The woven art of friendship

The Art of Friendship-12

On Saturday, my friend Louise brought us together for a day of making. Lou, Jo, myself and our girls spent the afternoon creating Christmas wreaths from natural materials like leaves, native flowers, rattan, ivy trails and wisteria tendrils we cut straight from the vine. Natural art forms woven tight with the sacred art of friendship. Lou ...

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Raspberry rum balls for Christmas [+ an amazing FREE Christmas cookbook]

Raspberry Rum Balls - perfect for Christmas

If a (wo)man is known by the company (s)he keeps, then I am amazing. Honestly, I'm kind, clever, talented, creative, wise, funny and ridiculously good looking. All my friends are. One of those friends - the kind, clever, talented, wise, funny, ridiculously good looking Amanda from Cooker and a Looker - invited me to contribute to this glorious ...

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Cute class gift| Merry Christmas tingles

life savers wrapper

By popular request, I've updated the Merry Christmas Lifesaver wrappers for 2016... post below is the original written last year. I accidentally moved it forward when I updated it. Ah well. It's that time of year again... the time of year when the urge to gift an Every Kid in the Class Christmas gift gets all too much for me. Since we are ...

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5 ways to be less busy right now

How to be less busy right now

Right now I have that ‘this time of year’ feeling. At the beginning of November, I feel just like this. The overwhelming feeling that the year is slipping away from me and I haven't done half what I wanted to do. So I get busy - even busier - making things happen. Preparing for Christmas, holidays, work commitments and year end, all while feeling ...

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Christmas decorating each year


Each year we use the same Christmas decorations and add a little something here and there. It startles me to think that families have a new 'theme' each year with different colours and loads of brand new decorations. I can't even cope when the stores do that, even though I know most of their stuff is rented and at least last year's theme is this ...

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Weekend Rewind 67 | Dancing into the hols

Weekend Rewind 67

The school holidays have hit, sending the those Tsunamis of mine spiralling into orbit. As I posted to Facebook, "I feel like it's Day 1 in the Big Brother house and I'm not sure I like my flatmates." Luckily I am one excessively prepared mumma and I managed to pull together 125 activities the kids can do at home. So far we've cranked through 13 of ...

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Make an over-size Christmas pennant

Make a Christmas pennant

I had a big expanse of wall above the fireplace that I wanted to make look Christmassy. I usually put a wreath up there, but this year I decided to try making a giant pennant with a Christmas message that is really resonating with me this year. It turned out to be so easy (took me less than an hour) that I'm sharing it with you, just in case you ...

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Cute Class Gift | Elf donuts

Elf donuts for christmas

Long time readers will know that one of our Christmas traditions is making something for every kid in the class. This was all very simple when we started with a sensible something for Max's Kinder class of 16 children. Not quite so simple now that we have three classes totalling 81 children (plus teachers and random assorted others). But we persist ...

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Collected | Make some Christmas gifts for friends

DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends

I don't know about you but I love to give a gift to special friends at Christmas time. Just something small because money is always tight this time of year. Especially this year. The great thing about a DIY gift is that it is generally inexpensive to make, so you can spread the love far and wide. Once you gather all the things you need and get ...

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