Family Beat | “Kids will reflect your behaviour back to you”

Family Beat - Shannon Wong-Niciz

    This time, the burst of light and colour that is Shannon Wong-Nizic is gracing our pages. Shannon is a mum. A teacher. A blogger. I met Shannon when she started writing for me at Mumtastic and she dreams of being a published picture book author (and somehow I reckon she'll get there!) I am Shannon. For a long time, I had ...

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Vicki Tonner | My tips for a happy family life

Vicki Tonner's best tips for a happy family life

We’ve been talking to Vicki Tonner for Family Beats. Here Vicki shares her three best tips for a happy family life: family activities, meals, parenting style and more. Click here to read Vicki's full Family Beat. 3 favourite #screenfreedom activities 1. Snuggling in bed together and reading 2. Playing in the pool and on the trampoline 3. ...

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In the quiet

In the quiet - Maxabella Loves

I've always had a strong need for quiet. I am not one of those people who can happily read or work while music plays or kids bellow. My focus shifts from the task at hand to the music to the bellow to the task at hand to the music... I am what teachers called 'easily distracted'. Noise smuggles away my concentration and steals my calm. Mothers ...

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Emily Hawker | My best tips for a happy family life

Em Hawker - Best Tips for a Happy Family Life - Family Beats

We've been talking to Emily Hawker from emhawkerblog for Family Beats. Here Em shares her three best tips for every aspect of a happy family life: family activities, meals and more. Click here to read Emily's full Family Beats story. 3 favourite screen-free home-based activities  Having a singalong around the piano Playing Uno Doing ...

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Family Beat | “I’m parent. I’m mentor. I’m life coach”

Family Beat - Emily Hawker - the rhythm of family life

Welcome to the family beat of Emily Hawker, mum of two smalls and all-round lovely lady. Em blogs at emhawkerblog and is my all-singing, all-dancing friend. She's married to her childhood sweetheart, a love that forms the structure for their young family life. Where to begin? And once I’ve started, where to stop? I am Emily. I am a social ...

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Family Beat | “I don’t fit neatly into one parenting style”

Family Beats - The Rhythm of Family Life

  This week Nicole Avery talks about work and family. Nicole is a favourite of mine - an uber-fit, uber-healthy working mum to five school-age kids. She owns the inspiring website Planning with Kids, so expect a few light bulb moments when you read her story. I'm one of those crazy people who loves exercising. I love running ...

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Family Beat | A Day in the Life of a Working Mum of Five

Family Beats - A day in the life of a working mum of five

How does a working mum of five organise her day? Read on to find out how Nicole Avery of Planning with Kids manages her schedule. You can meet Nicole and her family here. 5 am I am up and out of the house by 5.15am at the latest. Generally it will be earlier than at least 1-2 mornings a week to do both running and CrossFit. I am home by 7am. 7 ...

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Everyday rituals | Good mornings

Good mornings

Getting up in the mornings is no fun for anybody and it’s not surprising, really. Oh, there are a few of us who leap out of bed, eager to be off on our 10 km morning run. But the very thought of that run, or at least the guilt of not going, is what keeps most of us firmly under the covers. I’m betting that the other thing keeping us wrapped up ...

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Everyday rituals | Picnic

Everyday rituals picnic

At the end of ‘one of those days’, when everything goes wrong and the children insist on telling you about it over andover with that special whine they reserve just for parents, a little break is in order. Now, it’s tempting to cook a simple meal for the kids to eat, rinse them through the bath and shovel them into bed for an early night. Ah, ...

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Everyday rituals | Twilight

Everyday rituals: Twilight

Daylight savings starts this weekend and my joy knows no bounds. A later sundown seems the right time to acknowledge the end of the day. Twilight now means the busyness of the day is done (dinner! bath! homework! stuff!) so the winding down of a full day is like the soothing tick-tock of life’s true rhythm. Day’s done, the thrill of night awaits ...

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