World Blog Tour 2013: Jump on board the air-bus-train

Inspired by the absolute joy of meeting over 100 fablicious bloggers on the weekend (and, you know me, I pretty much got around to say hi to every single one of them), I’m getting back to basics with the whole blogging thing.

Remember, back in the day, at least two years ago, when blog images were sepia-toned and we were little ‘communities’ rather than this gigantic city we’ve all found ourselves in? Yep, well. Back in the day, I used to click from blog roll to blog roll to find a new blog to love. It was such a fun way to spend an idle hour or two.

Then I stopped having an idle hour or two (or so I thought) and a lot of bloggers stopped having a blog roll (why!?) and so I stopped my little blog tours.

Until now.

‘Cos I miss that fun bit of blogging, I really do. So I’m making the time each week to go on a little tour and this time I thought I’d share my journey with you. A Tour of the Blogisphere, meeting new blogs and showcasing what’s out there.

Grab a ticket on my tour and let’s get started!

This week I’m starting randomly on my own blog roll and heading out from there. Whichever blog is on top on my blog roll is where I’m going and I’m not going to stop until I run out of blog rolls or commenters or an indication of someone else’s blog to click over and check out.

Here we go, click on the header images to visit the blogs… first stop…

This is Amy. Amy changes her blog header about as often as I change my bra (which isn’t as often as you’d think, but often enough). I like her latest header.

Once upon a time I visited my blog roll blogs every single day, but these days it can be a long time between visits. And every time I get over here to Amy’s, I regret not coming more often. Being here is like sitting in Amy’s kitchen in Illinois, USA and we’re talking about this and that and wondering if the rain is going to hold out for the weekend. Amy calls herself a “hot mess”, but I just call her hot.

It warmed me to the cockles to see my own name on Amy’s ‘Favourite Reads’ section (thank you, lovely lady) and then I clicked on…

 My first visit here and of course, I came because we can always use some sunshine AND I was just talking about rain with Amy. Rebekka is doing Jodi’s 52 week project like me, which just goes to show how BIG Jodi’s project is because I get around to a few of the participants each and every week, but I’ve never met Rebekka. She’s a crafty one and a stylish one and a mum to four little ones. Lots going on at Rebekka’s! This is a super blog and I’m Bloglovin’ it for later perusal.

Now, Rebekka didn’t have a blog roll that I could see, but this tour doesn’t give up that easily! I clicked on on the last person who left a comment on Rebekka’s blog and found myself back in Australia at…

A fellow Bron! Hi Bron! There are a few of us hanging around the Aussie blogville (shout out to Bron and Bron!) Bron looks clever and crafty and is ALSO doing Jodi’s 52 Week Project and AGAIN I’ve never met her via that ginormously popular project. Bron also shares the story of her eldest daughter, Taylor Louise, who died in 2004 after fighting hard against a brain tumour. I love that blogging gives space to people’s important stories and a place for Taylor Louise’s beautiful smile to shine on in everyday life.  

Again, no blog roll on Taylormade… wah! But Bron did do a shout out to a blogger for sending her a handmade gift, so I’m heading over to Sophie’s
There is a really, truly fabulous post up about Identity on Sophie’s blog Little Gumnut today. Now, I’m not exactly the religious type, so I confess that when I usually click over to a ‘lordy’ blog, I often click straight away again. True, true. But on my blog tour today I took the time to read Sophie’s words and (apart from the goddy bits) they really struck a chord with me. Sophie asks us “where is your identity located?” and I honesty cannot answer her just yet.

Off to Sophie’s blog roll and, you won’t believe it, I’m back at a Bron…

Didn’t I just give you a shout out up at Taylormade’s stop, Bron? Hello again. This just proves how circular a blog tour can be and it’s so nice to be here. This is a Bron I know rather well – I’ve been following babyspace since it first began, even though for most of that time I haven’t had anyone at my place even close to baby state. No matter, I just like looking at kid stuff. Bron also blogs at Expressive Compulsive, where is hangs up the nursery decorating tours and  writes like the wind.
And here my tour will end… for now. Next week I’m setting out from the ‘Links’ tab on Expressive Compulsive and seeing where the day takes us.
Do you know any of these blogs already?
What’s a new blog you’ve recently discovered?

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