Parenting by heart | Soaking poo out of the underpants

To all the mums unpicking food scraps from the drains.

Soaking wee out of sheets and feather doonas.

Pulling the last two sheets of loo paper from yet another roll.

You are not alone.

To the mums wiping up the drips carried through the house from the garbage bag.

Unclogging hairs from deep within the shower recess.

Scraping Weet-bix off the dining room floor.

You are not alone.

To those mums scrubbing old urine stains from the grout in the bathroom floor.

Wiping grimy finger marks off every available window.

Soaking poo out of the underpants.

You are not alone.

Across Australia, across the world, an army of weary mums just like you and I are knee-deep, elbow-deep, neck-deep in the same goddamn shit day after day, week after week, year after blessed year.

We mums of the world being the only ones prepared to scrub and soak and wipe and scrape until the children of the world have a pristine surface on which to start all over again tomorrow.

It’s a love story.

Us mums.

Do you feel the icky, sticky love?

Come say hi!
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