Oh good golly gosh, it’s a farm party

Amazing Farm Party

It’s done. The farm party of the year is DONE.

I’m farking farmed out.

Maxi and his band of merry men (and maidens) had a really, truly super awesomey day (except that one kid… there is always one.. who told me constantly that he was bored. I hated that kid.)

The trouble with ‘doing’ kids’ parties is that kids have to come to them. I like kids well enough (I certainly like my own), but they’re all just so… needy. The bits of half-eaten food that are plonked in your hand. The constant requests to hold things. The ‘where are my?’s and ‘where can I?’s and ‘I don’t eat that’s. The ‘I’m bored’ kid.

Stop pestering me I’m BUSY boring you all, I wanted to shout.

Anyway, needless to say, I won’t be adding ‘kids’ party entertainer’ to my list of career prospects any time soon.

But, boy, this was a totally fantastically fun farm party to put together and, yes, host. Sorry for the ultra-lengthy post, but we all had the best possible time. Except that one kid.

Farm party
Farm party

Max's farm party

Max's farm party
Farm party food ideas
Farm party favour bags
Farm party decoration ideas

The piggies were the all-important welcome at the front gate…

We even got dressed up. Seemingly as cows…

Farm party decoration ideas
Farm party decoration ideas Farm party decoration ideas
Farm party decoration ideas

We played games. Lots of really fun games and one or two utter flops.

Farm party games
The ‘rescue the goose and duck trapped in the ice’ game. One of Aunty C’s specialties. The kids always have a blast with this game… especially when no amount of warm water will melt the Titanic-like iceberg and they end up having to smash the darn duck out on the rocks. Good times.
Farm party games
The ‘paint a pot and plant a plant’ game. The boys were very proud of their little lettuce plants. The pots are peat pots from Bunnings, about $5 for 26, which Cappers and I pre-painted with blackboard paint and each child’s name in liquid chalk.
Farm party games
The ‘build a scarecrow’ game. This one was largely ignored. I thought it would be the hit of the party, which just goes to show you how much I know about kids. In fact, only about five of the kids could actually be bothered. Probably just as well as we don’t actually know how to make a scarecrow and no amount of coaxing was going to make that dude stand up without his pants falling down.
Farm party games
The ‘horseshoe toss’ closely followed by the ‘gumboot toss’. I think the kids got a bit bored with this one as well. You can see how riveted they are.
Farm party games
Things really revved up with the ‘Scavenger Hunt’ (another Aunty C, Queen of the Party Games, special). Two teams, each with the same map marking out six ‘checkpoints’ where they have to collect a farm animal and take a picture of something specific. In this case, a photo of the ‘boy team’ (who I think called themselves the ‘Ninja Farmers’) on the rocks. One team starts at number ‘1’ and the other at ‘6’. You can see the ‘girl team’ (Team Cow) in close consultation in the background there. It’s a really fun party game that gives the kids a sense of independence, encourages team work and takes up heaps of time. Perfect.
Farm party games
And, of course, good ol’ ‘Musical Cowpats’… hmmmm… dancing around to ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’ and picking up a scrunched up bit of brown paper when the music stopped and the kids went nuts over it. Go figure.

After all that game playing, a cold drink of milk was in order. Hello milk maid! (Nice ‘fresh’ face there, huh? Who has time for make-up on party day!?)

Farm party food ideas

By this stage the kids were begging (begging) for food. Oh the food. Such fun to put it all together. I got loads of ideas from Pinterest (check my board for the ‘inspiration’ for a lot of the stuff you see here).

Farm party food ideas
Farm party food ideas

Farm party food ideas

Farm party food ideas

Farm party food ideas

Carrots in Dirt – thanks to Easter there was no shortage of carrot cookie-cutters around. The ‘dirt’ is crushed up Arnotts Choc Ripple biscuits.

Haystacks – this one is from over the ditch at GreatFun4Kids (hi Simoney!). A plain lamington sponge, dipped in caramel (easy to make using condensed milk!) and then rolled in toasted coconut.

Pigs in Mud – chocolate mousse in little shot glasses with a lolly pig. We found the pig lollies at Harris Farm, but you can get the Coles Percy Pigs as well.

Fresh Eggs – these were a hit. I covered some egg cartons and then sandwiched two marshmallows together with icing. The ‘cheap’ marshmallows work best as they are the right sort of shape. I made enough of these so that Maxi could take a few boxes into school the next day to share with his classmates.

Chicken Feed – mini-pretzels and caramel popcorn.

Cake Pops – yes, I went there. I got it oh-so-right this time except… except. I was supposed to make ‘watermelon’ cake pops. So inside they are strawberry cake with little choc chips. I didn’t plan ahead to think how I was going to colour the chocolate so despite many attempts, I didn’t get it right. So I kept the chocolate white, painted on a face and called them Scarecrows. Never again. This time I mean it. I’m moving onto Whoopies.

Farm party cake ideas
And the fabulous cake, made by Her Gorgeousness Best Aunty in the Whole Wide World, Zia Lucia. (Who, just quietly, also made the piggy-cow-chickadee cupcakes and the carrot bickies!).
A Very Big Day, indeed. And the best bit of all? Why the spontaneous ‘thank you for the best party ever’ from a very happy birthday boy, of course!
Farm party ideas
Happiest Birthday Ever, Farmer Max. You’re eight and you’re great.
If you’re keen, here are some other parties I’ve gone mental over:
Farm party free printables
Click the image and make a party at your place just like this one!
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  1. says

    Look at you go! Amazing lady!

    I am a great party planner, but as soon as the kids arrive, I get flustered, I blotch up and I can’t wait for the blasted thing to be over!!

    At my son’s dinosaur party one year, I made a paper mache volcano with a thing in the middle that made it ‘erupt’. It was seriously ace! The kids weren’t impressed though. They wanted to play the playstation!!

    I swear, kids are so much more hard work than we were as kids! And I know THAT kid too. Kill!

    I’m so glad Max loved it, that’s what matters the most at the end of the (very long!) day.

    Rach x

    Ps. Last party was a disco for my 12year old son at his breakdancing school. I ordered 5 pizzas to fill hungry pre-teen boys bellies.I was worried I was going to run out. THEY ATE NONE AT ALL!! figure that one out. And they didn’t dance. Or move. Ha!

  2. says

    Wow! Just, wow!
    I want you for my mum – my kids want you as their mum too. Wanna be our mum?! Pretty please?Our birthdays are in August, December and January : )
    Seriously, you are a legend Bron. This looks like the. best. party. ever.
    Love, love, love the matching cowprint outfits.

  3. says

    Holy cow but you can put on a party, girl!! I’m so impressed. LOVE the pigs in the mud. You know, I had so much fun with Dan’s ‘mad scientist’ party a few months ago, I may have to talk Anna into having a home party, too (though at the time I was kicking myself for ever suggesting it to Dan). I just love how creative yours was. BUT, not to be judgey or anything, BUT…I think you could have used a tornado. :)

  4. says

    Oh my gosh!!! That looks like one amazingly fantastical party, Bron! I can’t believe the effort you go to. How long does it take you to get it all organised and made? How do you do it? I really think you should become a Birthday Planner. Do it!

  5. says

    Wowowowow, love it! Your kids are going to remember and talk about these parties for the rest of their lives. You are making such special memories for them.

  6. says

    Ha I LOVE the party and that bored kid he/she seriously needs to go to the kind of parties most people put on. Maybe on your next farm party you need a big mud puddle for the bored kid to wallow in – sure you’d have some fun chucking him in. Still I guess there is also some parenting to go on for bored kid – like you don’t say I’m bored at a party, it is rude!!

  7. says

    That is one unreal party! I love the windmill and the calico gift bags. And that pic of the boy and the chook is sweet.

    We had our own farm party recently and i’ll be posting pics shortly.

  8. says

    WOW! Just wow – I don’t know where to start – I’ll end up writing you a book of admiration. Lucky kiddo – I’ll bet he remembers these moments for the rest of his life, not for the treats, but for the love you poured into every little detail.

  9. says

    Oh my gosh Bron!

    I hereby bow down and crown you PARTY QUEEN! The whole thing is extraordinary!!! My favourites – the carrots in dirt, the cow pat game and your cute outfit!

    I can top the ‘I’m bored’ kid too – I took my kids to friends very girly party last week and Isaac proceeded to tell the mum (who thankfully is a very good friend) that her party was bullshit! As punishment I made him share his lolly bag with me!

  10. says

    This is UNBELIEVABLE!! You seriously out do yourself every time! I am in awe of the effort you go to & the detail, just magnificent, except for that annoying kid, of course there is always one..x

  11. says

    My son would’ve loved that sort of party when he was Max’s age…….he was right into farms etc.

    Wow, not sure I would’ve done quite the job you did Bron……..your attention to detail is amazing……..

    What’s next?…

    Claire :}

  12. says

    Wow. I want to have a farm party too! You amaze me with the level of detail, your lucky, lucky kids! No wonder your Max had a ball, it looks like a brilliant day. So well done, happy memories for life right there! Jules:)

  13. says

    That is one awesome party theme Bron! I love it. (And damn that bored kid!) I hope it didn’t ruin Max’s birthday (or your fun)! I’ve been waiting for this post, and it hasn’t disappointed!

    What an aewsome job. I think this is my favourite party of yours so far! (Close second is the fairy party).

    I love that you dressed as cows. So cute! (And I love that you were smiling right to the end!)

    So… what’s next? Oh, that’s right. Madison and Noah’s Pirate Party (end of the month!)


  14. says

    WOW, Maxabella, you did THE BEST JOB!!
    This is THE COOLEST farm party i have ever seen!!!!
    LOVE the details, love the food (especially that bit where you said “Hi Simoney!”) , the costumes (yes, the fresh-faced farm girl especially) …EVERYTHING!
    From one party diva to another… EXCEPTIONAL! I doff my hat to YOU!!!

    (need I remind you to link up your super duper party at my prestigious party linky???)

    LOVE!!!! ♥

  15. says

    Wonderful pictures. What a huge hit, and of course there has to be some flops. Perfection would be boring, wouldn’t it (that’s what I told myself when a few things flopped at Luca’s party!). I’m filing a few of these away for next year…

  16. says

    This is great, I might keep this in mind for an 8th birthday for my wannabe farmer boy, in the meantime I am planing a spy party for a 10 year old!

  17. says

    Fan-tab-u-lous! It all looks so amazing. Especially all the food – so quirky but yummy looking. And having your little boy thank you at the end would have to be the sweetest way to end the day.

  18. says

    Oh I LOVE your honesty!

    Your creativity and effort blew.me.away!

    I think this party totally rocks. Dont invite the bored kid again – he has better things to do like get bored at home…

  19. says

    Totally Amazing.. love it..

    Love a theme but then how far do you go with it? Bron is an all the way girl we now find out.. nah knew that before..

    Kitty has asked for a Cars Party as in Disney Pixar.. I will not be buying out Big W so am starting to plan now.. its over 8 weeks away x

  20. says

    Love it and so did Airlie (6) who was looking over my shoulder while I was reading this post. I love your humour and I swear I can hear you talking in my head…but I have never hear you speak before??? Love all the details and think you rock!

  21. says

    well at least I’m not the only one who did Photo overload today! Awesome party Bron…. yehhh ha! Why i love those pigs in shi…i mean mud, the cake – wow the cake and well, if i was there i would’ve made a scarecrow!!! love it all! Happy Birthday Maxi!

  22. says

    What a beautiful setting for a farm party.
    Your kids will have the best memories of their birthdays.What a wonderful mum you are.

  23. says

    I love this!!!! I’ve been stalking, I mean following your farm party pins with interest but what you have out together here blows the other pins out of the farm yard!!! ;-). What a brilliant party. I fully intend on copying this exact party for my boys one year. Super duper fun, fabulous theming and such gorgeous decorations and special touches. Well done!!!! Happy birthday to your lovely farmer boy.xo

  24. says

    I love it all – love it ALL! You really have done a brilliant job. I love your honesty as always. Who ever knows what activities will be a hit and which ones will flop?!

    P.S. I am pinning away madly – hope that’s ok?!!

  25. says

    Just amazing! Love those piggies in the mud and the carrots in the dirt! Yummmmm!

  26. says

    What an incredible party. Even the weather was good. You must be exhausted. I’d be on a stretcher. You even attempted cake pops??? I’ve given up on those. And how could anyone say they were bored! Where is that-one-kid. Tell me that-one-kid will never again be invited. xx

  27. says

    75th comment… But couldn’t help but say what an AWESOME party! I love themed parties and this is the best idea I’ve seen for a long time. Happy Bday to Max!

  28. says

    Oh wow, you are freaking amazing! Absolutely love the pigs in mud and the carrot biscuits. You should write a book on kids parties with different themes- that way you can still share your ideas without actually having to be AT the party with all the kids!

    Oh, and I totally know what you mean about little kids and neediness. I teach Primary Art. Enough said.

  29. says

    Oh my goodness …. LOVE it ! ALL of it!! I still have 7 months to go but I can not wait to plan Sophie’s first birthday … xx

  30. says

    Holy cow! I’ve never thrown a kids’ party (unless a first birthday party at which all my childless friends got smashed counts) but already have performance anxiety.

  31. says

    What an amazing party! I love the farm theme you went with – the food looks incredible. If I ever have kids I want to do this!

  32. says

    Great job! I have a little idea on how intensive prep can be for kids parties – but how fun are they to put together (ok, well maybe with exception to your watermellon/scarecrow pops).
    And TOFFEE APPLES!!! I haven’t had one of those in years!!! Brilliant!

  33. Millie says

    Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for sharing all your ideas! I am currently planning a farm party for my daughter and struggling with the “menu” and so far all my research has turned up American snacks. Your ideas are amazing and so well on theme. Thank you! You’re a lifesaver

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