Lately: What we’d talk about over drinks this week

Christmas dinnerTwo more sleeps!! And I am ready!! But this is mainly because I am not doing the hosting this year and instead am on rum ball, rocky road and ham patrol. I can make all three with my eyes closed.

Sadly my eyes have not been closed a lot lately. We’ve been flat out since November and I cannot wait for the Christmas break to start tonight. I am usually so good at rationing our commitments. I say no with abandon and am definitely in the JOMO camp. However, this year I’ve been off my game and we have been doing something most nights since early November Insane!

But not now. It ends today. I am refocusing my commitment to saying no to things as of this second. This is what else I’ve been up to:

I’m loving: viewing the last works of great artists. It is absolutely fascinating and there is a lady called Yvonne Bernal who has added the most insightful commentary.

I’m enjoying: listening to my daughters playing with their buddies outside on the tree swing. They are having a ‘Christmas sleepover’ with a few besties and it sounds like everyone is having a jolly old time. I love it when my girls play together even when they have friends over. They are never nicer to each other than when there are witnesses. :)

I’m watching: The End of the Line — a documentary about the ice epidemic in a regional town on the south coast. It could be any town, which is heartbreaking. I’m grateful that people share their stories about things like this.

I’m eating: reduced sugar, but lots and lots of cheese platters, as it happens. Happy festive season!

I’m reading: I have three really good ones lined up ready to go this weekend: A Little Life (which I have read three pages of so far); The Good People; and Goodwood. Which should I read first?

I’m making: rum balls, rocky road and a glaze for the giant ham that is taking up most of my fridge space right now.

I’m discovering: Unroll.Me — a free download that helps you clean up your inbox. Unsubscribe from all the things!!!!

I’m wondering: what exactly my brain does with all the useless stuff I shove in there.

I’m listening to: my uni friend Luke’s band You & Your So Called Friends at Gasoline Pony. It was a great night in a neighbourhood I used to know so well.

I’m planning;  a little road trip for just me and the kids in the last week of the school holidays.

I‘m looking forward to: being blissfully pampered. Tomorrow I have a spa booked — it’s actually my Mother’s Day voucher from May, which I have finally found the time for and had to beg for an extension on because the gift voucher expired, but no matter, I’m going tomorrow. Facial, hot stone massage, reflexology and a body scrub. Yes, please!

 What have you been up to this week? What book should I start with? What are your plans for Christmas?

Are you going away anywhere?

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  1. says

    Finishing up at work before some time off over Christmas. I’d read Goodwood first. It is on my wish-list. We have quite a few family get-togethers planned over Christmas.

  2. Reannon says

    Goodwood is so good, read it first.I loved it so much. The Good People is ok but not on par with Kents amazing Burial Rites & I have A Little Life sitting next to my bed after you mentioned it before. Unread.
    Enjoy your spa & saying no x

    • says

      The spa was amaaaaazing. I need to do stuff like that a bit more regularly. I will start with Goodwood.
      Have a. Ice break with the fam, Reannon. x

  3. Michele says

    Hot Rock massage = bliss
    Would love to hear thoughts on books
    The Good People – ok not great.
    little life -hmmnot sure how to sum that one up. Alternated bw not caring about the characters and thinking sh#t how much can one kid go through (but also not really caring as characters did not feel ‘real’ enough.

    Suggestion: Recently read and loved Eowyn Iveys Bright Edge of the World (she wrote The SnoChild) w

    • says

      Ooh, I haven’t heard of that one – will add it to my list. I’m gonna start with Goodwood and move on to Little Life. Will post thoughts. x

  4. says

    The girls and the witnesses thing – I love that!
    I’ve only read A little Life of your three which I really loved but it’s dark and HEAVY and grim and I’m not sure that’s a good recipe for the holidays so I think I’d go with one of the others.
    I hope your spa day was just what you needed honey.
    Love x

  5. TheDormouse says

    I’ve promised myself a healthier diet first in September, then my birthday, then Advent, then New Year…

    Ah well. 80% cocoa chocolate isn’t that much sugar… right? 😉

    • Maxabella says

      Well having Sammie’s mum make my rum balls is a giant honour. Glad they were a hit!

      Happy new year to you, Sam.Hope to see you soon. x

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