Weekend Rewind | “Happy” birthday to meeeee

BirthdayI had a bit of an ‘Alexander’ birthday yesterday. It wasn’t exactly a horrible, terrible, no-good, very-bad day, but it came close. My birthday was the day I discovered I am newly allergic to penicillin by breaking out into a whole-body rash and needing steroids to stop me moving into anaphyaxis.  Good times. My birthday was also the day where I lost my iPhone in a shopping centre and have not seen it again. My phone, my life; same, same.

Birthday-2 Birthday-3

So… although the day started beautifully (these photos are of the presents the kids made me) and ended beautifully (a lovely Thai meal out with my family complete with happy birthday cake), it definitely wasn’t my best.

I’m recovering from the allergic reaction (and still trying to get my head around the fact that after all these years I am now allergic to penicillin – weird but apparently not uncommon). I had to cancel a little party I was throwing for my birthday tonight as the steroids have really wiped me plus I’m itchy and unattractive and I can’t drink, so, you know, not in the partying mood.


I fortuitously shared this picture from Healthy Place on my Facebook page the day before my birthday. I thought it was quite fitting…


Other things that had me this week:

Reading – The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss. I feel like I’m joining a cult every time I pick it up…
Writing – oh some really good stuff that I can share in a while. Top secret spy stuff, you know how it is…
Making – this really cool DIY reuseable activity book. Perfect for car trips.
Wishing – that this was my camera. In a sliding-door life I got this for my birthday yesterday.
Loving – my family. They make any kind of birthday a good one.
Wondering – if I can handle making some big changes. Reading this and the little lion quote above have given me the courage to at least try.

Have a lovely weekend and happy reading.

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  1. says

    Oh Bron, not the best birthday present! John and I both became allergic to penicillin in adulthood, it’s so weird.
    I think your gifts are just glorious, you lucky girl. I hope the good parts of the day were super duper good!
    Happy birthday, gorgeous xx

    • Maxabella says

      You too? It’s just such a bizarre thing to have happen, Bec. Still, better that it happened without too many big consequences I guess! x

  2. says

    Oh happy belated birthday Bron, so sorry to hear about the allergic reaction, would have been the pits! Glad that at least that you were able to spend it with the family, as to your wishing, I do too! x

  3. says

    You won’t be forgetting this birthday for a while Bron. You definitely deserve a do-over! I love the handmade gifts from the kids. They always guarantee a smile when you see the love and effort that has gone into creating them (prettiest rocks I’ve seen!). I hope you are feeling better and back in a partying mood soon xx

  4. says

    Happy birthday! I hope you are feeling better. I’m reading 4 hour work week too! I wonder how you outsource the work of a Mother? 😉

  5. says

    If it makes you feel better most birthdays I’ve ever had have been horrifically disappointing. Also I’m always itchy and feel unattractive and I’m not even allergic to Penicillin. Happy birthday xxx.

  6. says

    Hip hip not-so-happy birthday! Love to you. Sorry for the suckiness. Hooray for the happy family shenanigans to sandwich it though. Feel better soon. Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs xx

  7. says

    Oh, boo! That sucks. I hope you’re coming good. Happy, happy birthday anyway. And how good are those gifts?? Best. xxx

  8. Di from Max The Unicorn says

    Oh no! Last year I was really sick on my Birthday so I said I’d pick a day the following month to celebrate it when I’m better, but it never happened. Hopefully this year is better for me, and your next Birthday makes up for this one! :)
    3rd try to get my comment to submit, having problems with commenting lately!

  9. Kate @ From Katie to Kate says

    No. No. No. Bron, that calls for a rescheduling. Bron’s 2015 birthday, take two. You shouldn’t have to miss out and wait another 364 days! As for the big changes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You can do it! (As someone who has successfully removed sugar from the diet of two kids, with zero drama, if that is possible, ANYTHING is possible!)

  10. says

    Happy Birthday to you my friend!! Sorry to hear you have been unwell and that you lost your iPhone too…not the greatest of weeks huh! Hope your weekend is wonderful xx Look forward to reading/hearing about your ‘top secret’/big changes stuff!

  11. says

    Happy belated birthday! Doesn’t sound like the greatest day ever. I had no idea you could develop an allergy in adulthood like that! Bit of a worry. The homemade presents are just lovely, especially the picture of all the animals.

  12. Kate says

    boo. that sucks. maybe pretend your birthday is next weekend ;-p
    secret squirrel sounds intriguing!

  13. says

    Oh Bron! You poor thing! That’s not how birthdays are meant to be – you;ll have to plan yourself a little belated party in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed you have a weekend of relaxing and not itching too much. xxx

  14. says

    Happy birthday Bron, So sorry to hear it was eventful in all the wrong kind of ways but do hope you’re feeling much better!! Your treasures above are very special. Rachael

  15. says

    Bloody birthdays- they are overrated my lovely. Home made presents are THE best. I have to say I’m gutted for you with new allergy. UGH. Gutted about your phone – :( I wish I was in the same room as you right now and with tears in my eyes I’d give you a big hug and tell you how much I appreciate your honest words. Love and love always Em xx

  16. says

    What a shame to have all those horrible things happen on your birthday, that really sucks but I hope you claim a day next week when you feel better and call it your birthday then. Your children’s presents to you are just gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better very soon x

  17. says

    The picture of all the animals is a cracker, you should totally frame it or get one of those talented crafty types to turn it into a cushion cover!

  18. says

    Oh this is not nice at all :( What a crappy way to spend your birthday. I have head you can become allergic to penicillin at any point in your life. Sucks. I do hope you feel and look better soon. Allergies are not good. I hope you do find some happiness in your birthday alongside your family and the close friend you want to see. :) Maria x

  19. says

    I guess they can’t all be the best?
    That does sound about the worst though.
    I think you need a do over…pick a day and make it a Bron day. I have a Caitlin Day…I can’t remember how it started…it is a bit different than a birthday as it is a day when I do just want I want to do…it is the best!

  20. says

    A big Happy Belated Birthday Bron! I’m so sorry to hear your day didn’t work out the best.. How scary finding out your allergic to something in adulthood, my Mum found out she was allergic to Brazil nuts as an adult too.. Its not something you’d think about hey.. Also losing your phone, not good at all! I hope someone has the heart to return it xx What beautiful home made pressies, they are gorgeous xx

  21. says

    The allergy thing is bad enough but in some ways the phone is worse! Poor you, thank god for your lovely family for not making it a total write-off. I put my vote in for a rescheduled Bron’s Birthday 2.0.

  22. says

    Oh no! What a hit to take on your birthday! So lovely that you still found the positives.
    I reckon we all have ‘my worst birthday’ stories. I have a couple!
    On one, I had 3 uni assessments (2 which were group presentations) due, which meant that I had stupid messages about uni coming in all through the night before so I couldn’t sleep (despite having done my part and having earned my sleep). Then I got to uni and they all forgot it was my birthday because they were so worried about the assessments. I got home after a long day and I was so dejected and tired that instead of our lovely date night, I wanted to lie in bed and mope. And that was BEFORE we had our son! The mum in me wishes I could go back in time and force myself out haha.
    The second one was the same night as a hens night for a close friend (I was a bridesmaid). As much as I was so happy to celebrate her, all our girlfriends except my fellow bridal party forgot it was my birthday and I couldn’t spend ANY of it with my husband or Little Mister (my first birthday as a mum). Also, despite forking out huge money on group presents for all the other girls all year round, nobody got me a group gift because they’d spent it all on the hens night. While my fellow bridesmaids were really sweet and did buy me lunch, I did feel a bit flat.
    Other than that, I love my birthday :) Low key or big celebration, I love acknowledging that I’m older and wiser xo

  23. says

    Happy Birthday Miss Bron! I’m glad parts of the day were good! Allergies are horrible but I’m glad you found out now. Time to get a piece of blingy medic jewellery xx

  24. says

    Oh damn, that all sucks!!! Sure hope you are starting to feel better. Those birthday gifts are just precious. Wishing you a non-itchy weekend and a belated Happy Birthday Xx

  25. says

    Oh Gorgeous! No way!!!! I vote you do a Birthday-redo next month!!! :)
    I have a Penicillin allergy which I’ve had all my life, but it got worse as I got older. The first time I took it as a kid and I just had a hive breakout. Didn’t take it again until I was 18 (stupid me, didn’t remember that I was allergic! and didn’t see the seriousness) and ended up in anaphylactic shock. As for developing an allergy with age – yes….I was never allergic to prawns as a kid – LOVED THEM….them one day when I was a teenager, I had some prawns at home with the family and my throat & tongue began to swell. Not realising it was the prawns, I had them again a year later – and BAM….I couldn’t breathe due to the throat swelling. Haven’t touched them since. And while I’m rambling about weird allergies that change as we get older….I was allergic to bananas…..but since having children I’m no longer allergic and eat them daily. Weird.
    Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Rest up gorgeous xx

  26. says

    Happy Birthday again Bron…and as you know, you and my DD share the date…unsure about the year so I loved adding my link about becoming a mum 44 years ago on 6 August! Hope you are feeling much better today! Denyse x

  27. says

    Your kids give great gift! That birthday did not go according to plan, at all! The Birthday Gods did not get the memo this year, did they? On the plus side, I’m pleased that you were able to get treatment for the allergic reaction, glad that you got to have some cake and eat it and know that when you are feeling tip top and have the “Birthday Take Two” you’re going to party twice as hard and enjoy it twice as much. If the Queen has two birthdays, why shouldn’t you?! Sending big hugs, feel better vibes and virtual fudge your way! x

  28. says

    Happy birthday to you!!!!!
    Gosh, what a hell of a day!
    That sucks ….
    Love your energy though.
    Love your “onwards” approach. That’s infectious …
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend. Get well soon … and FIND THAT PHONE!

  29. says

    Sucky much! I LOVE that little lion/courage quote and hope that NEXT year you get a much better day. Cos it’ll be round again before you know it, aye?
    P.S. Those maple cinnamon scrolls were AMAZING! So easy and SOOOOO yummy. Thanks so much for sharing that awesome recipe x

  30. says

    Oh sweet heart, when it rains it pours.
    Biggest squishy hugs from here. Happy birthday beautiful itchy or not your still gorgeous!
    True, courage can shine in many ways… Including persistence. Xx

  31. says

    Not the flipping phone :( One of my daughter is allergic to one penicillin and the other the other one. They broke out in rashes, not pretty. Speedy recovery x

  32. says

    What a crappy birthday :( Sounds like the birthday Ant had this year. Definitely warrants a do over!!!!

    As for this: “Wondering – if I can handle making some big changes” …. looking forward to hearing what that’s about!!

  33. says

    Oh Bron you poor thing!
    Sending big get well hugs your way. I had no idea either that you could develop an allergic reaction in later life.
    I feel for you with your phone (I would have cried!), hope you get it all sorted soon.
    Here’s to looking ahead to next year’s birthday, you deserve one that’s 10times better next year!
    Take care lovely x

  34. says

    Home made presents are my favourite gifts . So sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. It really amazes me how our bodies change and we develop more allergies and low tolerances to foods etc as we get older. It’s almost like our bodies do an up yours salute to us for all the hard work we put them through over the years. X

  35. says

    I can completely relate to the allergies Bron. I’ve been allergic to various things off and on all my life. I developed an allergy to shellfish in my early 20s but now can eat it, thank goodness. And when I was pregnant with the kids, I started breaking out in hives for no reason, well no logical reason the doctors could give me. I think the histamine in our bodies changes as we get older. Wishing you a very happy birthday and hope you recover soon.

    Anne @ Domesblissity x


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