Me and my gal

On Wednesdays during school time, it’s just me and the Badoo. We potter about doing reading in the classrooms, lumbering through chores and paying visits. We are very chatty.

At the moment, she won’t listen, won’t do as she’s told and wants to rule the world. Her nickname is Badoo, but I want to change it to Badon’t. She whines and she grumbles and she pushes and she shouts. She makes me yell stupid things like ‘stop yelling’ and ‘if you don’t stop pushing your brother around I’m going to… I’m going to…”.  What I’m going to do is the dreaded countdown. 1, 2… don’t make me get to 3… I’m going to say it… I’m nearly there…  yes I am… don’t make me get there… you don’t want me to get there… I’m almost at thr… ah, there you are. We get there… eventually. She pushes, but I hope she never really calls my bluff because I’ve got absolutely nothing.

A couple of weeks ago I had my annual eye test (I am so short-sighted I think I’m about -0.25 away from needing man’s best friend as a constant companion). The Badoo just loves an accessory and had a complete meltdown about 5 seconds after this photo was taken because she wanted the glasses, had to have the glasses, wasn’t leaving without the darn glasses.

She is so loud and so horrific in melt-down mode that she radiates a kind of nuclear heat. The optometrist was fanning herself and looking at me in sheer terror. I was sweating.

In a desperate move to appease her, I gave her my own glasses to wear and triumphantly stumbled my way out of the store with a smiling Badoo in tow. I walked into a pole and insisted she give me back my glasses. She quickly consented, mainly because she realised she couldn’t see anything while wearing them. What a pair we made.

I love that little Badoo. She’s full of charisma and joie de vivre. She lights up a room with her party-light smile and she dances on tables as she walks up the street. She is loved wherever she goes.

Oh, she gets under your skin that one. Just not always in a good way…

Got any management tips for threenagers?
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    oh god, your three year old and and my three year old need to get together! IDENTICAL!!! never in my dreams did i think anyone could have such determination…..the lastest is my daughters insistance that she wear swimming bathers ALL THE TIME! driving me NUTS! she strips off, and is doing a nudey run every five minutes to change into the next outfit….not great when it’s 19 degrees hey! Oh i look into those big brown eyes and just thank the Lord that she is the most adorable little creature to walk the earth! so tips….count to ten instead?

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    My four year old is loud and enthusiastic but generally fairly easily distracted – we have never had clothing battles etc with him.

    My just turned two year old though is the complete opposite. He can throw an awesome tantrum and his stubbornness is impressive. My mother tells me he is just like I was…

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    What an adorable little character.
    Cute, cute pic.

    I have no advice – because there is a brick wall imprint on my forehead today.
    My Magoo threenager has taken ‘difficult’ to a whole new level

    Lucky they’re so magical in the same breath.

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    The Badoo and the Minx are peas in a pod. Do not mess with them. Glasses. Overseas trip. Whatever they want. I cannot take the meltdown! Whom is Al referring to??? x

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    OK this is easy to say, hard to do. Love them when they are good, do not ALLOW tantrums when they are bad. Absolutely ignore them when possible, pull, carry or drag them away (without emotion)when they are bad (you are stronger) if they are in a “No-tantrum zone” (stores)do not argue or explain while they are on tantrum. You can discuss afterwards. Tantrums are for attention (any kind) when they get no attention, they will stop.

    Worked for me, 4 times.

    Cranky Old Man

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    I don’t have any good advice for dealing with threenagers. I was going to suggest holding out until they turn 4. Having seen Mrs Woog’s comment, I am no re-thinking this advice! The Badoo looks like a real cheeky little monkey, bless her. What can you do??

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    When you find out, please let me know. Mine has just turned 4, and is one minute a troll then next an angel, and so it goes…….

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    Haha! I’m so glad I wasn’t there when you bumped into that pole. I have that awful laughing thing when people fall over or run into things. After I laughed I definitely would’ve helped you…I would’ve:)

    3 is a tricky age. Everyone builds up for 2 and when they get through it, semi-unscaythed they think the ride is easy from there on BUT then, their lovely little petal turns 3! Yikes! Enjoy!

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    Sounds like the badoo & my little guy are one & the same! It’s hard yakka, that’s for sure, but the good far outweighs the bad. One thing I have NEVER done, not ever, is given in to his demands. He knows that no matter how much he screams and yells he does not get what he wants. They say you should not give in, right, this teaches them not to scream & yell for what they want..well, my little guy knows the deal, knows he gets nothing & even banished to time out, so why does he still do it? I still refuse to give in to him but it certainly doesn’t stop the performance..
    Admittedly, nothing that ever worked on the other two, works on him, he’s definately one of a kind!

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    Mine have been worst at three, I thought what’s all this fuss about terrible two’s and then three came along, I have one on the cusp of three and things are ramping up. Time out for me and little one today, if I have one more morning clothing crisis I’m going to cry. I think giving her your glasses was perfect, distraction is a seriously good tool.

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    I hate to say it, but my eldest is 5.5, and his iron will and sheer stubbornness has increased with age…in fact he’s starting to scarily remind me of…um, me. :)

    Take comfort in the fact, though, that I’ll bet I’m more myopic than you at -9.00. Contact lenses are my best friend!


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    I got an email from a family member today telling me I should enjoy this age – not-quite-threenager-numerically-but-definitely-behaviourally and still-crawling-so-gorgeous – because they are the best years and her teenagers are making her look back at this age so fondly and wistfully! Oh.dear.gawd. Maybe she’s really forgotten and has the rosy glow of nostalgia!?

    Happy Wednesdays!

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    LOVE days like that with my girl. Just chatting and laughing and generally just enjoying each other’s company.

    But the rest of the time, I can totally relate to the threenager issue!

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    I think Badoo is gorgeous.
    I have a 6 year old who is causing me so much grief I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream so I am guessing my parenting skills wont really help you with your 3yr old.

    Plus you sound like a pretty damn fantastic mum anyway and I have no doubt you have this 3yr old thing under control.

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    No tips Bron, but when you find the magic answers be sure to share them. My three year old had me counting to 10 to calm myself down so many times today it wasn’t funny.

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