The Best DIY Minecraft Party Decorations (especially on a budget)

My son’s Minecraft Party was an absolute blast. For the full story, head over there. This post is just here to give you lots of Minecraft Party decoration ideas for your own party.

Budget Minecraft party decoration ideas

Balloon spiders

If you manage to find square balloons, let me know! Until then, we had to make do with regular round balloons, but with square cellophane eyes ‘glowing’ attached with sticky tape, they looked suitably Minecraft. I cut out strips of black crepe paper and Blu Tacked that straight to the wall before adding the balloon.

Budget Minecraft party decoration ideas - creeper balloons

Creeper Balloons

Speaking of balloons, I made creepers for the front gate. Again, square balloons would be perfect, but with gaffer tape stuck straight onto the balloon in a square pattern, they look good. Must remember the gaffer tape trick for future parties. Balloon decorating is lots of fun.

Budget Minecraft party decorations- Enderdragon pinata

DIY Enderdragon Pinata

The Enderdragon pinata was cobbled out of wine boxes and crepe paper. A box pinata is super-easy to put together. Grab a couple of boxes – one small one larger. Tape the smaller box shut and then tape it securely to the larger box, forming the Enderdragon nose, keeping the open part of the larger box down.

Cut two square eyes out of the front of the larger box, above where you have attached the nose.

Next take a full packet of black crepe paper and cut it into 10 cm strips. Then ‘fringe’ the strips by making 5 cm cuts all the way along one side of each strip. Glue the non-fringed side of the crepe paper all the way around the Enderdragon boxes, overlapping as you go so that all the box is covered.

Once fully covered, tape two smaller boxes to the top of the Enderdragon for ears. I covered these smaller boxes in silver duct tape, but you could also paint them silver or cover using aluminium foil.

Now it’s time to punch a hole on either side of the Enderdragon’s head and thread a strong string straight through, looping it for hanging. All done!

Fill your Enderdragon pintata with lollies (we filled ours with Crunchie Bars) and then securely tape it shut using packing tape. Make sure it’s really well taped or it will fall open with the first smack of the stick.

Oh, you can also make your Enderdragon pinata glow by adding LED or fairy lights behind the cellophane eyes.  This is a great ‘party trick’ for when night falls on the party.

Hang your Enderdragon pinata somewhere really prominent at the party: we put ours at the entrance so no one would miss its deadliness.

Budget Minecraft party decoration ideas

 Creeper cardboard background

For the background, we cut A4 sheets of paper into squares and suck them up on the wall with Blu-Tac to make a huge creeper. I have seen this done with square plastic plates, but I’m too much of a cheapskate to fork out for that many useless plates.

Budget Mincecraft party decorations - pixel streamers

Pixel streamers

We also made pixel-like streamers by cutting the leftover paper into rectangles, folding them into a square and gluing them onto string. I just used Clag glue, nothing fancy. Glue the string between so the square is in the middle of the string.

Budget Minecraft party decorations - Minecraft party table

Minecraft party table

I found a grass plastic tablecloth for $4 at my $2 shop. I also used a strip of fake grass down the front of the table. I used a second grass plastic table cloth to cut up to cover a cardboard box to use as a cake stand.

I printed and folded some Minecraft blocks to scatter around the table. You can get all kinds of 3D Minecraft printables and Instructables has a good round up here.

Budget Minecraft party decorations - labels

Food labels, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels

I created my own cupcake toppers and food labels. You can download and print them out here.

Enjoy decorating your Minecraft party!

Pin for later:

Minecraft DIY Party Decorations

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And print our free Minecraft party invitations here.


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