Make a Rudolf treat bag

Rudolf bags

Not a year goes by that I don't promise myself that I will not do that every kid in the class thing. And yet, just like last year (those reindeer noses are my most viewed post ever... all those pinners popping over for a download) (actually, that's not quite true, by far and away this post is my most viewed, but I don't count it 'cos it's bad), I ...

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May your days be merry and uber-doober bright!

Usually I prefer rather subdued and subtle designs or decorating choices. I like the background to blend so life can take centre stage. Here are some of the Christmas decs I've decked this year...But let's face it, sometimes we need a little help in the oomph department. So this year I've added a little roaring pink to the Christmas mix to brighten ...

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This week I’m grateful for… lights

Ho ho ho... ho... ho. Yeah, ho.That's just me getting into the Christmas spirit. As you can imagine, it feels a little like someone has attached a dimmer switch to my usual festive brightness. But shine on, I will.It was rather telling when LOML mentioned that the 'giant star surrounded by wreath' combo that I'd worked up for the fireplace looked ...

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Through the Instagram: little peek at December

Here's what Instagram reminds me that I did in December. December? Wasn't that, like, a year ago???December begins with a quick work trip to Melbourne for a shoot.Which beats the rest of my working life, which generally looks like this. Oh, another meeting, what a surprise.But it's Christmas all around, so how can we be anything but ...

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Make reindeer noses for Christmas {free printable}

Reindeer noses to make

So, last year I was stunned to discover a series of crumpled Christmas cards at the bottom of Maxi's school bag. "Oh no! They're doing a card for every kid in the class?!" I panicked. I then went a bit crazy to make up for not being the first one out with the Christmas cards. As you do. Which of course means that my panicked reaction has set the ...

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Make some Christmas pockets for school friends

Gifts for school friends

Maxi Taxi came home from school the other day munching on a gingerbread man and holding a crumpled card in his hand. "Merry Christmas, Max. Love Elliot". Oh no, I thought. They're doing that 'every kid in the class' thing. I dreaded that thing. Now here it is and it's only Kindergarten. Elliot's mum has twins Maxi's age and an older boy. ...

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♥ Loving Christmas spirit

The tree is up and sparkling. The front door is festooned with a new wreath. The Eiffel tower is glowing with fairy lights... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!I made the wreath in about 10 minutes for about $10 yesterday. A half-price plain wreath from our friends at Lincraft, a bunch of ribbons cut up and tied on each branch. ...

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