We make time for the things we love

We make time for the things we love

There was a vast desert full of crickets and tumbleweeds and then there was... a rushing river. I've had quite a few emails from you all, wanting to know how I managed to break my blog silence: "How did you get your mojo back?" "Where is the inspiration suddenly coming from?" "How are you finding the time now?" And, luckily, "so good ...

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“Being supportive” doesn’t mean you can’t disagree

Judging versus support

Recently I've noticed that having an opinion that differs from someone else's mean you are doing the worst possible thing ever, ever, ever: judging someone. Now, you don't want to judge anyone, not unintentionally and definitely not for reals. The slightest indication that someone's actions or POV are being challenged will have them (literally in ...

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Podcasts, life and the rhythm of blogging (a chat with Pip)

Podcast with Pip

Recently my dear mate Pip Lincolne called and asked if I wanted to have a chat for a Kidspot Voices of Voices segment about building an online community and other fine stuff. Naturally I said yes. When the lady who penned the gorgeously positive Craft for the Soul calls, you should always respond in the affirmative. Because that's what Pip is all ...

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Weekend Rewind | Drama, drama, drama

We have spent so much time judging

This week I had my integrity as a mother called into question. I see no other way to read the silly stitch-up that iMeanytown published after I said no to them republishing my post about yelling. I was so fucking angry I swore in international blogland. Whoops, I did it again. I welcome opinions that differ from my own, in fact, I thrive on ...

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Nice places to find free images for your blog

Nice places to find FREE IMAGES for your BLOG - best blogging resources

These days I'm right into photography, but that wasn't always the case. For at least two years of blogging I used other people's free images. You could say I was a curator instead of a creator. Back in the day, before we all knew about copyright, we used to grab any old image and add a link back to the source at the end of our post. This was ...

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Weekend Rewind | What’s it all about anyway?

Tiger mother

So, this beloved blog turned 5 this week and we had a little celebration, which mostly consisted of me boring the pants off you by reminiscing about past posts but also consisted of me offering two fab Pip blogging prizes. The competition is easy to enter and it's open until midnight tonight. If you have a blog or want a blog, Pip from Blog with ...

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5 years of blogging celebration {with lovely presents for you!}


I first hit publish on this blog on 27 April 2010 with a random post about garlands. It was the first thing I had written that wasn't for school or work in about 11 years. When I read that post again, there is such hesitation in my writing, such self-consciousness. Not in a million years could 2010 Bron have known that that first blog post about ...

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Finding your way around my blog

Red door to a blog

This feels like a bit of a random post to write, but I've actually received some real-life reader mail asking how to find things, so here I am. It's rare for me to get an email from a reader. Lots of bloggers seem to hear from people all the time, but sadly I'm not one of them. It's okay, I'm okay. Incidentally, despite my lonely inbox I think I ...

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Simple ways to build your blog | Comments

Blog comments - what they mean and how they can work for you

Did you see the Kidspot Masterclass I did for Voices of 2014 on Building your online community this morning? If you missed it, you can watch it right here... I am very earnest - do not laugh, please. To add to this short video, I thought I'd build a few posts around some super-practical things you can do straightaway to help find and get ...

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Weekend Rewind 55 | Evolution of a blog

WR 55

Hello! Welcome to Heartfelt living! Well, hopefully you've noticed that I've been a busy little beaver, building a new blog (with more than a little help from my dear friend and fellow Rewind host, Kelly who made the process so seamless and actually rather fun. She is a superstar.). So here we are, on Wordpress, with a new look and a new ...

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