20 really good book series to tempt reluctant readers

Best books for reluctant readers

I've been a reader from the moment I learned my ABCs, but some kids take quite a bit longer than that to catch on. Reading doesn't seem to be for everyone. For instance, Cappers is a smart kid who reads well, but she very rarely picks up a book unless prompted. She'd rather spend her time doing something else. I don't get that at all. Hence my ...

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Classic Mars Bar slice

A Table in the Orchard and Mars Bar Slice

Here's a treat - take a Mars Bar and add butter to it then stir in some puffed rice and then coat the lot in chocolate. Oh lordy, it's like taking a murmur and turning it into a heart attack, but in a totally fine way. This is quite simply the fatty-boomstickiest  slice you can make. I swear the only reason we made it was for Max to take into ...

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Really, really good books to add to your library list

Good books to read

I've read a couple of super-good books lately and last night I shared this thought with our Facebook community: There are two types of really, really good book: The kind that you are compelled to devour in one sitting and the kind that you keep puting down for a while because you just can't bear for it to end. Black Seconds by Karin Fossum ...

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6 more books that make creativity explode

6 creative books for little kids

Yesterday I shared my top 6 books for bigger kids and today it's the little kids' turn. There is no doubt that we are living in an era filled with marvellous stuff for kids and books are absolutely leading the way. As my children have grown I have found myself having to resist buying little kid books because I want them! I still manage to sneak a ...

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6 books that make creativity explode

6 creative books for older kids

Instead of screens today, why not... read a book that charges up creativity? Any kind of book is wonderful food for creative minds, but some books make kid's creativity explode out of their heads. Or something like that. Over the years we've collected many of these books and my creative-sponge Cappers is the one that seeks them out the most. ...

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Kids’ books | Allison Rushby’s How to save the universe in 10 easy steps

how to save the universe

I was sent a copy of Allison Rushby's book to review (probably because she is my sister's mate!) and it occurred to me that for a person as into books as I am, they don't feature very often on my blog. I need to fix that! My whole family is into books. I grew up with books pouring off overstuffed shelves and my own home looks much the same. To this ...

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Review | Sophie is lovely

You know Sophie from Local is Lovely, right? She's one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. She's so creative and clever and honest and true.Her first book is out today! I was lucky to have an advance copy thud on my doormat last week (I didn't know if I could post this email earlier than today, so here I am). I ...

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