Cooking with kids

You know how you see all those charming scenes in mags and on blogs where mum and the kids are lovingly baking a spot of afternoon tea together? The kids are wrapped in festive gingham aprons, mum has just a smidge of flour on her nose and, most charming of all, there isn’t a mound of flour all over everything else?

It’s not like that at my place. For years and years I have endured cooking sessions with the Tsunamis. They do all the wrong things, such as lick the wooden spoon while they’re still stirring the batter. Fight over whose turn it is to stir the batter.Fight over who stirred the batter the most. Fling the batter madly around the kitchen while they’re sorting all that out.

But, still I do it. Week after week.

I wrote a little piece for Village Voices this week that explains why… have a read because I love it, but also have a read because this particular series of posts (me on ‘everyday rituals’ with ‘everyday crafting’ by Frog, Goose and Bear and ‘everyday cooking’ by Local is Lovely) is sponsored by Eggs Australia and I want you to tell me what you think of ‘that kind’ of sponsored post. The sponsored post where we’re not really talking about the sponsor much at all.

Do let me know.

Enjoy your weekend!

I’m ‘resting’ Grateful on my own blog lately but I’m still going strong over on VV
Having a writing job with a few different people makes keeping a blog really, really hard.
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