How to fold a plastic bag

How to fold a plastic bag video

I was cleaning the house this morning and I found myself folding plastic bags. My neighbour Lee showed me how she folds her plastic bags a while ago and I teased her mercilessly.  “Don’t you have better things to do with your time than fold rubbish bags,” I scoffed.

Well, turns our I didn’t have anything better to do with my time either, because ever since Lee showed me how to fold a plastic bag I’ve been… folding them.

Now, I draw the line at folding ‘everyday’ plastic bags – those I just stuff into the plastic IKEA thingy like a normal person. But I do fold the ones that I throw into the beach bag to put wet togs into; the ones that I keep in the car for all sorts of emergencies; the one in the bottom of my handbag for what exactly I don’t know but the fact is I can have one in the bottom of my handbag because it’s folded so neatly.

So, I was cleaning the house this morning and because I’m not a huge fan of cleaning, I decided that I would make a little video instead. This video is like a little love letter to the humble plastic bag and my buddy Lee as well. I apologise, Lee – folding plastic bags is strangely very satisfying.

Do you have any strange Type A tendencies?

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  1. says

    Ha ha…I love the little tuck at the end!
    My plastic bags are knotted (not that C has ever shown any interest in putting a plastic bag over his head but you never know…he never showed any interest in DampRid but than drank some) and shoved under the kitchen sink.
    It always seems I have hundreds when I don’t need any and none when I need a few.

    I also just noticed that after your video plays, the You Tube screen fills with other how to fold a plastic bag videos…apparently you are in good company!

    • Maxabella says

      There are more Type A people out there than you think! This is proof positive that you can never truly do anything original on the internet. x

  2. says

    I have a kitchen assistant at work who does my shopping for me (I teach food tech and hospitality), and she always folds up the plastic bags that way. I have a little drawer full of plastic bag triangles to hand out to students who need them. Speaking of Type A, I also alphabetise my spice rack, and cannot stand it when people dig a hole in the centre of the butter… keep it even all the way down people! TMI?

    • Maxabella says

      Not at all – I was really hoping my plastic bag antics would spark a lively discussion about the importance of alphabetising the spice rack and here you are! x

  3. says

    Ha! Will forward this to my sister in law in Switzerland who was trying to train us with this approach when we visited (and she had a plethara of similar systems, none of which have rubbed off on her brother, I might add! We couldn’t get it – might try again) I slowly implement a system at a time – we now have the doonas folded into the pillow cases, for instance, down pat, plus the coffee cups upright with handles in the same direction (coathangers also need to hang in the same direction), and all the socks left last in the washing basket so they can be hung in pairs (and then quicker to sort when dry straight from the line). Now off to learn how to fold a fitted sheet properly – that’s hard!

    • Maxabella says

      See, I read all those things and think “don’t people just do those things naturally”, but apparently that is not the case! I will have to do another post on my weird little Type A things, if only I could work out what they are! x

      • says

        I found that none of the other members of my family did these (the kids I could understand but my husband?) – but step by step, it’s happening! (and to be fair, slowly, slowly, I am starting to become more punctual, to my husband’s relief!) x

  4. says

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Amazing!!! My mother does this and I’ve always wondered how she does it…but never learnt…and it doesn’t help that she lives in Scotland so the last thing we’re gonna do when we Skype is the instructions on how to fold plastic bags. But now I know 😀

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