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One Word 2016As the calendar flips each year I invite you to share a single word that you will use to guide your year ahead. It’s not a resolution (although it can be, if you want); rather, it’s an intention.

This is our fifth year of coming together to share our hopefulness for what’s coming up in the new year. I think sharing helps us clarify our intentions and solidify our resolve. Sharing makes it real.

Last year I chose the word COMPLETE and, I gotta tell ya, it was a disaster. My word so often is. Which just goes to show that the intention really is so important, regardless of the outcome. Intention = hopefulness, and that’s a very nice way to live.

But still, I completed nothing last year. Not a single thing. I started lots of things. I promised lots of things. I thought about lots of things. But actual completion? Not so much. I did manage to bust a long term habit, though… so that’s a sort-of completion – I’ll take it.

I had a good year, though. It was a year filled with a certain contentment, despite a lot of change and challenges. Lots of ‘c’ words there, none of which is ‘complete’. But no matter.

This year, I’m choosing another ‘c’ word to guide me:


 I’m quite fixated on this word in all aspects of life: clean eating, clean living, clean house. I feel like I need to sweep out some musty mind-cobwebs and clean is going to help me along with that.

What word will you choose to guide you in 2016?

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  1. says

    I think my word might be “kind”. I am homeschooling my soon to be adopted foster daughter, and she is so difficult to teach. Not because she has any true problems doing the work, but because she is mean and snarky and argumentative, all because she hates schoolwork to the enth degree! And that makes me angry, because I love teaching, and I keep thinking we could have fun if she would just stop being so ugly.
    But the problem is. That I take her bait, and I run with it. She tries to make me angry, and it works.
    Since her homeschool is my primary goal for the next chunk of my lifetime, I am going to try to simply be KIND to her. Not get angry. I suppose she can get angry of she wants to, but it is my almighty goal to not take the bait, and just smother her with kindness and patience. My God Himself give me the strength.

  2. says

    Clean is a great word. I am choosing ‘fertile’, Luke and I have been trying for more than half a year now and I really hope that this is the year that we can get it together and do something about our apparent fertility issues!

    • Rach says

      As someone who has been on the ttc journey for 15 years, I hope 2016 brings you your much wanted baby. I wouldn’t wish a long ttc journey on my worst enemy.

      I would also suggest that if you haven’t already, go and get tested, that way if there are any ‘issues’ you will know about them and can tackle them head on, rather than continue ttc perhaps fruitlessly if there is an issue that you don’t know about.

      Good luck!


  3. says

    I love this Bron. Clean. Yes. Fresh, renewal, rebirth. Clean can be so many different things. All the best for 2016. My word is ‘believe’. x

  4. says


    That’s my word for this year. I am going to try and connect with that which is my whole self, my truest me, heart led. Fearless even.

    No more splitting myself in two trying to escape or even improve who I am. Coming home to me.


  5. says

    Oh Bron. What you did this year was huge! We all gave up sugar too and it’s no easy thing to complete. Forget all you didn’t complete. That one thing you did complete leads you right where you need to be to begin a ‘clean’ year. Happy New Year to you!

    • says

      So true, Katie – I hadn’t thought of it like that and now I feel better. Happy new year (is it new year yet in your corner of the world?). x

  6. says

    I’m still playing the “happy new word” game. I love it! But this year I couldn’t choose so I have two words … one focus … and it’s all about positive forward movement. Onward and Upward!

  7. says

    And already it’s 2016!
    If you ask me Bron, you seemed to complete a lot last year, but I guess it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?
    My word this year is Reach, and my intention is to do just that. Lots attempted, and hopefully lots achieved. The plans are in place, now I just need to follow through.
    So happy new word and happy new year to you and yours, my lovely friend xx

  8. says

    Hello lovely – clean is a great word – i used it with create and connect one year. My word is focus and it will include both your old and new word – focus on the projects and ideas i already have and get things done, use the supplies i have, set up routines and be consistent. this will especially play into my health which is becoming my #1 priority after a hard month – i am back to meal planning, a gym routine (please pray lol) and treating my body well instead of simply demanding it treat me well all while i do all the wrong things for my body….

    looking forward to a fab 2016 xxx happy new year lovely

  9. says

    For the last few weeks I have eagerly anticipated the end of 2015, waiting with open arms ready to welcome in the new year. 2015 was not great to me, my marriage, my bank balance & especially not great for my mental state. So I’m looking at 2016 for a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. I’m not sure what world encapsulates all those feelings? Maybe ‘ anew’ ? I can FEEL how I want this year to be but can’t properly articulate it Maybe I’ll just say BETTER!

  10. says

    Ahhh I don’t know, I reckon you might have completed a lot more than you think. You are currently on the most epic holiday so you clearly completed the saving for and planning of that for one. Happy New Year x

  11. says

    Perspective – from the outside looking in, it seems to me that you completed and achieved so much in 2015 (I’m totally counting your European extravaganza as part of that, even though technically it finishes in 2016!) I actually can’t think of a word this year, because commitment issues… it’s so hard to choose one. Maybe my word should be commitment, but it might take me all year to decide. As for clean, what can I say? You have great choice in words of the year! Hope your 2016 is a cracker!

  12. says

    Clean is a really nice word — having a clean start to the year! :) I’d love to have a clean house but with 2 cats and a partner who can’t see the mess I see, I’ve kinda given up. Definitely aiming for the clean eating though.

    Happy New Year Maxabella! Hope it’s a good one!

  13. says

    Hi Bron. My word is clarity. This is the first time I’ve chosen one word so I’m interested to see how it pans out. All the best for a ‘clean’ 2016! (I’m also joining in the link up for the first time too, thankyou!)

  14. says

    Happy New Year Bron! Last year my word/motto was “Make it Happen” and I definitely made things happen – I organised two milestone birthdays in one weekend, sold a house, bought a new home and got offered a new job for 2016, so my word for 2016 is going to be ENJOY! Enjoying my life, home and family! I am super excited about what 2016 has in store for me! Get your ‘CLEAN’ on, girl! You can do it!

  15. says

    Gosh I look at people like you and marvel at how much you DO complete. It doesn’t look very disastrous from here I tell ya! I’ve been thinking about my word for the past few weeks and right up until today it was going to be ‘change’. However I’ve given it some more thought and I’m running with ‘gratitude’. I will get a blog post together to link which will hopefully explain my ‘change’ of mind.

  16. says

    I love the word Clean.. Such a great word and is presently a word that is guiding much of my time as I cleanse my home for the New Year (cause I can no longer stand looking at the clutter building since Christmas!) I have chosen 2 words again this year, I can never seem to hone in on one, but I have reused one of them from last year – so technically.. :) Have a great New Year Bron xx

  17. says

    I like ‘clean’! And I think ‘complete’ was good too. I agree it’s all about intention – and perspective. This blog will never be ‘complete’, because you’ll keep blogging (I hope!). But you’ve completed another strong year of posts and community building.
    My post will be up next week. I’m keeping ‘steady’ from last year, but adding a word to it this year. Still sorting it all out in my head. x

  18. says

    I love “clean” as a word. Mine is “space” (post coming soon) Like clean, it has so many aspects to it. 2015 was quite claustrophobic with everything I wanted to cram into it. This year I want to just be. Just breathe. And be realistic about what I can achieve.

  19. says

    Happy “clean” new year! It looks like you have had a fantastic holiday and from where I stand looking in you completed so much maybe not what was on your to do list but lots of other things for sure. My word I think is present, as in be present. We had so much change in 2015 that my head is still spinning and I want to slow it all down and be able to notice and enjoy the little bits of life. Here’s to a wonderful 2016 xx

  20. says

    Wonderful aim – and after your holiday, you are probably feeling all fresh and clean for a new year (not that you didn’t make a great start last year!). My word for this year is progress – step by step …

  21. says

    Hello lovely Bron! For me, 2015 was all about growth and learning. In 2016, I really feel like it’s all about change and achievement… so I’m going to lock in: achievement. May this year be all we hope it to be and so much more. x

  22. says

    Happy New Year Bron! Clean is a great word. It can tick a lot of boxes…clean eating, clean sheets, clean floors, hehe :)

    My word for last year (Focus) didn’t work out as well as I would have liked…I kind of did the exact opposite, and lost focus with a few things! I am leaning towards Nourish for my word this year, I need to get my health & fitness back into control, and work on a healthy balance for screen time vs creativity, and work out what I want to do for a job. All the best for the new year! xx

  23. says

    Hello Bron. How was your holiday? My word for 2016 is consistency. (post to come). I dropped the ball a few times in 2015 so attempting to pull my socks up for this year. Love the word clean. just cleaned out my office today and was ruthless. A few trees died in the process of me getting rid of all my paperwork. Will link up soon x

  24. says

    Clean is a good word (but it would make me think I needed to spend more time doing housework, and I definitely don’t want that thought in my head.) So good for you, not for me! 😉 Like everything in my life, I’m working on it….so that’s mine. 3 not 1, but that’s as close as I’ll get.

  25. says

    Bit late, but HNY Bron! I like your word. It’s a good un. I forgot my word last year after about a month or so. I chose acceptance as I thought it suited the big change we made in 2015. Turns out I couldnt accept a lot of what was happening sadly. This year I need to ‘trust’ more and become more FEARless. Love Denyse x

  26. says

    Thank you for hosting the link up lovely, this will be my 5th year linking up one word! My word this year is ‘change’ and while I often see change as scary and resist I’m instead embracing it and opening my arms to the challenges that are ahead :)
    All the best for your word this year … keep it clean lovely! x

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