DIY doctor play kit {with printables}

Doctor play kit

Instead of screens today, why not play doctors?

Children are often fascinated by what we grown ups get up to and role-playing ‘careers’ is high on many kids’ lists of fun things to do. Last time we played at being detectives, and being a doctor is just as much fun. You can enhance your children’s enjoyment of their game with this easy to put together DIY doctor play set.

You can make your play kit with things you already have at home, or a quick visit to your local $2 shop will give you lots of fresh ideas. The beauty of a play kit is that you can add to it whenever inspiration strikes (it’s no surprise that a play kit challenges mum’s imagination just as much as it does the kids’!).

What you need

Doctor play kit

  • A box or bag to hold everything in ( a ‘doctor’s bag’ would be fun!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • a small stick-on hook
  • pretend doctor kit, I included:
    • empty medicine bottles (I added red crosses over the labels – download the free printable for the cross)
    • stethoscope (if you don’t have a toy one, click here to have a go at making your own)
    • BAND-AIDs and bandages
    • eye chart (see the printable for the eye chart)
    • a doctor’s ‘uniform’ (white T-shirt with ‘doctor’ label from the free printable)
    • thermometer
    • notebook (with ‘Prescriptions’ label from the free printable) and pen
    • pretend syringes (no needles!)
    • cotton pads and sticks in a plastic Ziplock bag
    • the ‘Doctor is IN / OUT’ sign (on the free printable, see below for instructions on how to make)

You can add all kinds of extras to your play kit, for example some tweezers, ‘pretend pills’, face masks, magnifying glass, craft sticks, etc.


Click here to download and print a pdf with the Doctor kit signs and red cross symbols.

What you do

Doctor - prescriptions

1. Download and print the PDF printable. Cut out the items and glue them onto the medicine bottles, notebook, etc.

DIY doctors kit for play time fun

2. Glue the eye chart onto some stiff cardboard (we recycled the card from a drink carton).

DIY doctors kit for play time fun

3. Glue the ‘The doctor is’ and ‘in’ and ‘out’ signs onto stiff cardboard (we recycled some card from a soft drink carton). Attach the stick-on hook and hang the ‘in’ or ‘out’ sign from the hook.

DIY doctors kit for play time fun

4. Cut out the ‘Doctor’ label and glue it to the doctor’s ‘uniform’. I used a white T-shirt, but you can cut the sleeves down on an old white shirt for an authentic ‘lab coat’.

DIY doctors kit for play time fun

5. Arrange all of the items into neat groupings  – doctors are very organised, of course!

DIY doctors kit for play time fun

6. Add everything to your doctor’s kit box and invite your child to play.

Some fun doctor-themed games to enhance the children’s role-playing:

Does your child enjoy a visit to the doctor? Mine do not!
Click here for more screen freedom

Let’s play!
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This post was originally published on Kidspot.

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  1. says

    This is such a great idea. I had one of those Fisher Price doctor’s kits when I was little and it was one of my all time favourite toys. Your DIY doctor’s kit is totally rad – what an ace idea! I love that it’s so quick to put together but will keep small people amused for hours! Just what the doctor ordered!

  2. says

    ooh this is super cool!! If I was a little kid, I would TOTALLY play with this! How clever are you! Pinning for later, so I can make one for my son!

  3. says

    This is seriously cute! There has been lots of doc visits for us lately with a new baby in the house so thankfully our toddler loves Doc McStuffins and thinks doctors are cool. She would love this. Her imagination is amazing.

  4. says

    What an awesome pretend play idea! You make it look so real for the kids will all the props and printables! Thanks for sharing at #ToddlerFunFriday!

  5. says

    What a great play set. For some reason my preschooler enjoys going to the doctors, though after the shots he’ll get when turning 4, he may change his mind. Anyway, I’m sure he would love this. Pinning it to my board of DIY gifts for kids.

  6. says

    I had a feeble attempt at making a doctors kit last week…so this is very timely as now I can just print yours off! Shame I have a black and white printer…better get the crayons out! ha ha x

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