Weekend rewind | Chips down, bombs away

flowers for mohter's day

I think just about everyone in town is aware that I've had a shit week. That said, I'm up to mortaring the boundaries and I'm feeling a lot, A LOT, better. And so it goes. So, apart from losing my mind, we also celebrated Max's 11th birthday this week. To be honest, I think knowing that my wayward first born has been whinging at me for ELEVEN ...

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Make a car wash for toy cars

Easy car wash to DIY

My little friend Nick is completely in love with his toy cars. I can't remember ever seeing him without one. My Max was never a car boy, he was always more into his toy animals (and screens, always screens). So when the opportunity came up to make a cute little toy car wash for Kidspot, I had to ask Nick if I could borrow a couple of his cars for ...

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Kids’ books | Allison Rushby’s How to save the universe in 10 easy steps

how to save the universe

I was sent a copy of Allison Rushby's book to review (probably because she is my sister's mate!) and it occurred to me that for a person as into books as I am, they don't feature very often on my blog. I need to fix that! My whole family is into books. I grew up with books pouring off overstuffed shelves and my own home looks much the same. To this ...

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Max’s Lord of the Flies, I mean Minecraft party

Minecraft party ideas

 I think 10 years old is my cut-off point for large parties in the backyard. The kids are bigger, louder, busier and did I mention louder? Because they are LOUD. This Minecraft party was all about the noise. The boys were screaming at each other, I was screaming at the boys, Bart was screaming at me to be heard over me screaming at the boys who ...

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Weekend Rewind XXXVI: Lucky, sick boy

This was going to be my week to catch up on plenty of things that I've let slide lately. For a while there, I think I took my new-style To Do list a little too far. It's super-fun planning holidays, parties, new ideas and trips away, but the real stuff needs to be done too. Which reminds me, I need to buy milk...Anyway, rather than getting through ...

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Celebration “porcupine” slice recipe

Porcupine slice

It's a tradition at our school that on your birthday you bring in a little cupcake for each kid in the class to celebrate. I don't know what was happening nine months before May 2004, but there are a lot of birthdays in Max's class in May. This means that the kids are snarfing down a cupcake every other day. Not a single kid is complaining about ...

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Down in the mangroves

Kids get hurt a lot. They do a lot of physically bizarre things that result in injury. Walking, for instance, seems challenging for many. Others fall off their bikes, off trampolines, out of trees and, in some noteworthy cases, moving vehicles. My Cappers gets hurt many times every day. She is one of those children who cannot pass a wall without ...

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Coconut coated curve balls

When life throws you curve balls, roll them in coconut.Or something like that.Over at our place, things have been both good and not very good at all. Life is like that, isn't it?I don't want to go into too much detail because it's Maxi's story, not mine, but I just wanted to write a little bit about some insights I have recently had into this ...

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One child versus 27 children

I would just like to mention that sometimes I wish I only had one child (as opposed to the other sometimeses when I wish I had none, of course). Easy there tiger, don't get all roar-y on me, I'm not wishing away my beloved girls, not at all.But sometimes I imagine what it must be like to have the one kid to... focus on. All the loving, all the ...

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