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This week, let’s just quietly sip our whiskey and dry, shall we? After my fourth week of simultaneous working and mothering, I have neither the strength nor the will to speak. I am, however, trying to revel in the micro-moments.

If I could speak, I would tell you this about the week just gone:

I’m loving: the fact that I am kinda-sorta on holiyays next week. Which is to say that I am on annual leave but I have a lot of work still to do.

I’m enjoying: little things. The bigger things are a bit too much like hard work right now.

I’m watching: Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix. I am too attached to things to ever be considered a minimalist (I am, after all, a person who collects plain cardboard boxes because they just make me happy), but I do believe I live by the same principles that govern the movement.

I’m eating: lots of gorgeous salads from Hetty’s book Community.

I’m reading: Hetty’s book. I enjoyed a little snack and read it like a book (apologies for all the weird, eye-hurty angles in the image above!) Do you love to read cookbooks too?

I’m making: space in my day to focus exclusively on my kiddos. It is helping a lot.

I’m discovering: that the best friends are the ones that do as well as say.

I’m wondering: how I can repay the kindness of others in a way that is meaningful.

I’m listening: to Max teaching himself how to play the piano. A child learning any instrument is equal parts satisfying and horrific.

I’m planning: to keep working day and night over the weekend in the hope that I can mostly put work behind me next week. I really do need a break.

How is your week? Hot and bothered or chilled and happy?



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  1. says

    I hope next week is a little more chilled Bron. This week has been pretty chilled here. Apart from struggling to get much writing/editing done thanks to little and not-so-little humans, we’ve been enjoying a mix of home life and couple of outings to break up the day. Tomorrow however, we are off to Adelaide for a week to really chill and enjoy the time before school heads back and normality returns!

  2. says

    My week has been really busy, but chilly. We even had snow for about 5 minutes yesterday :) I love reading cookbooks too. I hope you manage to get what you need to do, so you can give yourself a break.

    • Maxabella says

      Oh some snow would be SO WELCOME right now. It’s 32° with 60% humidity right now. OMG, dying.

  3. says

    Oh I do love a good salad (especially in sweaty old Brisbane!), I might have to pick up that book!

    I really hope you do get some good time off this week, everybody needs a break!

    We are chilled out in Melbourne at the moment (husband is working down here for three months and we’re keeping him company for a couple of weeks). We’ve been relaxing, eating and exploring. It really is good for the soul (or my soul at least) to be somewhere different, soaking up something new and being away from the daily grind.


  4. says

    Hey Bron:) So lovely to be here and hang out with you today. Love your photo – not at all eye-hurty:) Hope you get to chill really soon and may this weather chill as well…xxx

  5. says

    Hope that you have had a real true holiday by the sea and hugely enjoyed it. Please do come to Orange for a visit any time, I’m quite thrilled to be heading up there and giving the wee ones a taste of country living. XXXXX

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