Chocolate Crackle Bliss Balls

Healthy Chocolate Bliss Balls-2-2I made a huge batch of these for Max’s after-school party recently, and most of them came home. Or so I thought. I think I must have just made way more chocolate bliss balls than I remembered because since the party I’ve been asked by no less than FIVE mums for the recipe. So they mustn’t look as much like poo as I suspected…

I LOVE these bliss balls. They are one of my favourite little treats. They are really rich and satisfying, so one is often enough (although an extra one for luck is nice).

The recipe is originally from this one at Wholefood Simply, although I’ve probably made it slightly less healthy by using Rice Bubbles instead of puffed brown rice. To make up for my processed ways, I often add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to the mix (because knowing my kids are eating ground flaxseed makes me want to hug myself for being such an awesome parent).

Chocolate Crackle Bliss BallsBliss balls

½ cup hulled tahini
⅓ cup honey (or maple syrup)
¼ cup cacao or cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
2 cups Rice Bubbles
½ cup desiccated coconut

Nuke the tahini and honey together in a microwave-proof bowl for about 5 seconds until really runny. Add the cacao, vanilla and salt and stir well.

Mix the Rice Bubbles (or puffed brown rice if you are being extra good) and coconut together in a large bowl.

Pour the tahini mix over the Rice Bubbles mix and stir well to combine.

Roll the mix into balls — whatever size you fancy — and line up on a tray lined with baking paper. Top tip; keep your hands moist and the mix won’t stick to your hands as much when rolling.

Pop into the refrigerator until firm then eat and savour the chocolatey flavour. Keep in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a week. You can freeze the balls for later, but the Rice Bubbles will lose their crunch and become a bit soggy. This is not as awful as it sounds — we freeze and still enjoy these a lot.


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