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By popular request, I’ve updated the Merry Christmas Lifesaver wrappers for 2016… post below is the original written last year. I accidentally moved it forward when I updated it. Ah well.

life savers wrapper

It’s that time of year again… the time of year when the urge to gift an Every Kid in the Class Christmas gift gets all too much for me.

Since we are actually flying out to Paris TODAY and I only thought that I wanted to do the EKITC thing last week, I had to think fast. What could I do super-speedily? What could I do that the kids could actually do?

The answer: Christmas up a packet of Lifesavers. A life savers wrapper turns a packet of Life Savers into something extra-special.

life savers wrapper life savers wrapper

I used the Life Savers Fruit Tingle wrapper as my guide – (mostly) matching their design but making it a Merry Christmas pack with a ‘thanks for a great year’ message from the kids.

Cute, huh?

I thought you might like to give some Merry Christmas Tingles too. CLICK HERE to download your MERRY CHRISTMAS LIFESAVERS WRAPPER pdf. Cut out the wrapper and wrap it around a packet of Fruit Tingles and secure with sticky tape. It’ll take you 1 minute tops.

life savers wrapper

I bought the boxes of Fruit Tingles in bulk from here.

Thanks for all your support throughout a tumultuous (but good!) year for me. I’m wishing you a darling Christmas full of joy and much laughter. We will be in BRUGES for Christmas – so crazy good!


What are your plans for Christmas this year?


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  1. Lynette says

    These are FABULOUS , wish we had seen them to use for this year . We will definitely try and use them for next year as they are my sons favourite lolly and he will be in year 6 ( he just said next year mum can we use fruit tingles as my class gift lol) , might just have to ask you can we change the year for 2017 in the little box . Is it hard to do as I am very limited in my computer knowledge . Thanks ps I will be following you from now on have a wonderful christmas

  2. says

    I love them – I can’t believe you buy presents for everyone in the class, I wonder whether I will have to do that? Have a great trip – you are going to the UK too right?

  3. says

    Are you kidding? This is awesome! Such a great idea to give as Christmas gifts, especially for older children who can struggle to know what to give. Thanks Bron. Love it.

  4. Ange says

    Thanks for sharing these. Have used them for both kids classes and they are a hit. Also manipulated them for work gifts too!

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