SugarIt’s been a goodly while between drinks I know. I accidentally stopped writing here for a while and then I did it deliberately to see what would happen. Would I feel less busy if I removed this one thing? Would I miss it? Would you miss it?

Like the best kinds of friendship, life pretty much went on regardless, but there was a certain kind of missing that kept me company in its place. “I should write about that,” I would think, in the same way that one stores up anecdotes for an old trusted friend. You always know you’re going to see one another and pick up right where you left off.

And so it goes.

I’m loving: playing backgammon with my girl by the fire.

I’m enjoying: dabbling. Such a good word for the ‘try it and see’ approach I currently have to design, video, photography and general creating. It’s been a long time since I’ve created just because I want to. It’s nice.

I’m watching: House Rules. I wish I had never got involved, but the girls love it and we watch the reveal shows together. I think this year has featured some of the most unpleasant people I’ve ever seen on television.

I’m eating: I am still low sugar. I know, it’s a miracle. Well, I think I’ll always be low sugar now. That’s not to say I didn’t scoff half a litre of the sweetest chocolate brownie ice cream last night. I’m still me.

I’m reading: The Wonder by Emma Donoghue. So far a disturbing book full of curiosity.

I’m making: headway on the renovation at our place. It’s a massive thing. We’ve put it off for so long that every little thing seems to need our help.

I’m discovering: that it’s okay to stop doing things. Being busy can be the most useless thing you can possibly do.

I’m wondering: when we decided to make life so complicated. That you couldn’t just disappear into your family for a little while and answer, “Not much” when someone asked you what you were up to.

I’m listening: to the Bean Project. We camped at the National Folk Festival over Easter and this one one of the many bands that kept me (sort of) warm at night.

I’m planning: Lottie’s birthday party and the reno but otherwise, I’m trying not to make too many plans lately.

How you doing lately?

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  1. says

    It’s funny, recently I began changing my answer from ‘busy’ to ‘not much, just enjoying life’ when I’m asked ‘how are things going?’. Some people just don’t even know what to say in response! They just sort of give you that weird look as if to say ‘yeah, right.’ I wonder what goes through their head. If they think I just sit around all day doing nothing, or have an idyllic existence or something like that. But then, I don’t really care what they think! I am enjoying life. I am busy. I am quiet. I am being. Times are good. Times are bad. And that’s just it – it’s life. Hope you’re enjoying life Bron. xx

    • Maxabella says

      I think you are right: people really don’t know what to do when you tell them you’re not too busy. It’s like you are admitting that noone wants you or something. But, yes, it’s so much more enjoyable to do be more idle. Work is incredibly full on for me lately, so turning the volume down elsewhere is necessary.

  2. says

    Nice to hear from you again! Your fireplace sounds like a lovely place to be, and I agree re downtime (we’re making our way through old movies, which I’m living, plus House Rules, which I’m not. Such nastiness! But otherwise – life’s meant to be lived, not sped through! I hope the weekend is restful for you too X

    • Maxabella says

      I love a wood fire. It’s probably a bit of a no-no to say that these days, but we have an abundance of wood at our place and watching Bart chop it for firewood is pretty much my favourite thing ever. :)

  3. says

    Yes to dabbling – commitment free ‘having a go’ :) I’m also trying to simplify life. I love to be busy but I also love doing absolutely nothing – I think there’s probably a balance to be had somewhere :) Have a good weekend Bron x

    • Maxabella says

      Busy is fine for me, it’s being rushed, over-committed and overwhelmed that I draw the line at. “Busy” is none of those things – busy is just full up and that’s okay. Enjoy your weekend too, Mim. x

  4. says

    Wonderful to hear from you :-) Love to know more about reno works.
    Like Jodi’s answer, ‘enjoying life’ going to use that 😉

  5. says

    Nice to see you pop up in my feed. Yes to this – I’m wondering: when we decided to make life so complicated. That you couldn’t just disappear into your family for a little while and answer, “Not much” when someone asked you what you were up to.

    I’m all for ‘not much’ after running around like a crazy chook with my head chopped off with two businesses in two different states, three children under the age of four and then getting glandular fever on top of it all.

  6. says

    You know the other day my bestie called me out of the blue on the landline. I reckon it’s been a couple of months between proper voice calls. And from the very first word it was perfect. We picked up from where we’d left off and ran with it for an hour. Heartwarming and upsetting and lovely and reassuring and everything else. I probably won’t speak to her again for a couple of months but I’m totally fine with that, she’s still my bestie. And you’re still a blogger. You’ll still post your beautiful insights and doings and we’ll still gobble them up. I’m happy you’re back. xx

  7. Annette says

    Dabbling is ace, I’m dabbling in bread making today and am practically bursting with anticipation!!
    Not much is my wheelhouse, and I love it.

    Weekends are all about cosy times – staying in bed all morning with coffee and podcasts, pottering in the kitchen, watching telly, social media fun, sketching or painting, yummy food and conquering the dishes mountain and laundry that sneaks up on me during the week.

  8. says

    I always love it when I see a link to a new post of yours popping up in my feed :)

    I’ve been half busy, half just enjoying the weather! Trying to restrict my working to actual work hours so that I’m not sitting up on the computer to all hours of the night, and giving myself weekends off if I don’t have any shoots booked so that I can really spend time with Punky and enjoy her company. Now that she’s at school I really, really look forward to the weekend, not just because we don’t have to be up and I don’t have to make lunches, but just because I miss her company during the week and it makes my heart happy to listen to her playing with Zee.

    We are about to renovate our kitchen, it wasn’t planned, but due to me destroying our stovetop via some spilled milk we’ve gone from a simple replacement of it to a whole new (to us) kitchen. I’m dreading the demo & instal, but after 10 years here it will be nice to have a brand new benchtop and oven/stove that work properly!

  9. says

    Lovely to see you pop up in my feed. I’m all for a bit of dabbling and “not much” is my absolute favourite. I’m really beginning to learn that less is actually more! Are you still push upping? Every time I do a push up (which is not often I have to admit,) I always think of you and your awesomeness!

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