Camping partyLast Saturday we had 14 kids to a sleepover. They were meant to all be outside in tents, but the weather had other ideas, so instead they were all in our lounge room. Last year I swore I would never again host a slumber party and yet, there I was pleading for mercy at 2 o’clock in the morning.  Gorgeous girls go crazy when you jack them up on yellow and orange icing and set them free. Good times.

Basically, I had a mega-shit week this week. A mega-shit week happens when you’re having a generally shit week and then the school announces that there is a costumed mufti day happening next week. The kids have to go as their favourite book or movie character. I mean, we practically chose the kids’ school because they didn’t participate in book week or Easter hat parades, and now this.

The girls, being the troupers that they are, have decided to go as Ruby Redfort (she wears jeans, a tee and Converses – tick) and Violet Mackeral (who is just generally crafty and awesome and wears whatever the hell she wants – tick). Max informed me that it’s a good thing he’s moved onto high school as he would have been attending as Papyrus from Undertale. I don’t know what the hell that is either.

So, a drink, no? It feels needed this week. Let’s pour a glass of comfort and catch up.

I’m loving: clarity. There is nothing quite like a shit week for stripping back the layers and reminding you about what is fundamentally important.

I’m enjoying: my work. There is a ton of it and mostly I feel like I’m drowning, but still I love it. That’s a good sign, right?

I’m watching: Big Little Lies. We have Foxtel freebie access for 10 days, so we had better crack on with it. I’m struggling a little with privilege, entitlement, gender and superficality issues, but will persevere.

I’m eating: this stupid chocolate brownie ice cream called Flatbush by Connoisseur that is basically irresistable madness.

I’m reading: Brene Browne’s Darling Greatly. I’ve concluded that all along vulnerability has been the skill that has made my life a particular joy. It feels natural to me to just be me.

I’m making: actually, the girls are making, Bake Play Smile’s Raspberry and Ricotta Cake and it is wonderful. We halve the sugar and use brown sugar instead and it is perfect. They are tackling a blueberry version this afternoon.

I’m discovering: after the goings ons of this week, I simply must repeat what I said last week, because I need to not just ‘discover’ it, but live it: “We really do just have to go with the flow. We can’t overthink the ‘what ifs’ because that just hurts your head and maybe your soul a little bit too. We just have to accept whatever comes our way and make the most of it. Plan a little, but not a lot.”

I’m listening: to the wonderful The Mae Trio. We discovered them at the National Folk Festival and they are great company with a glass of wine as I cook dinner.

Hope you’ve had a good week. If you have, that will be balance enough for me!

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  1. Jen says

    You survived! I thought the camping idea sounded marvelous…even thought I might steal the idea until I remembered that would mean 12 8 year old boys most probably inside, shuddered, and googled ‘Newcastle birthday parties’
    What is it that is making you Struggle with Big little Lies? We are only onto episode 2 and already I feel like it shows a little of people I know, and maybe each character is (dare I say) a little reflective of myself? I don’t know. Some parts are certainly uncomfortable.
    How are the renovations going?

    • Maxabella says

      I think a camping party would be brilliant too :) Maybe next year and maybe not for the kid whose birthday is in winter…

      I’ve only watched episode 1 so let me get back to you on what is bothering me so much. So many things so far, but perhaps they will go away with a couple more episodes. I think the book worked better because it was set in Australia…

      Reno is part of the reason my week has been so tough. Trying to fit in all the things I need to do to keep it moving AND I keep freaking out about the money. I am no good at spending large wads of cash without majorly freaking out.

      Enjoy your weekend. x

      • says

        Oh yes, slumber parties. Such a favourite for girls, such a nightmare for parents! lol

        I’ve had a pretty crap week this week. Unmotivated, feeling off colour, things going wrong, and then discovering my website had been hacked! All sorted now, but bloody frustrating!

        I felt the same about Big Little Lies after the first episode too, but by the end of it, thought it was amazing for so many reasons. Keep persisting.

        Have a great weekend Bron. x

        • says

          Hacked!!! Oh no!! There seems to be a lot of that going on (Woogsy!). Hope it really is sorted.

          And here’s to shit weeks, my friend. For the only way is up. x

    • says

      I read the book so long ago that I couldn’t remember what happened… but we watched episode 3 tonight and it all came back to me. Do read the book.

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, I just wrote on my own blog about not being able to cope with dress ups. I completely and totally hear you on that level, no fun at all. Hope your weekend is calm and costume free. xx

    • says

      We have the girls soccer team here for dinner tomorrow night (seriously, what am I like?!), but otherwise quiet. Enjoy your weekend, Sarah. x

  3. says

    As a woman who was camping outdoors with 30 nine to 13-year-olds in my charge, and 100 girls elsewhere on site, let me tell you the warmth and comfort of the indoors and cake sounds just peachy. (Especially as at 5.45am on Monday morning I heard “Kate, Jessica’s not breathing properly” through my tent door”. You’ve never seen a sleeping woman jump out of a sleeping bag so fast.Thankfully Jessica was having an anxiety attack, and not an asthma attack. Phew!

  4. says

    Oh I hear you on the shit week!!! We all started off the week with colds and I’m ending it with a vomiting bug… nice!!!! Thanks for making my cake – I’ll have to try your changes next time too! Fingers crossed this weekend is better for all of us! xxx

  5. says

    Those cakes look amazing!!! You’re brave with 14 kids for a sleep over. I’m planning a Lego Friends party and we’ve invited the whole class. Eeek! Every time I get a decline I do a happy dance :)

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