Weekend Rewind XL: Calming down

It’s probably just the strain of doing too many things at once, but man my kids are hard work right now. You know those times when they forget to pass the ‘let’s make our parents suffer for no good reason’ baton to each other so you’re left with three (two, four, as many as you have) on the go at once. Groan.

Mind you, things in general are calming down a little around here. May and early June are always manic and then things get nicer. I just need the kids to play along and I’m sorted!

Pop over and see what I’ve been up to at Badoo’s lovely little fashion party if you haven’t already. Oh and while I was writing the party post, I was reminded of this post I wrote quite a while ago. I’ve decided that of all the things I’ve ever written, this is the post that best sums me up. Make of that what you will!!!

I’m return next week with some more meaningful social media links. Until then, happy reading!


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