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Perth hidden places for kids | Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls National Park

By Suburban Sonnet At the beginning of spring, excited by the prospect of a bit of sunshine, we jumped in the car and headed to Lesmurdie Falls. It is part of Lesmurdie Falls National Park but is only a 30 minute drive from Perth's CBD and right on the edge of residential Lesmurdie – there are houses immediately across the road from the car ...

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Mildura hidden places for kids | The Perry Sandhills

Midura hidden places for kids | The Perry Sandhills

By Sophie Appleby The Perry Sandhills is an enchanting natural wonder, one of those places that takes you over 40,000 years back in time.  A seemly endless expanse of some 400 acres of drifting sand dunes, home to mega fauna fossils, an abundance of native bird life and a picturesque spot for a picnic and a play in the sand. Located about 30km ...

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Tasmania hidden places for kids | Cradle Mountain

Cradle mountain hidden place to stay - shhhh

By Michelle Crawford What the heck?! Everyone knows Cradle Mountain, it’s the Mona Lisa of National Parks… queues, traffic jams, shuttle buses, overflow carparks, thousands of visitors jostling for an uninterrupted view of Dove Lake and elbowing past each other on the track.  So why am I even mentioning this place in an article called Hidden ...

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Gold Coast hidden places for kids | Currumbin Creek

Hidden places for kids on the Gold Coast #hiddenplaces

By Emily Toxward Despite my love of people, well most of them, there’s nothing worse than having to share the great outdoors with ten thousand others. On the Gold Coast we are spoiled for choice in regards to beaches; there’s enough space to go around and then some. The same can’t be said for those of us who like to stand-up paddle board. ...

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Sydney hidden places for kids | Yarramundi Reserve

Hidden places for kids in Sydney - Yarramundi Reserve

By Kylie Purtell Yarramundi Reserve really is an explorer's paradise. Hidden away on the banks of the river, this is where the Hawkesbury becomes the Nepean, and meets the Grose River, resulting in one of the best places for small nature lovers to explore. Yarramundi has a little something for everyone. In the summer, it's the place to go for a ...

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Brisbane hidden places for kids | Walkabout Creek

Walkabout Creek Brisbane

By Robyna from The Mummy & the Minx When I think about taking my kids to see animals in Brisbane and greater surrounds, I immediately think about Australia Zoo, Sea World or Lone Pine. All great places, all great days out. But none are cheap and all are a good distance out of the CBD.   Luckily there are some great places, closer to town ...

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Melbourne hidden places for kids | Street art walking tour

Hidden places for kids in Melbourne: Melbourne Street Art

By Kate Nelson | meetoo My six year old happens to be studying street art this term at school which gave us the perfect excuse to head into Melbourne’s CBD for our own walking tour of some of the best street art in the world.  We visited a few spots that I was already familiar with and I also did a quick google before we set off to see if there ...

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Sydney hidden places for kids | Parramatta Lake Reserve

Hidden places for kids in Sydney: Parramatta Lake Reserve

By Sara from Kid Magazine Blink and you will miss the entrance of Parramatta Lake Reserve, nestled in a quiet residential street near Northmead. The unassuming gates and stone etched sign give little away of the beautiful hideaway that awaits behind. I first discovered Parramatta Lake last year when my mothers' group was sharing our top spots ...

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Brisbane hidden places for kids | Hidden World Playground

Hidden world playground Brisbane

By Ngaire from Brisbane Kids Hidden World Playground (HWP)is a play area in Brisbane shrouded in mysterious codes and whispers of hidden underground tunnels. For the innocent visitor, the playground is simply an impressive creation by artist Russell Anderson. It is a colourful and inspiring playground, open-plan and a welcome sight for active ...

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Blue Mountains hidden places for kids | Katoomba Cascades

Hidden places for kids - Katoomba Cascades

By Christine Knight The Blue Mountains is full of secret walks and waterfalls, just waiting to be discovered. Our favorite place to take our preschooler is Katoomba Cascades, a small waterfall on a trail that starts at Katoomba Falls Park, on Cliff Drive. The short 300 metre walk down to the falls takes about 15 mins, making it the perfect ...

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