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applesI think I may have (particularly) early onset dementia. I can’t remember a darn thing, ever. I lost my nice iPhone7 (are we up to 7? I can never remember), because I absentmindedly put it down somewhere and walked away. I put things down all the time and turn my back and then it’s like they never existed.

I was wracking my wrecked brain the other day trying to remember what my own middle name is. Seriously. And please, don’t ask me what the children’s are because I’m fairly certain we didn’t give them any, except we did.

My solution to all this daffiness is to write everything down. And then I lose the notebook that I wrote in. It’s driving me a bit crazy, especially as I’m learning a new job and there is lots and lots and lots of things to remember / write down.

But fear not, there are benefits:

I swear if my memory

Other things that had me this week:

Reading – see above.
Writing – school permission slips! There seems to have been hundreds this year. Do not have three children, just don’t.
Making – our third solid attempt at a varmint-proof garden.
Wishing – I knew the ending.
Loving – the warmer weather. I adore spring. I like both the ‘shoulder’ seasons. In my book they are the main event.
Wondering – why feeling settled makes me a bit unsettled.

You’ve met your new best friend Hugz, right? Right! She hasn’t blogged for weeks, so I’m very glad we’ve made her blog tonight. I need my regular dose of bloody hysterical reality!!

And a little shout out to Kelly Exeter, our lovely #weekendrewind co-host who will be taking a break for a while. She is one very, very busy lady right now.

Happy reading and have a lovely weekend.

When was the last time you learned something new?

Let’s talk!
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  1. says

    Just want to apologise for the drop & go – I’ll be internet less until Ovtober – so this is a last minute attempt but phone being problematic

  2. says

    I am forever forgetting things to the extent that I went to the doctor because I thought I had dementia and a bit before time. She told me if you can remember you’re forgetting things, you’re just forgetful not senile. As for planning my own surprise party, that would be grand, if I could remember my birthday! Have an ace weekend xx

  3. says

    If I don’t write down every single thing, I’m a disaster! Seriously, I live by lists.
    Fingers crossed for your garden, Bron.
    I’m a slack non-contributor this week, but will be reading up big over the weekend.
    Have a glorious weekend xx

  4. says

    I have been to woolies three times in two days and still didnt bloody buy milk. I hear ya!

  5. says

    I’m pregnant. My brain is non-existent right now. I fear it may never return. I forget words in the middle of sentences. I’ll be having a conversation and then…. nothing… silence. It’s not even funny.

  6. says

    My memory is terrible too these days! I have to put appointments in my phone calendar with reminders and keep a ‘to do’ list. My girlfriend sent me a message yesterday to say she was looking forward to seeing me on Saturday. Saturday? What? I had forgotten we had arranged to meet for lunch! I didn’t put it in my phone calendar! See! Must.Put.Everything.In.My.Phone.Calendar!! 😉 xo

  7. says

    Enjoy the weekend – hopefully time when you don’t have to remember too much. We’re looking forward to a week and a half i. Noosa where hopefully we don’t have to think about too much at all (I guess feeding the kids … But no forms – yay!)

  8. says

    It’s cause you’ve got so much details in your mind, gets to a point we can only retain so much. Hope you find your phone. The real worry is when you forget to take your kids to birthday parties they are expected at;)

  9. says

    I still claim baby brain. Or is it that we have soooooo many creative ideas and just don’t have room for the mundane up there. I mean who needs to know your middle name, do you use it? Zoe xx

  10. says

    I’ve been learning how to do my work on a pic and I dislike it a lot.
    So much so, I decided that I can’t do that job anymore, macs are the best for me.
    Permission notes have got me this year too, I’m forever writing them and I only have one.
    Forgetting things… Don’t get me started, I could write a book about them, if I could remember them. Xx

  11. says

    Ummm. Didn’t you just start a new job? Distraction factor HIGH = loss of things..not your mind (in fact, no joking about that …) I hope you find it..of course, you set up ‘find my phone’ after last time right? D x

  12. says

    Oh Bron thank god I’m not the only one. I have a birthday coming next month and couldn’t remember how old I’m turning! My bro has THE best memory and mine is so crap I often think he just makes stuff up to fool me. Love Hugz… met her briefly at PB but wish I had more time to chat to her. Happy wk end! Xx

  13. says

    You didn’t forget or lose anything Bron, you obviously just have a black hole somewhere in your house. I have one – it’s where all the Matchbox cars, socks, single shoes and drink bottles go. Having just started a new job I think you can be forgiven as you sound like you are juggling lots of balls! So awesome to see Zilla as this week’s co-host – she makes me laugh hard and is one of my very favourites xx

  14. says

    Oh my mind is a sieve these days, so I know just what you mean! I’ve taken to putting random alarms and alerts on my phone for basic things like ‘buy food’ and ‘swimming lesson’ (that we’ve had at the same time for the last 3 odd years….). Apparently playing Sodoku is great for the brain, but I keep forgetting to learn how to play. :)

  15. says

    My brain and memory isn’t too flash after waking up on average 5 times a night at the moment either. You know you’re pretty bad when you get to your front door and press the unlock button on your car keys and expect something to happen! I’m pretty sure your brain is in overload mode with the intake of information from your new job! You’ll remember the important stuff x

  16. says

    Hahaha I pretty much invented this. For a reasonably intelligent person I can be such a space-cadet, and unfortunately this has been exacerbated by having children. I could swear that I birthed parts of my brain with the placenta. No one warns you about that.

    • says

      Oh and thank you so much the for opportunity to co-host, which I’ve done a great job of royally buggering up. I’m such a slick professional.

  17. says

    I’m actually worried because some days I can’t remember the simplest of things – and yes to not having 3 kids, ALL THE FORMS! And the same thing over and over and over again, the disclaimers. I actually learn something new with most of the work I do and the people I interview, a shame I can’t be out doing it instead of just writing about it. Have a fab weekend my lovely x

  18. says

    I was reading an article that stated that when you have a child you lose 5% of your brain function and it doesn’t return until after the child is 8-10 years old. So technically, you have lost 15% of your brain function. I hope that makes you feel a little better {and not worse}.

  19. says

    I think I lost my brain years ago! If I don’t write everything down I forget! I try and learn new things everyday. This week I leant I’m not going to worry about the little things affecting me and just roll with it!

  20. says

    So true! Maybe it’s seasonal lol.
    Although it’s not as bad as baby brain I reckon, I rember standing at my front door searching my bag to find my keys wondering where they were… They were still in the car… with it STILL running.
    Massive deh moments lol.
    Enjoy your weekend & the lovely shoulder season (my favs too!)

  21. says

    I’ve left my last two phones on the roof of my car after strapping little people into their car seats. One I never saw again. One I did see but it was on the road and looked like it had been run over by a million trucks. This is why I can’t have nice things. I’m now just to on a craptastic nokia. It’s a bit limited function wise but I found it floating in a bucket of water (thanks to my toddler) the other day and it survived so I’m sticking with it. Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

  22. says

    I am totally the same at the moment, I’ve got so many things running through my brain with Tafe work coming out of my ears that I am struggling to remember anything! My inbox is out of control and I keep forgetting to reply to things, it’s shocking! Hopefully this warmer weather (I LOVE the shoulder seasons too!) will help thaw our brains a little!


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