6 things for kids to craft with sticks

Weaving with sticks for kidsInstead of screens today, why not… make something out of sticks?

The lovely artwork above has pride of place in the window of our living room. Cappers (our resident maker) made it at school a couple of years ago. It was the moment she discovered her love of weaving and she hasn’t really stopped since. She often ties a few sticks together and gets to work with yarn, leaves, string – whatever is on hand.

That’s the great things about sticks in general. They are always on hand. Sticks drop from the trees in our yard constantly, but they don’t stay on the ground long. Not with my merry band of makers rushing about collecting them for new projects.

Here are six projects we have our on our list of sticky things to make. Collect some sticks and get crafting at your place too!

6 play things for kids to craft from sticks

1. Stick people by Danya Banya

2. Stick crown from Kirsten Rickert

3. Monogram yarn wrapped sticks by 3squeezes

4. Painted sticks from Hey Mishka

5. Stick and nature weaving from In These Hills

6. Wind chimes from Happy Hooligans

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