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We all act badly sometimes and it’s mortifying to get caught out doing it. I had a major road ragey turn at the intersection at the top of our street on Friday. There was a car turning right off the main road that I had to give way to, but it didn’t move. It was peak hour traffic streaming past and I have to make a right turn onto the major road, so it’s a stressful little moment at the best of times.

Why wouldn’t the car turn right?

I gave them a little toot with the horn to remind them that they had right of way. The windows were tinted really dark and the shine on the windscreen meant I couldn’t see the driver at all. They just kept sitting there, missing the opportunity to go. I thought, “If I go now, it will be one of those moments where we both suddenly spring into action and we’ll smash…” So I waited, because it wasn’t my turn to go. And waited, and waited, and got more and more irate.

Eventually, the car actually reversed to show me that they wanted me to go first and I thought, “Oh FFS!” and abandoned the road rules and made my turn, honking my horn very loudly as I went. They honked back at me equally loudly. What the fuck was their problem?


Anyway, you can imagine my mortification when I receieved a message in my Maxabella Loves Facebook inbox asking, “Was that you at the intersection this morning?” Turned out it was a fellow school mum in the black car and she hadn’t made the right hand turn because she didn’t think her car would fit (it would have, no problem, but I can totally see how from her angle she would have thought that). Anyway, I stressed her out no end with my honking and ranting. I feel really bad about that.

When you put a face to an action, you remember that people generally have the best of intentions. Sorry, L. I promise I will be less aggressive in my car in future. And I’ve already emailed the RTA to request them to have a serious look at that silly intersection.

I think we need a drink. Let’s have a good ol’ vodka, lime and soda and let me tell you what I’ve been up to when I’m not stressing out school mums on the road:

I’m loving: a little time to myself. Bart took the kids up the coast to stay overnight with Zia Lucia. I caught up on some work, went to the movies, read my book, had a swim and didn’t think about much at all.

I’m enjoying: my word this year. “Intention” is such a good one. I’ve been intentinoning all over the place: being careful with how I spend my time, forming new habits to help me along, actioning things instead of just thinking them. It’s working a treat so far! Join us in the 100 Days of Pushups Challenge if you’re keen.

I’m watching: well, we started watching Tom Hardy’s Taboo… but it’s really weird. Hardy is barely comprehensible and the story is dark and moody and… weird.

I’m eating: Kylie’s Raspberry Cheesecake Balls.

I’m reading: Just finished Hannah Kent’s The Good People. I loved it. This author can evoke atmosphere like no other.

I’m making: a right tit of myself if the intersection kerfuffle is anything to go by.

I’m discovering: I can do pushups. Sort  of.

I’m wondering: what the hell happened with that hail storm last Sunday? OMG, it was crazy. The hail was bigger than golf balls. One of our cars got pelted and the hail also smashed through our pergola roof out the back. Nature sure was cranky with us.


I’m listening: to Max learn the piano. He is very keen. He plays all the time. Same song over and over. It’s not horrendous at all.

I’m planning: our trip to Brisbane for the Adele concert next weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing that voice in person.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. says

    Oh I completely sympathise with the “road rage” confusion – you can so easily get tunnel vision on the road. I’m sure the mum has already forgiven you :) x

  2. says

    Oh woops! Cringe. Bega is a place where everyone knows everyone so my road rage is soooo contained because moments like yours would happen every single flipping day otherwise! lol xx

  3. says

    I just competed in a 19.7km open water swim to Rottnest Island. Now I need to find a new challenge! Lots of my friends went to Adele in Perth and they all raved about it. Apparently she is very humorous! Enjoy.

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