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Weekend Rewind - diversityThis week I did my Primary Ethics training 9-5 on Monday and Tuesday in the city. It was very surreal re-joining the early morning commuters after 3 years in the ‘burbs. Even after all this time, it felt very much like a return to ‘normal’, making me question how comfy I really am with my ‘new normal’ after all… too big a ponder for the 8.12 am city-bound train on a Monday morning!

Anyway, I quite liked it on day one but was over it by day two.

The Primary Ethics course was an exceptionally well-put-together two days of intense training that whipped 25 diverse volunteers into the robust shape needed to go into public schools and teach enquiring minds about staying enquiring. I absolutely loved learning new skills and having my ideas challenged. As philosophical ethics tells us – self-reflection (or an ‘examined life’) is pretty much the key to everything.

I was also reminded during the course just how important diversity is to a good life. It was a huge pleasure to spend a couple of days with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Enough rambling, when I get the time to do it justice, I will write up a full post about why I’m so into Primary Ethics. In the meantime, this is important enough to share again, I think:It takes a village to raise a child


Other things that had me this week:

Reading – well, not quite yet, but eagerly anticipating Michelle Crawford’s A Table in the Orchard.  I love Michelle’s work on Hugo & Elsa so much that I’ve pre-ordered my copy and I just cannot wait.
Writing – a somewhat ridiculously detailed post about our bedtime routine. Long-time readers will know how long and hard I have fought for an easy bedtime, so my expertise in this arena knows no bounds. I’m also very proud to have honoured my friend Philippa over at Lisa Berson’s blog this week. I was in tears writing this one.
Making – handmade things for the Facebook challenge I agreed to in Jan.
Wishing – that people weren’t taken from this world too soon.
Loving – the Badoo in her ‘oldie worldie’ garb (see above), setting off on a school excursion to Ryde Old School House this week. It’s the same dress Cappers wore two years ago and seeing them in the same dress shows me just how beautifully different each of my girls is.
Wondering – how it is I am living the perfect life for a 27 year old man, surrounded as I am by beautiful, funny, rowdy, smart-as-a-whip women who regularly invite me to dinner.

Weekend Rewind - Simone Great Fun 4 Kids

This week we are off to New Zealand to visit Simone from Great Fun 4 Kids. She is like my kiwi blogging cousin as we share many of the same interests and she is equally as crazy-in-love with her husband and family as I am. Simone has so many wonderful ideas for connecting with your family and as a long-term sufferer from depression and anxiety she also shares her thoughts on connecting with yourself.

Happy reading.

When was the last time you learned something new?

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  1. says

    Really looking forward to your post(s) on Ethics. I find it fascinating. And yes, I would also be excited about that feeling of life returning to ‘normal’, and am quite sure that I would also have the realisation on day two that I prefer my new ‘normal’. x

    • Maxabella says

      I don’t think I’ve ever quite accepted my ‘new normal’. I have a tendency to live with a ‘when things get back to normal’ kind of approach, and by that I mean not planning very well for life’s ups and downs. It’s only when I had a big change to my routine like I had this week that I’ve realised that I have not yet embraced my new way of life. I really haven’t. Food for thought. x

  2. says

    Thanks for introducing me to Simone, I haven’t stumbled across her yet! Enjoy my homeland. I do miss pretending I’m part of the rat race at times, then again when I do head in there I LOVE getting home again. Have a happy weekend x

    • Maxabella says

      It’s definitely a different way of life, Em! Simone is really great, very thoughtful and a really fun mum. You’ll like her. x

    • Maxabella says

      It’s been eye opening, Jody and it’s made me realise how much I under-estimate the intelligence of children. x

  3. says

    Diversity is so important! When we place ourselves in little monocultural groups we miss out on so much of the richness and beauty of other cultures. I studied languages at school and Uni and love how knowing another language opens up your world completely!

    • Maxabella says

      I couldn’t agree more, Sara. We are lucky to be a bicultural family (well, not me, but you know what I mean!). This has already added many rich layers to my children’s life. x

    • Maxabella says

      I’ve very much enjoyed playing along at home with your education too, Raychael. It’s fascinating and bizarrely fulfilling to watch you learn and grow. x

  4. says

    Very keen to hear more about this primary ethics course! I’ve never heard about it before.

    I’m also very keen to hear more about your life as a 27 year old male……

    • says

      Oh, I just read your lovely post on your friend Philippa. Beautiful words. I especially loved “it wasn’t about whether I could cope with the work/life juggle, it was about whether my kids were managing” – I’d never really thought about it this way. And it truly is the only way to be thinking about it. Thank you xx

      • Maxabella says

        She was pretty much the wisest person I know (and she had stiff competition as my mother is a very wise soul too!). From that moment on, I have always approached the ‘work life balance’ from my children’s perspective. x

  5. says

    I try very hard to learn something new every week. Indeed I’m going to be a bit cheeky and link up my 8 Things I Learned This Week post this week just to keep with the theme :-) I too am keen to hear about your Primary Ethics thoughts and experience. We don’t have it as an option here in Victoria which is a shame. Enjoy your weekend! Ex

    • Maxabella says

      I reckon Primary Ethics would be right up your alley, Ellen. I have already learned so much about people and the way we connect, all from the mouths of babes. x

  6. says

    Really interesting course Bron look forward to reading about it I imagine it being a minefield of information. You post on sisterhood was very moving thank you for sharing your dear friend. x

  7. says

    I love learning new stuff! Clearly since I went to uni in my late twenties I have gathered. A BA of Arts with a major in photography. Then a triple BA of Arts with triple major in Arthistory, Literature Studies, and Media Studies. I then did my masters and a grad dip in Education. Will I keep studying? As long as I possibly can.

  8. says

    I like to learn constantly whether it’s big or little things (mainly little things at the moment!) and I love that we can learn so much from each other. I’m also very interested in your Primary Ethics course but I must go now as I have to sort someone who won’t go to sleep!!!!!! Have a great weekend. x

    • Maxabella says

      I’m still in “little things” mode myself, Vicki. Perhaps it’s our wayward, non-sleeping children. I’m learning how to be patient more than anything! x

  9. says

    Very interested to read your bedtime routine post. It’s definitely a stickler with me too… My god. If I get out of there before 9pm I am doing well! (Hence my inability to link up most weeks on time).
    I had the pleasure of meeting your sister Al this week at the literary festival. She’s great – just as I had thought she would be.
    Zanni xx

    • Maxabella says

      You and Al have a lot in common, Zanni. She’s a good egg too.

      My bedtime routine is ridiculously long, but it kind of encompasses the whole afternoon / evening, so I figure that’s okay. I wish I had the kind of kids I could just send to bed and be done with, but it has never, ever worked like that at my place. I see you understand!! x

  10. says

    I just learned a new way to try and stop my kids from interrupting over at Country life experiment and I’m putting the wheels in motion for it tomorrow!
    It sucks that people get taken from this world too soon, really sucks…..thoughts and prayers going out to anyone who has lost a special someone.
    Looking forward to your bedtime routine post!
    Have a beautiful weekend Bron xx

    • Maxabella says

      I’m racing over to Jo’s to see what this new technique is, Dannielle! Thanks for the heads up! Did you have a good weekend? Ours was very random (Cub scout family camp), but good. x

  11. says

    I can’t wait to hear more about the ethics course. I’m all for promoting our next generation to have enquiring minds. X

  12. says

    Add my voice to the request for feedback on the primary ethics course too! It’s great learning new things, isn’t it? I went to a great session today – a ‘community engagement masterclass’. Very inspiring hearing people from other councils sharing how they work with and draw on the expertise of their community members (too often we sit isolated and just ‘tell’ and say we’ve ‘consulted’). Plus, I don’t often get to have a drink in the city in the late afternoon (could get used to that!) x

    • Maxabella says

      I would love to attend something like this, Helen. What a great initiative in your community. Collaboration across different units always works so well – many big changes often result from seeing how other people are doing things, and many problems solved. x

    • Maxabella says

      It was something they really needed and something that spoke to me. A volunteering match up! x

  13. says

    It must have been a good feeling, soaking in all that new stuff over those two days, Bron. But yes, getting back to your new normal is always nice, isn’t it?
    I’m teaching myself how to use watercolour paints at the moment, and I’m loving it!!
    And look at your little doll in her flowery dress…..glorious :)

    • Maxabella says

      Watercolour painting seems like a very creative, relaxing pasttime, Lisa. And I love the outcome! x

    • Maxabella says

      What a difference that 2 hour Olympus workshop made for us, Julie. I have been on full manual ever since and I am LOVING MYSELF SICK! These photos of Lottie were taken on manual and it’s so nice to finally be able to have complete control of my camera. All it took was one little Q button!!! x

  14. says

    Have a fab time in NZ.

    I think I’m going to do a new course soon,

    I must sign up,
    I have a meeting to do a teaching/assessment course online, next week.
    yep… right, final decider, I’m in. Thanks.

    x Have a good weekend. x

    • Maxabella says

      A teacher? That will be really fab, Sarah. And I’m not actually going to NZ to visit Simone (I wish!), just virtually. Wouldn’t you love a holiday to NZ right now!!! Good luck with your course! x

  15. says

    I’m considering heading back to the rat race after working from home – it’s been so long that I think everyday commuters could spot the duck out of water! Bravo on volunteering – like everyone else I’m looking forward to hearing more about your primary ethics course too! I love that quote you included about exposing our kids to other peoples differences. It pairs nicely with my belief that we should be doing more to promote kindness. Have a lovely weekend xx

    • Maxabella says

      Kindness and grit are the two things a dear friend taught me were all you needed. This was YEARS ago and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that these two things are current ‘buzzwords’. x

    • Maxabella says

      I can’t wait! I’m spending the rest of this term observing other classes and then week 1 term 2, I’m on! x

  16. says

    We live in a very multicultural area, to the extent that white caucasian students would easily comprise less than 40% of the population of my kids’ school. I’m forever grateful that diversity is something that has always been ‘normal’ for them. There are so many points of difference amongst the community they have interacted with since they were babies – not just racial but socio-economic, body types, etc. Sorry, I know I’m kind of side-tracking from the main theme of your post, but having grown up in a country town in the 70s (which was great, but definitely lacking in its embracing of diversity) this is something I feel really strongly about.

  17. says

    that’s one thing I don’t miss about working full time. The daily commute into the city and back. New experiences are fun I just find it can be a lot of effort to organise to do them. :)

    • Maxabella says

      I miss the commute the most, Bec! It was a really helpful transition time between work and home and I miss that so much! Lately I’ve been experimenting with my own rituals to make a clear-cut distinction between work and home, but it’s just not the same as a train ride!!! x

  18. says

    Love, love, love those photos of your daughter. And want to hear more about the ethics classes, as have been considering signing up to teach at my son’s school.

    • Maxabella says

      Oh goodie! You really must do it if you can spare the time, Zoe. I’m waiting until I actually start teaching to do the Ethics post, but in the meantime I’ve got nothing but love for the whole programme. DO it!! x

  19. says

    My mantra is ‘life long learner’ and you embody this too! Go, new Ethics Teacher. I know how much its valued by the families in schools where the choice is offered..and the only reason it can’t be offered is lack of trained/interested teachers. Thanks so much for putting your hand up! Hugh Rimington teaches ethics at his kids’ school and tweeted to me that ‘6 year olds always give you something to think about.’
    Ethics Co-ordinator at my local school. The 4 teachers I oversee are just wonderful!!

    • Maxabella says

      I’m really looking forward to getting in there. It’s an amazing opportunity to be with children and hear what they think. x

    • Maxabella says

      Absolutely! I think it’s time we showed kids just how imperfectly beautiful life actually is. x


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