Blog World Tour 2013: Feeling hungry

Have you got your seatbelt on for this leg of the Blog World Tour journey? Are you sure? Definitely got that belt on? Do you need me to come into the back and check? Oh-kay then!

I thought we might put a little foodie spin on our tour today, so let’s start at one of my favourite blogs – for food or otherwise…

Sophie at Local is Lovely is… well, lovely. I actually work with Sophie on Village Voices so I know she’s a total doll. She’s also funny and a little bit nutty, which is necessary, don’t you think? Soph lives on a venison farm out the back of Orange where she runs weekend luncheons from her farm kitchen. If you think that sounds like perfection, add in two cuties, a hardworking (not half bad) husbie, an upcoming book and it’s beautiful there. That’s one of Sophie’s images up there as my header. Go on over and meet Soph and I guarantee you’ll want to put your feet up and stop a while.

Clickety-click on Sophie’s blog roll brings me to…

Orangette!  Now, Orangette is a well-known, seasoned blog – Molly has been writing since 2004. Her blog is a gentle tumble through one life in Seattle (and earlier, deliciously Paris – which is how I first met Orangette), interspersed with old-fashioned kind of recipes for things like Banana bread with cinnamon crumble topping or oatmeal pancakes . There is a quirkiness here that is totally addictive – read about Molly’s friend Rebecca and Rebecca’s gay husband here… I definitely did a double take and then thought, ‘how wonderful is that?’.

Molly has a page devoted to blogs she loves, and I click on over to…

Hula Seventy is Andrea’s blog and she’s been going since 2005. One of the things I love to do with a long-term blogger is go back to the early days of their blog and compare their style with what they’re up to now. Andrea’s been pretty fantastic since day one, it seems. She’s got an old-school, retro kind of vibe about her, as demonstrated by the gorgeousness that is her drive-in movie postThis is Andrea’s husband’s site. This is one cool couple, that’s for sure! Andrea also did a series on Paris in polaroids that I absolutely love. Her ‘categories cloud’ tells me that she mostly writes about mamahood, inspiration, things that are good, colour and photography. One thing she doesn’t seem to write about is recipes… in fact, Andrea doesn’t write about anything starting with ‘r’ at all (random observation for you there!).
No blog roll at Hula Seventy, so for my next blog I head back over to Sophie’s and meet…
A nice South Australian lass called Emma with a blog called She Sows Seeds. When I visit, Emma has a Thai-inspired pumpkin soup recipe up that look pretty much perfect. This inspires me to click on Emma’s ‘Food’ category and ohmiword, we have a Flourless lemon, almond and ricotta cake and Sticky-date muffins with butterscotch sauce. A sticky date muffin! So, needless to say, I’m officially in love before I explore the Farm Life, Craft, Family or Sewing categories and even before I have a good sticky-beak at Emma’s wedding. Just really gorgeous photography (Emma is a professional photographer) and a sweetheart clever-clogs blogger. Nice combo!
Sigh. No blog roll at Emma’s place either. The blog roll really is a dying artform (and, honestly, a good one really is art). Rather than hit up Soph again, I go back to my own blog roll and the very first blog at the top of the list is…
Keeping up with the Holsbys. Now, I’m quite new to Danielle’s blog (I think she’s one that I found judging Voices of 2013) but so far I’m loving it hard. There’s a frankness, humour and spirit in her writing that is rather irresistible. Topics range from politics to parenthood to freekeh to random things like Kegels (Danielle’s ‘kegels face’ has to be seen to be believed!). There are all the bells and whistles here – the blog hop participation, vlogs, blogger awards proudly displayed and even a shop selling Holsby ebooks. Danielle is one busy lady and I’ll enjoy keeping up with her very much indeed.
And with that we pull to a stop on this section of our Blog World Tour. Hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Bring back the blogroll, I say!!
Got a new blog to share this time?
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  1. says

    I love your blog roll and I like the little tour you take us on also… Yep… I say bring back the blog roll, I will have to add that to my list of things to do x

    • Maxabella says

      I hope all bloggers consider having one. It’s the quickest way to really let people know what you’re into AND share some links around. x

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