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DIY Christmas gifts to make for friendsI don’t know about you but I love to give a gift to special friends at Christmas time. Just something small because money is always tight this time of year. Especially this year.

The great thing about a DIY gift is that it is generally inexpensive to make, so you can spread the love far and wide. Once you gather all the things you need and get yourself organised, homemade gifts are always surprisingly quick and simple to put together. The extra amount of time invested is always appreciated by your friend too – nothing says ‘you matter to me’ more than a handmade gift!

While I’m looking for inspiration for my own friends this year, I thought I’d collect together some of my favourite ideas to inspire you too. Banish all ideas of daggy homemade gifts – these are all stylish and delightful.

Maybe you’d like to make a little something for a lovely someone this year too?

Christmas gifts to make for friends 1

1. Printable ‘For your mistle toes’ labels to attach to a pretty nail polish colour. By Ivy in the Bay.

2. DIY succulent terrarium with wood base. By Jennifer Kirk for Project Wedding.

3. Metallic polka dot Sharpie mugs. By Knock Off Decor.

4. Magnetic Scrabble board. By House of Payne.

Christmas gifts to make for friends 2

1. Muffins in sweet paper plate box. By It’s Always Autumn.

2. Elephant key ring holder. By Creative Soul Spectrum.

3. Succulent cork magnets. By Pop Sugar.

4. Toadstool pencils. By Scissors, Paper, Wok.

Do you give gifts to good friends or maybe to their children?

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  1. says

    Oh I’m in love with the succulents in a jar – but I’m afraid our nearest & dearest will miss out on those this year. I am a plant killer. Even a succulent murderer. It’s true, green & me just don’t get along no matter how much I love them with water.
    However, those muffins in that sweet paper plate basket with string…My oven & I are firm friends, so I know what I’ll be bringing along to my husband’s family Chrissy ‘do. {Rather than gifts for each other, this year we are all donating to charities on behalf of each other. So these muffins will top of a what is sure to be a fabulous afternoon of celebrating the love of Christmas.}

    • Maxabella says

      Those little plate carriers are genius – man, people are so clever!

      I can’t believe you can kill succulents. Many can even live on air… but, if you’re a baker you don’t need to be a gardener too. One good thing. x

  2. says

    Used to give gifts to good friends, now have too many children and nieces and nephews for it to be practical. online shopping is my friend:) and garage sales,yep my children sometimes get 2nd hand gifts for Chrissie, they truly don’t mind.

    • Maxabella says

      Of course they don’t mind! They just want stuff – no matter where or how it comes.

      I am pleasantly surprised by the restrained Santa letters they are producing this afternoon. Perhaps they are growing up? Or perhaps they already have so many things that even they cannot come up with anything they especially need!!? x

      • says

        Probably the second. Mine are too, and frankly so are we. This year most of the children getting one gift only. The older they are the more expensive the gifts! and then we already have so much stuff! just read a post of a family who don’t do stuff’ presents but more memories (for want of a better word) theme park tickets, membership to sports, lessons etc cause they simply had everything they needed. I really get that

        • Maxabella says

          I TOTALLY get that. Once the kids are older, there just isn’t the need for the same volume of ‘newness’. I’m happy to say that the Christmas lists were nice and contained this year (even if mummy was not!). My problem is that there is so much good stuff out there for kids – the board games, the activity books, the crafty stuff – that I can’t resist. It’s me, all my fault, I admit it. x

  3. says

    Great ideas! I am the least crafty person I know, but I have enjoyed creating handmade gifts the past few years. I am a bit at a loss, because this year I won’t be doing them (long weird story about a change in circumstances) and I am shocked to realise I miss it!

  4. says

    I don’t know if they are stylish or delightful but we made all of C’s cousins and friends tie dye tee shirts this year…they came out really well…so well that I didn’t want to give them all away…which I think is the sign of a good present!
    We also put some stickers on some terra cotta pots and filled them with succulents…I was thinking paint or glitter but C instead on stickers so we found some foam stickers that I think will stand up to being outside and to watering.
    I am not usually crafty…but something about Christmas brings out the crafter in me!

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