I’ve rescheduled our drinks to Sunday afternoons. I hope that still suits you… I like Sunday afternoons. They feel like both the end of one week and the beginning of another.

Today we’re having a lovely cold Creature Comforts Reclaimed Rye. Good drinking. Here’s what I’ll be telling you:

I’m loving: hanging out by our pool. I take my towel and a drink up there in the mornings and stay a couple of hours. It’s like being at a resort only I have to do my own pool cleaning and get my own drinks and… it’s not really like a resort at all, but I’ll take what I can get. At least I always get a sun lounger.

I’m enjoying: Max is trialling playing Rugby and I love the idea of him being part of a team. He’s interested, but not yet sold. When people ask me what sports Max is into (because he looks like he is into many), I say, “He’s very kind.”

I’m watching:  MKR. I watch it with the girls and we love it. There are a lot of life lessons about playing fair and getting along with others to teach as we go along.

I’m eating:  Roast veggie salad for lunch. I cook up a big batch of roast veggies (sweet potato, carrots, zucchini) and a jar of quinoa and keep them in the fridge. I add them to rocket or other leaves, fresh onion, bit of cheese and a soy and sesame dressing. So good and so good for me. The quinoa keeps me full for ages.

I’m reading: A Cathy Kelly book. They all tend to blend into one – three bonny Orish lasses doing just fine thank you very much until… – but they are a great escape (see ‘enjoying the pool’ above).

I’m making: blog posts! I was so neglectful but now I’m paying more attention.

I’m discovering: that ‘doing nothing’ isn’t a waste of time.

I’m wondering: whether I’ve chosen the right white paint (again). I went with ½ Berkshire White. Fingers crossed.

I’m listening: to Bruce. Wish I could have gone to his concerts this time around, but alas, it was not to be. The beer is for you, Bruce.

I’m planning: My series about planning, of course!

Hope you’ve had a good week! Any wins to share?

{Image: Pexels}

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  1. says

    I’m pleased to hear you are discovering ‘doing nothing’ isn’t a waste of time. You’re actually feeding your soul. Have a great week Bron. Xx

  2. says

    Oh, Bruce. My cousin trailed him, three concerts, I think. And a five second duet with him. I guess I am very lucky too. We have the pool, like a resort, only it is at my parents house so they clean it, they bring me the G&T, and I just lounge around as if at a resort! (Loving the sunset photo, by the way!)

    • Maxabella says

      Haharha, I’d never let him hear me say that. But he does have a sense of humour about himself, so maybe he’d be okay with it.

  3. Cat @ life through the haze says

    Loving reading you! I think I might need to come hang out by your pool and fight you for the sun lounge! I will bring the wine!
    No real wins here and trying to work out what my Charli is going to do with herself now that she has decided to give up dance after 6yrs! I don’t mind that she doesn’t want to dance (not paying for her to do something she hates!) but I don’t want her to think she can just sit around and do nothing.


    • Maxabella says

      It’s always a bit of a shock when they move on from something they were so passionate about, isn’t it?! Let her have some space and then start nudging different things towards her – parkour, acrobatics, team sport, tae kwon do, circus skills. So much out there!!

  4. says

    You got a pool?! How could I miss that news? Very exciting!

    I’m learning to sit with the creative process to come up with better plans for my client. While i sit, I get other stuff done. It’s new to me but exciting.

    Enjoy your week. Love having you back!

    • Maxabella says

      We’ve always had a pool, but it never ‘worked’ very well before, so I didn’t enjoy it. Now we have spent thousands on a new filter, new cleaner, etc, I love it. Pools are a money pit!!!

      Sitting is good! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Eliza. x

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