Cute class gift| Merry Christmas tingles

life savers wrapper

By popular request, I've updated the Merry Christmas Lifesaver wrappers for 2016... post below is the original written last year. I accidentally moved it forward when I updated it. Ah well. It's that time of year again... the time of year when the urge to gift an Every Kid in the Class Christmas gift gets all too much for me. Since we are ...

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Cute Class Gift | Elf donuts

Elf donuts for christmas

Long time readers will know that one of our Christmas traditions is making something for every kid in the class. This was all very simple when we started with a sensible something for Max's Kinder class of 16 children. Not quite so simple now that we have three classes totalling 81 children (plus teachers and random assorted others). But we persist ...

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Make an egg carton cupcake holder

How to make an egg carton cupcake holder

While researching a Kidspot story, I came across the egg carton cupcake holder at The Clever Carrot. How ingenious is using an egg carton to transport little cupcakes? It may seem like 'ingenious' is pushing it, but if you've ever struggled to keep those little blighters upright and unsmushed as you tumble into school on birthday day with excited ...

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Celebration “porcupine” slice recipe

Porcupine slice

It's a tradition at our school that on your birthday you bring in a little cupcake for each kid in the class to celebrate. I don't know what was happening nine months before May 2004, but there are a lot of birthdays in Max's class in May. This means that the kids are snarfing down a cupcake every other day. Not a single kid is complaining about ...

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Make some Easter bunny ear bags {step-by-step tutorial}

Easter bunny ear bags

I saw this sweet, simple idea on Oh Happy Day and just knew the kids would love having a go at it. Of course, to up the difficulty factor we decided to make one for Every Kid in the Class. Because if something can be sweet and simple we like to make it as exhausting and challenging as possible. So we made 72 of these little devils. And you know ...

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Make some Rudolf wrapped chocolates for Christmas

Christmas chocolates - santa reindeer and elf wraps

This is the fourth time I've done an Every Kid in the Class Thing post for Christmas. When did my blog get to be so ooooold? This time I found a great little printable idea over on Fe Fi Fo Famma and just went with that. Anna did a lot of cute cutting out and adding to her printables, making them look very fancy, but I just resized them, ...

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Make a Rudolf treat bag

Rudolf bags

Not a year goes by that I don't promise myself that I will not do that every kid in the class thing. And yet, just like last year (those reindeer noses are my most viewed post ever... all those pinners popping over for a download) (actually, that's not quite true, by far and away this post is my most viewed, but I don't count it 'cos it's bad), I ...

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Make reindeer noses for Christmas {free printable}

Reindeer noses to make

So, last year I was stunned to discover a series of crumpled Christmas cards at the bottom of Maxi's school bag. "Oh no! They're doing a card for every kid in the class?!" I panicked. I then went a bit crazy to make up for not being the first one out with the Christmas cards. As you do. Which of course means that my panicked reaction has set the ...

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Make some Christmas pockets for school friends

Gifts for school friends

Maxi Taxi came home from school the other day munching on a gingerbread man and holding a crumpled card in his hand. "Merry Christmas, Max. Love Elliot". Oh no, I thought. They're doing that 'every kid in the class' thing. I dreaded that thing. Now here it is and it's only Kindergarten. Elliot's mum has twins Maxi's age and an older boy. ...

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