Fitting it all in | The ultimate weapon against procrastination


Lately I've been reading all sorts of things about procrastinating because... I'm procrastinating. I really want to stop my pfaffing. Of course,wanting to do something about procrastination is a complete oxymoron. I've been getting around to it for about 27 years. Why do we do it? There are lots of reasons why we don't do what we're supposed to ...

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Fitting it all in | Tools to help bloggers manage their time

Fitting it all in - Tools to help you manage your blog

Ahoy! Yep, still ahoying... I don't think I stayed long enough at the nautical-themed party on Saturday night. This is the third and final post in my three part wrap up of my Fitting It All In preso at #pbevent 2014. You can find part one here (finding time to blog) and part two here (managing your blog time more efficiently). To wrap the whole ...

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Fitting it all in | Making the most of your time

Schedule everything

On Monday I wrote my first top 5 tips from my #pbevent talk - Fitting it all in (how to manage your life so you can manage your blog). These were my top 5 tips for finding more time to blog. Were they helpful? I guess you're back, so I'll take that as a yes! So, just how do you manage the time you've so carefully scraped out by doing what you ...

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Fitting it all in | Finding time

Daily structure

Aaaaeeeeeeeeoooooooooaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmm! Sorry, that was a 'let it go' bellow. Do you do those? When I feel all restless and itchy with all the things I have to do and all the things I want to do, a good bellow can help me work out what matters. It's not a scream - I save those for other occasions - but a raw, cleansing, get this ...

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