Mousey slumber party invitations

Cappers is having a slumber party this weekend with a ‘mouse’ theme {You can see the mousey slumber party here!!}. Thank goodness I sent out a ‘save the date’ the week before we went away because I only just got around to doing her invitations today.

Which I kinda liked in the end because it’s sweet to say ‘please wear your pjs to my slumber party this Saturday’. ‘This Saturday’ seems quaint and nice. Like we live in an unhurried world where no one has anything planned further ahead than six days away.

She was allowed to invite seven friends for her seven years. Fortunately, only two of the chosen friends were actually deemed ‘slumber party material’ by their parents. Most seem to be poor sleepers like my lot, or scared at night away from their parents. I found that refreshing and not just because I am not facing eight seven year olds for the night this Saturday…

I’ve wanted to do a downloadable invitation with tutorial for ages. Matter of fact, I plan to go back to all of the parties I’ve made and create free printables for all of them. The world needs more free printables.

So, my efforts start today. You can download a pdf of this invitation by clicking on the image below.

Download free pdf printable

And the instructions to put it together by clicking on this image.

Download instructions to create slumber party invites

More printables for a ‘mouse slumber party’ (I thought I would start out with as obscure a party theme as possible!!) coming after the party.

Enjoy the printables and enjoy your week.

Do you like my mice?
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