Weekend Rewind | Up, up, up we go!


It's official - Mumtastic has launched and we are flying. It's been an amazing ride so far and I can't wait to meet you all over in the supportive, happy, friendly space we have created. If you haven't already, please like our new Facebook page so you can pop in when things take your fancy. Hooray! As you can imagine, it's been a big few weeks ...

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Teaching our children gratitude

Practising gratitude with the kids

In my later years (I sound like I’m 100, but bear with me), I’ve realised that it is impossible to be happy in this life if you are not first grateful for this life. I believe that you simply cannot be content and satisfied (two other things I believe are fundamental to happiness) if you do not first learn to appreciate all that you have right ...

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Hello Mum in the picture

I'm stunned and overwhelmed and cheered and heartbroken and filled with joy over the response to my post about being missing from my children's childhood. But I'm not surprised, not really. We mums have been missing from family photos for years and years and it's time we jumped back #inthepicture. Being insecure and self-conscious and shy ...

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This week I’m grateful for… our postie

It's been a thoughtful week this week. Me trying to be more 'present' basically ends up with me getting more wound up than ever before. Being present means I overthink things even more than usual.I'm no good at yoga either.Still, this week I'm grateful for...323. The postie - He's a dude. I'm actually going to write a whole post about posties ...

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This week I’m grateful for… time passing

Is that awful to say? I know we're not meant to wish our lives away, but sometimes it's really, really nice to. Just for a little while.Like when you're implementing yet another 'sleep plan' to kick off a brand new school year. Rock hard work... so brutal. I honestly feel like someone came along and ripped all the emotional stability out of my body ...

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This week I’m grateful for… answers

So, it's shingles and of course the chicken pox vaccination is the only one missing from the Badoo's immuniation repetoire. So of course even though we hustled her in for her 'pin' (her word) this morning, I'm going to give her chicken pox the week before she's meant to start Kindergarten thereby making her miss her first ever week of school. ...

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This week I’m grateful for… homemade concerts

As girls, my sisters and I (that's Sister A and Sister C) were very big concert makers. You know the elaborate vaudeville kind that involves costumed 'acts' of every variety - singing, dancing, comedy (mostly unintentional). Our group performances culminated in a complicated rendition of the entire soundtrack from Grease, held in our ...

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This week I’m grateful for… quiet times

Late last year, when things were quite mad and worrying, I realised that I don't focus on the quiet times enough. I don't stop and be still and appreciate it when all is calm. Rather, I wait for things to hot up and be crazy and then I say, "I wish it was calmer around here."This year I'm going to try and drink in the calm moments that exist in the ...

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This week I’m grateful for… challenges

As much as I wish for life to just go away for a year or so, I know I would be bored within six months. Ha, ha. But really, I do complain about life's busyness, but the reality is that I thrive on it and without constant prompts to action, I would just be a puddle taking up room on the couch, watching Dr Phil reruns and dreaming about my 'best ...

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