On the beachI made a commitment to myself to write a catch up each and every Friday about what I’ve been up to, thinking, feeling, etc. It started because Bart told me he missed the way I used to blog because it felt like a diary of our family life. I missed it too. Writing these posts is the closest I’ve come to ‘old school’ blogging and it’s the most fun I have writing all week.

So, this week, if we were so lucky as to have a gin, lemon, lime and bitters together, this is what I would tell you:

I’m loving: summer. Even though the heat is rising off me like steam, I love it. We are down at my folks, so that means parent and sister time, beach hair, slowly circling fans and the cricket men commentating our days.

I’m enjoying: working late at night. I always do in the holidays as I can’t put a full day’s work in with the kids interupting me every 10 minutes and driving me batshit crazy. Nights are peaceful, nights are productive, nights are flow.

I’m watching: we saw La La Land at the movies on Tuesday night and it was wonderful. Bart was keener to see it than I (which is surprising because The Gos), but we both loved it equally. I may even go see it again while it’s on at the movies and that is a BIG recommendation because who does that?! Definitely taking the kids.

I’m eating: ham. Isn’t everybody eating ham right now? (Possibly even the vegetarians.)

I’m reading: A Little Life. I started with Goodwood but even though the plot was a ripper, the writing was so clunky (sorry Holly!) that I have set it aside for now.

I’m making: a new project for Mumtastic called #365mumtastic. It’s an Instagram community for mums and we’ve used the ‘photo a day’ prompt style to get mums motivated to record their days. I started with a really hard word, though (hope), so I hope it doesn’t turn mums off!

I’m discovering: that 2016 was a bit of non-year for me… until I delve deeper and realise that a lot of good stuff happened in there too. Max graduating was my highlight: seeing him lean into such an emotional time was golden. There is hope that we might even grow him into an actual real live person after all (only partly joking!)

I’m wondering: if my ‘One Word’ for next year will be more focused on than last year’s. I completely forgot my word last year and had to go back on my blog and find it. Not good. So, let’s just say that no resolutionary changes happened for me in 2016. Cheers to 2017!

I’m listening to: 2ST – the local radio station that my dad tunes into on his ‘wireless’ in the kitchen since 1979. The play list hasn’t changed in all that time. It’s the soundtrack of my childhood.

I’m planning: my fave New Year’s Eve – dinner picnic at the beach, walk along the beach path to the local fireworks, walk back and home. We love it.

I’m looking forward to: a brand new year. I’m hopeful every new year’s eve and this one is exactly the same.

What have you been up to this week? What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Do you do a ‘one word’ each year?




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  1. says

    You sound like you’re loving life right now Bron. We’ve been spending lazy days at the beach and hanging out at our caravan. For New Years, we are heading down to the water to hang out and watch the fireworks.
    Looking forward to One Word tomorrow too. Happy New Year Bron xx

    • Maxabella says

      I put it up today, Jodi – I couldn’t wait until tomorrow! I should amend this post!!

      Have a wonderful new year and THANK YOU for your friendship this year. x

    • Maxabella says

      I am just starting to realise that it’s not exactly a ‘light summer read’!!!

      Happy new year, Kel. I am so glad you are in my life. x

  2. says

    I’ve delved into a little old-school list-making blog posts lately too and it feels good, doesn’t it?! I actually liked Goodwood…it suited my tired-can’t-think-too-hard brain. I’m now back into A Little Life and my goodness, the depth is impressive. Although I admit I’m reading it hesitantly because everyone comments on the heartbreak of it…

    • Maxabella says

      That’s exactly my approach to it too… I have one eye open as I read it!!

      It’s so lovely to see you here today. Thanks for everything this year and cheers to what comes next! x

  3. says

    I always love coming to your blog Bron. It’s one of my fave places to come… yet I don’t come often enough because of work/kids/lack of time reading blogs. Love reading about your life. I think you’ve done an amazing job with Mumtastic and your integrity, esteem and nature have attracted some of the best blog writers in Australia to write for you. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and bring on 2017.

    • says

      Aw, thanks Bec. I’m proud that you are one of those writers. You are proof that a good nature should be a pre-requisite for any good lifestyle writer. x

  4. says

    I’m with Bart I love these ‘old school’ posts (as well as loving your deep thinking posts). In fact my husband’s being saying the same, that he likes the more diary approach and wishes I’d write more like I used to.
    La La Land looks promising, we’ll have to watch it.
    Definitely going to join your #365Mumtastic, so excited to have an ‘Australian voice’ on insta and prompts is challenging too :-)

    • says

      Yay! I’ll look for you. I’ve got a really lovely lass monitoring the project too, so it should be terrific. Cheers to more old-school blogging in future for both of us. x

  5. says

    I loved that hope was the first word on your #365mumtastic project. I was attracted to that straight away! Also wondered if it was you behind the project! Our night is much like yours – just our little fam sharing a meal, watching the fireworks, playing uno and early to bed for our girls as they’re all tuckered out from this arvo’s sprinkler runs and water fights! Happy New Year Bron! X

    • says

      Sounds like the perfect new year to me, Elisa. I’m really looking forward to the #365mumtastic project. Just what mum need! See you there. x

  6. says

    Enjoy the time with your family – love lazy summer days with beach hair!!!! I hope you have the most wonderful 2017! Ooh and I love the idea of this catch up post every Friday – it’s always nice to hear what other people are up to. Enjoy those peaceful work nights (since Will was born, I’ve become a super early morning work person… it’s crazy, but it’s also about the only time I can get much done!!).

    • Maxabella says

      I hear ya, oh mother of a new baby. It’s impossible to work unless they are fast asleep and, even then, you are probably better off being asleep yourself! Can’t win.

      Happy new year to you and your gorgeous fam, Lucy.


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