Weekend Rewind: Replaying your fave post each week

Call me practical (or call me, maybe?), but I quite like the idea of a handy weekly guide to the best posts out there in blogland. Story posts, crafty posts, opinion posts, parenty posts, travelling posts, foodie posts, styling posts, homey posts – I love ’em all. Even ‘what I wore’ posts.

So, here’s the thing, every Friday at 4pm the Weekend Rewind will open and anyone can link up any post they’ve written over the past week that they think deserves an extra airing. It might be a post that generated much discussion and revelry or it might be a post that you and the crickets enjoyed together. All posts, from every type of blog, from any country, are most welcome. A handy weekend reading list for all of us.

The only rule is that the post has to have been written over the past week (Saturday – Friday). And you have to like me on Facebook to enter (ha! that was my idea of a joke). The linky opens on Friday at 4pm Sydney-time and closes late on Sunday night.

So, what are you waiting for – let’s get the Weekend Rewind playing. Please help spread the word of this new linky via your social media channel number fives so we can meet lots of new bloggers with lots of new stories to share.
Pop back sometime and leave a comment below when you’ve read and recommend one of the linked-up posts. It’s nice to  let the group know, ya know?

Thanks for linking, I’ll see you on your blogs!


[Image used with permission]

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