My family was shot by Tim Coulson

So, as promised, here’s the Maxabellaland family as seen through the masterful lens of lifestyle photographer Tim Coulson…  And, yes, that’s me. So, I guess my days of pretending to be a petite, classy, blonde are over, but at least you know what I mean when I blog about things like my hair taking over the entire world.* It’s all completely true. It could actually happen.

I was supposed to wait until Tim sent me the CD with all of the images on it before posting, but he’s been teasing me with posts over on his own blog all week. I just couldn’t wait any longer to share on mine!

Tim shoots ‘documentary’ style – families ‘doing what they do’. So we had breakfast, dressed the Tsunamis and ourselves, played outside on the swing and trampoline for a while. Typical Saturday morning stuff (the image above, for example, is me consoling Cappers because she had a melt-down (an annoying meltdown) after I called her… annoying. I know that’s not a nice thing for a mumma to call her daughter but… she was!)

What do you wear to a ‘doing what you do’ photo session? I didn’t want us to be matchy-matched (the white t-shirt plus jeans uniform springs to mind) or too stagey-staged (everyone wearing red). Otherwise, it had to be clothes that we would typically wear on any given Saturday, although I banned myself from my signature-noncolour black and I made sure none of us clashed! Seemed to work okay.

Tim just slotted right in. From the minute LOML opened the door to his smiling face, he was just part of the family. His easy, confident manner is crucial to the style of photography he does – he was both present through his excellent company and invisible in the way he blended in. At one point a pillow-fight broke out and you could just tell that Tim was itching to put down the camera and join in! Fortunately, he stayed on the tools and got some great shots for us.

We spend many a weekend at a fave, little-known spot, and that’s where we took Tim next. We tromped around playing in the playground, walking along the paths and skipping stones. I kept forgetting that Tim was taking photos, to be honest. The resulting images are some of my very favourites.

Oh, the joy of having this record of our family doing what we do. What a wonderful morning we had with Tim and, aside from his magic with the lens, it was an honour to meet him. I mentioned on a post on his blog that I always thought that good photographers had an ability to capture light that the rest of us don’t have. But now I know that it’s because they carry that light around inside them. Tim just shines, I tell you!

I know that images of my family are far more exciting for me, than for you, so I thank you for your endless patience. And please do stop over and say hi to Tim… he’s very nice and his blog is lovely. I’m off to look at my photos once again… can’t stop looking… will never stop looking!

* Not to mention my butt… does the camera add 5kg or 55? And please remember, I look completely different to this in my head.

[All images by Tim Coulson]

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  1. says

    These are awesome – I really don’t like the “posed for” professional photos that one can have taken in K-Mart or wherever. They look and feel too clinical. I love this kind of still life thing – really awesome and well done.

  2. says

    Tim sent me the link to your beautiful photos last night (I’d left a comment on his blog about whether he ever ventured north of the border!) – just so beautiful, Bron. I’m seriously looking at flying him up.

  3. says

    Where are you? All I could see was this petite, classy, blonde?

    It has to be said, not only are your children gorgeous, you home is gorgeous, and well you are gorgeous. It all seems to fit.

  4. says

    Such beautiful images!

    You all look so happy and relaxed.
    So much nicer than ‘posed’ studio portraits.

    I hope you enjoy looking at them again and again and again.

  5. says

    These are keepers – and I mean both your kids and your photos (and photographer). Saving my pennies to get him up this way (Sunshine Coast) one day soon. Promised myself family photos for the big 40 milestone and that has come and gone. Truly gorgeous. And you (and your hair) look hot btw.

    love the one of Cappers in the tree too. And the ones near the water. Where is that? Awesome special family place. Thats for sure.

  6. says

    They really are stunning photos! I would be looking at them over and over again as well if I were you! I just love that the image you have already given us of yourself, that I had already in my head, is just the same as I see now – one gorgeous mama with one gorgeous family!

  7. says

    Wow. Fantastic shots!!! Everybody so happy and I definately see the tsunami factor. Your home looks beautiful too, extremely cosy and welcoming looking. You look like people I would like to be around! :)

  8. says

    AWESOME! Was that too loud? I could holler again….
    I’m inspired to get me some awesome family photos. They really are lovely & I love how they show personality & realness (not a word, but it fits).
    By the way… you are gorgeous! Embrace all that you are, for you are YOU. I love your hair too (probably because it’s the absolute opposite of mine).
    Enjoy your photos & enjoy that gorgeous family of yours too.
    Kitty x

  9. says

    This feels really special. I’m so glad that you shared with us, especially *you*. If fact, if your hair tried to take over the world, I’d probably let it. We all just think you’re wonderful. xx
    PS: Does Maxi’s t-shirt say ‘farm’?

  10. says

    They’re beautiful photos, and they capture a beautiful family morning, love it. x

  11. says

    You commented on my blog about never ever putting boring white amongst all that loveliness ( Yes…the words are imbedded happily in my head xx ) Why why why would you ever parade as a dull as dishwater petite classy blonde when you are in fact a gorgeous auburn mummy blog diva… You are quite simply stunning , no wonder your Tsunamis are so darn cute xx Ava

  12. says

    Gosh Maxabella. You’re house was just awful. No wonder you were worried about it being so messy, NOT!!!!! Are you kidding? It’s beautiful and so are you and your family. Just beautiful. You certainly live in a magnificent part of the world. What wonderful images to have to capture a fantastic time in your beautiful family’s life.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

    (You want to see mess, come to my house! LOL)

  13. says

    Oh these are STUNNING! I love the natural feel to them, they seem like they really capture the individual personalities and the interplay between them. And the sense of fun! And the light, and depth! Oh! I love them! Really, really love them – what a great thing to do.

    Plus, your skirt is lovely :)

  14. says

    Hi M,
    I think you look brilliant.
    Your family are lovely and these shots convey perfectly the love and life-force.
    I hope I get to have some pics like this taken with my beautiful daughter before she gets much bigger.
    Love your blog, always.

  15. says

    oh honey they are fab! you are a redhead!! i love love love getting to see you and your beautiful red family! how fabulous was this post. xxxx

  16. says

    Arrhhhhhhh! Look at you! There you are! I no longer have to create an image of you in my head! Ok, first things first – I am in love with your family already! Look at you all! I scrolled down, just looking at pictures first, so excited, then went back and read all your lovely words, then took in all the pictures changing my mind 100 times at which was my fav. Stunning, stunning, amazing capture of a family doing what they do best – being a family! Tim did a wonderful job! I love that expression your hubby is making during the pillow fight! Classic! Bron, you are totally gorgeous and just ooooze wonderfulness in that sparkly smile πŸ˜‰
    thanks for sharing

  17. says

    Oh darling I LOVE this! It makes me want to get him over and coax Mr Woog out for a photo.

    You lucky thing to have these. And shut up about your hair. It is amazing xxxx

  18. says

    If I were you, I’d have these framed all over the house. Blown up absolutely HUGE!!!
    You, LOML, the Tsunamis – I loved you before, I love you even more now!!! Too, too lovely for words. Thanks for letting us see!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. says

    Why hello there! It’s so nice to meet you! Well, of course we’ve already met, but now I have a visual. And you know this is VERY important. And if I didn’t love you already, I love you (and your hair) even more!

    The photographs are stunning. And it just so happens that Tim does fly to Melbourne for photographs. And seeing my favourite photographer left Melbourne to live in Sydney, I might have to fly this talented man over for new family pictures!

    Thank you for sharing these amaaaazing photographs. I’m so glad you did it (and shared them) too. xx

  20. says

    OH the Maxabella Family looks beautiful, happy and full of love and energy!The perfect mix :) And please be proud about yourself and your hair and every bits that make yourself (the only one!) you and look at what you and your hubby have created…You need a big nice wall to display lots of them now and treasure them forever!

  21. says

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!
    I love every one.
    And I am so going to love reading your words more now I can put your gorgeous face to them.

  22. says

    Magic collection here Maxabella. A stunning family, your girls are beautiful, your boys handsome and you look gorgeous… your hair is just lovely!
    I’m sure you will never grow tired of these shots, they have so much more to them than a stock standard family portrait does… they show life, love and laughter. Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to put a face to a name now xo

  23. says

    Wowee – you guys wouldn’t get lost in a crowd now would you? All that gorgeous rusty-iron coloured hair! The photos are movingly beautiful so expressive – and I’m so glad I got to see the face behind all these words. If I lived in Sydney I’d book your photographer right away!

  24. says

    Having thin, mousey hair, I feel I best tell you that I have dreamed of having lots of curly hair. We always want what we don’t have, right? Thanks for letting us all in to your beautiful world. You are all gorgeous. So gorgeous that you have inspired me to book Tim for our next Sydney holiday in October! Gill xo

  25. says

    What beautiful, amazing photos! And you are pretty beautiful too so stop appologising for the way that your look!
    PS I Love your georgous hair! :-)

  26. says

    wow how special is this, all those gorgeous photos of you all. You all look fabulous, so natural, and well….so farming GORGEOUS!!!!

  27. says

    You are ALL so beautiful! What gorgeous shades of red hair!! I love that deep auburn colour! These shots are amazing. The kids are the perfect ages for this too as they are so animated and have such rich personalities. Need to go check his website out now!! xx m.

  28. says

    Beautiful…you lucky girl And be nice to yourself about your weight. It’s a struggle for a lot of people. It doesn’t truly matter does it? I’m sure you are a great mom, so cute too and amazing hair. {jealous]
    xo jana

  29. says

    Stunning!!!! Wow, would love to have such a fab photo or two like those of my little family! Lucky thing you πŸ˜‰

  30. says

    Those are my favorite kind of family pictures. I am so jealous of you. What gorgeous pictures you have to look back on this moment of time.
    You have a beautiful family. You are perfect. I love your hair!!!

  31. says

    Loved looking at these beautiful photos! As a new reader of your blog it was lovely to get a bit of insight into you and your little family :)

  32. says

    oh I looooooooooooooooooooooove them! I saw beth’s photos and thought wow and these are just as gorgeous. I love how he captures the everyday but so beautifully. Oh so precious photos and you look gorgeous. You look warm, friendly and happy:) and that’s how all mums should look

    love them!!!!!!!! you should be so proud, your kids are gorgeous and look so happy:)

    I think I need to get him over here when elodie is a bit bigger!

  33. says

    These are beautifully natural B. Tim is definitely a talented guy. He’s coming to visit us next week to capture the time when we are (almost) a family of four (I’ll be 39weeks). I’m not sure how ‘ready’ I’ll be for his arrival considering he’s planning to come early so thanks for the stories about kids in pjs and porridge on the stove. x

  34. says

    Your family is gorgeous – and so are you! I LOVE your hair and your style! Fab photo’s…awesome to be able to put a fab face to the name πŸ˜€

  35. says

    Tim is very clever – his photos have such a loveliness about them. Your family is gorgeous!

    And I totally want your skirt :))

  36. says

    I love that you and your family are so normal. Phew! I can relate even more now. You look like you had an absolute blast!

  37. says

    I’m so late to this but my god you’re beautiful and your hair, I want your beautiful Lady of Shalot hair. The photos are exquisite and your family look so happy and united.

  38. says

    Hello you! You are exactly as I imagined, beautiful hair!!! and your son is so photogenic. Special photos and memories to keep. My house is currently plastered with photos from our recent shoot. Love it x

  39. says

    Oh it is soooo nice to see you :) You are gorgeous, hair and all!!

    What a beautiful family you have, these images are s t u n n i n g !!

  40. says

    Lovely photographs of a beautiful family, i’m sure you will always treasure them! And i don’t know what your talking about your hair is gorgeous! xx

  41. says

    What a gorgeous family you are! And what fabulous Auburn hair you have! We have a touch of the ginge in our family, with three of us having various shades of strawberry.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with the world!

    Nic xo

  42. says

    So, here I am looking at your photographs again. In fact, the vimeo is so great (fantastic choice of songs too) I’ve watched it twice. And it’s not even my family. Stalker much?

    Even had a chance for a nosey at Beth’s pics too. Oh, they are all soooo beautiful. And so is your brood. I could eat The Badoo. Sooooo adorable! xx

  43. says

    How gorgeous are you all … and I must admit I have always been a little curious as to what you look like.
    Such stunning photos … and way too many good ones to pick a favourite!!

  44. says

    Awesome!!! Gorgeousness!! Love love love them. He has really captured the essence of your family in the photos…all those little bits that we ‘ross’s’ just love about you all. It is also really lovely to see a shot of you too hon. xxx

  45. says

    Really beautiful! Love how this is an “everywhere” shoot – indoors, outdoors, fav hangs – very natural and as others have said a genuine ‘essence of family’ shoot. That shot of your daughter up the tree is smashing and she shares some seriously fabulous tresses with mum :)

  46. says

    Gorgeous photos! Have you read The Time Traveler’s wife by Audrey Niffenegger? Claire has YOUR hair. Really, really beautiful photos of a stunning family x

  47. says

    Stunning photo shoot! I love the way he has captured you in your natural surroundings! πŸ˜€

  48. says

    These are the most amazing photos – what an incredible photo shoot! And what a wonderful way to capture a normal day – your kids will treasure these when they are older.

  49. says

    Oh Lordy these have to be the most divine, perfect family pictures I have ever seen! What a simply stunning, happy family you have been blessed with x

  50. says

    So are you feeling the love? :)

    Everyone else has already said what I wanted to say – so I will just say Ditto!!!

    And I want him to come and take photos of my family!

  51. says

    Oh i’m on go slow internet so i’ll have to come back to see ALL the images, but yay, comment 100, worthy too, they are fantastic shots!! You must be so thrilled, love Posie

  52. says

    Petite clssy blondes ar over rated! And I get the hair thing – we have the same hair(although I cut & straighten mine to within an inch of it’s life!)! Your family looks awesome! ANd I’m wrap to fnally be able to put a face to te blog! xx

  53. says

    Oh man! What gorgeous photos!! Your whole family (including you and your beautiful, beautiful to-die-for hair!!…read: envy!)is beautiful! And what a lovely, lovely photographer Tim is. So natural and uninhibited and real. Love them!! Want some for myself. xx

  54. says

    I’ve spent so many years stalking photographers blogs and soaking in their brilliant photos (stalking in a non psychopath way πŸ˜‰ ) but I can honestly say that I have never seen such magnificant photos and moments as these. He is amazing and I thankyou for sharing them with us. I love his work and the moments that he has captured of your family. I really did feel like a fly on the wall when looking through this post :). You have a beautiful family :)

  55. says

    Oh, Bron. These are just *sensational*. I adore the spirit, life and vivacity of your gorgeous family. To finally have photos of you, the Elusive One, is just icing on a very big cake. Thanks so much for sharing these precious captured moments with us. J x

  56. says

    These photos of you and your beautiful family are just amazing. I love them and how natural they look and perfect. Thank you for sharing them with us. xo

  57. says

    What a BLOOMING FANTABULOUS PHOTOSHOOT! I have a smile on my dial. So obvious that you and your lot had a whole heap of fun with that one…

  58. says

    I couldn’t stop looking at these beautiful pictures. What a beautiful family. My, oh my. So great to stumble upon your blog and get to know you and your family from behind someone else’s lens. Thanks.

  59. says

    Such beautiful photos…I love love the black and white one of your little girls room-gorgeous. He really has a magical way of capturing the true meaning of family. So glad you joined my little blog so I could find yours!

    Bek xx

  60. says

    WOWSA! What a gorgeous family you have! I’m so envious of your beautiful hair! I can’t stop looking at these photos – they are all STUNNING!

    What great keepsakes these pictures will be. I love candid photography and much prefer these photos over posed ones any day!

  61. says

    I’m a bit late in seeing these (where have I been?) I just wanted to say how fantastic you and your family look. Without sounding sickly, I love your style. I want to go out and buy more cardigans and wear skirts and not cords the whole time! xxx


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