. Best kind of party.
    GREAT ideas!

  26. says

    Oh my!!! What a wonderful party – it is so very creative and I LOVE all the fun details! I love Harry Potter and I can only hope that at least one of my three little ones will too! Although they’re too little right now (they are 3, 2 and 8 mos.) I hope we will be able to read them together some day!

    It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

  27. says

    OMG. Seriously amazing. Can you please organise my birthday this year? Please? I was going to do a Harry Potter theme but it will pale in comparison!

    (And did you know that you can now buy Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans?! Booger flavour and all!)

  28. says

    @Emily – I had the same problem. Inspired my Maxabella’s HP party my son asked for one for his birthday this year. I had no hope of matching, so I avoided and we had a slumber party instead! This Rewind was a gift to you sis. Missed you at the pink and orange party yesterday. Might have to post about it! x

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