Tomorrow is a brand new linky

Last week I handed over the Grateful reins to the extra-special Kylie at Octavia and Vicky.

Grateful and me were a good little unit. Three years, like clockwork, every week, a grateful or even three. You know what, I’ll always be grateful and I’ll always record that gratitude. You notice things better when you write them down. At least, I do.

It was time for a change but I just couldn’t give up on hosting a linky. Just couldn’t.

So tomorrow I’ve got a brand new linky up on the blog. Well, it’s sort of Al’s old Weekend Rewind linky with a new twist. A twist that’s going to help all of us “haven’t got time to read blogs any more” people to read a few more blogs – the best post of the week as chosen by their author. See, a handy abridged version of our favourite blogs, right?

Soooo… get your roller skates on and roll on over tomorrow afternoon at 4pm to link up your BEST, VERY BEST, MOST AWESOMEST, MOST IMPORTANTEST, GOODEST POSSIBLE (or perhaps your only) post of the past week.

Yep, Weekend Rewind is rewinding the best posts of the past week, Fridays at 4pm.

Reckon you’ll join in? Can you spread the word for me tomorrow?

[Image by Gennaro Pazienza]

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