Things I can (probably) make

Let’s go fly a kite sundress

After the success of my calico bags (oh, who am I kidding, the one I made for Cappers has already fallen apart), I feel buoyed to try something else on the sewing machine. Something achievable but fab enough to be worth the effort.

The Crafties Kid and Minx have heaps of ideas, but I’ve also rounded up a few online sewing tutorials over the years which I thought I’d share. Do any of these inspire you to get your sewing on?

(Making a big one for me, of course)
Fark, just adding these images to this post has got me in a bit of a cold sweat. I’m probably better off sticking to this one for now….
What should I tackle first?
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  1. says

    Inspired? Yes – talented? Sadly slightly less so …

    Can’t see that stopping me having a go at that flirt skirt though 😉

  2. says

    Learning to sew is on my list of things I really really want to do. I think I’d get more satisfaction seeing something I’ve made being worn, either by the kids or me so I’m really loving those skirts – the elastic waist one and the market one – loverly :-)

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    I am very much the novice sewer and I spent half a day a couple of weeks ago making library bags on my mums sewing machine. It was so much fun until I sewed my finger. They were super easy. I have the pattern pinned if you’d like it.
    I absolutely love these lovelies. I need to build up some confidence to try something more complicated. x

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    that market skirt has been on my wish list since she came out with that tutorial when my girls were small! my sewing machine taunts me and i am determined to learn to sew properly this year!I say do one of the skirts – they are easy if you mastered the calico bag…

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    Definitely start with the “I can sew in a straight line tote”! LOL. Tackling the rest would cause me to go bankrupt due to 20 second contributions to the swear jar …

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    I have a machine, but I’m a bit of a hack. I’ll be doing 20 odd library bags for the kinder kids these coming holidays, but at least they’ll all be cut out waiting for me.
    Beyond that occassional I get big ideas, but then when I screw it up, I back off.
    My last thing I made was some flannette pj bottoms for me. loving them.

  7. says

    I say jump in head first….just go the slip cover! And look if it doesn’t work, think of all that fabric you’ll be able to use to do all the other ideas!!!

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    can you start with the hanging baskets then tell me how you go and how to do it? i have a sewing machine and can make a grand total of one thing – baby change table mats (and that’s only because my mil talked me through every little step) – but i really like the look of these hanging baskets.

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