Pin of the Day: 10 cute projects to get you excited about Easter

I’m a celebrator, as you know. Birthdays, Christmas, just-because… I’m there in a heartbeat. Which makes my neglect of Easter even more profoundly sad. I just don’t ‘do’ Easter… poor old Easter.
Perhaps I’m uninspired by the gluttony of chocolate giving and a rabbit? Or maybe it’s the whole ‘reborn Springtime thing’ when I’m well and truly loving Autumn? Whatever it is, it has to stop.
I’ve rounded up some Pinterespiration for all of us to spark our Easter-loving festival. No longer will it be a simple brunch combined with egg hunt event… or, actually, it will be but it will look infinitely better when we start crafting up these goodies…
Because every celebration deserves a cracker… Easter party crackers from My Little Day
How sweet are these for egg holding purposes! Sleepy bunny bags by Probably Actually
Fire up the Easter hunt. Mini easter egg pinatas by Oh Happy Day
A little card is nice at Easter time. tinyme’s Easter printables
Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs ala Raspberri Cupcakes. Because they’re awesome (and so is Steph).
So, are you busy crafting and making for Easter? I have one project on the go which I will share next week. Otherwise, crickets. Must get onto that…
Do you ‘do’ Easter?
I did my own! I really did! So number 11 is these sweet little Easter bunny bags… they are EASY!!
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