It's party time

A magical Alice in Wonderland party (on a budget)

Magical Alice in Wonderland Party on a Budget

A couple of weekends ago it was Arabella's Alice in Wonderland party and let me tell you, this one was the most last-minute, budget-friendly party I've ever done. That's really saying something too, because I always leave parties until the last minute and I always try to spend as little money as possible. This Alice in Wonderland party had the ...

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Make these Alice in Wonderland invitations

Alice in Wonderland invitations

We made some Alice in Wonderland invitations for Cappers' upcoming 11th birthday. She's totally into the idea of an Alice in Wonderland party, having devoured the books and the movie. Such is her devotion, when we were in London we even schlepped across town to visit the exhibition at the British Library. This will be a delicious theme for a ...

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Minute to Win It party games are the BEST

Minute to win it - How to Play Cookie Face

I've been wanting to write about the awesomeness that is Minute To Win It party games since Badoo had her party in June. Life, huh? We actually replicated the exact Minute To Win It party games we had at Max's party back in May (again, blog silence - it's been a hellava quick year), so I can attest that these games are loved by both boys and girls ...

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You’re invited to a night owl slumber party

Night Owls Slumber Party Invitations

Sorry, that headline is a bit misleading. You're not actually invited to the night owl slumber party. But some Badoo friends are. Lucky kids. You can tag alone virtually if you like? The Badoo is turning eight, if you can believe that. She wants to replicate her older sister's (un)slumber party, but we're not sure if Mr Crocodile's pyjamas are ...

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How to host a Glow Party – Let’s Glow Crazy!

Glow party ideas

My youngest Badoo turned seven on Saturday, which surely makes me the oldest mother on the interwebs. Like any year in a Badoo's life, we didn't let the passing of the six onto the seven go unnoticed. She wanted a hip hop party and we decided to make it glow as bright and shiny as a Badoo. Which is very bright and shiny indeed. So, let me tell ...

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Free printable Glow Crazy party invites

DIY Glow party invitations - free printable

Lottie is having a Let's Glow Crazy party and you're invited! Matter of fact, you can download, edit and print these free printable Glow Party invites and have your very own Let's Glow Crazy party. Just click on the image below to print. A Word document will automatically download and you can start editing with your own Glow Party ...

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Island party ideas – games, decorations, invitations, food

Island party

Every now and then I think my patience for creating kids' parties is reaching capacity... and then a birthday rolls around and before I can stop myself I'm enthusiastically bleating, "what theme do you want for your party this year?" Well, Cappers wanted a Fiji theme, which we successfully turned into 'island party ideas' and then morphed into ...

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Party | An island party invitation

Island party invitation

We're on the home stretch for party season - yay! Party season extends from May (Max) through June (Badoo) into August (me) and up to October (Cappers). It's Cappers' birthday in a couple of days in fact! Happy birthday, darling girl. Wait a minute... Max, Badoo, me, Cappers... um, actually, my man has his birthday the day before Cappers' but he ...

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Musical nails | A super-fun, super-girly party game

Fab party game for girls - musical nail polish

This follow-up post to Lottie's Fashion Palooza has been a long time coming! Some things just keep getting pushed down the To Do list!! I didn't want to not share this game with you, though. Mainly because we invented what I think is the best EVER girl party game. Even better than this one... remember this one? {Click image for ...

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Lottie’s fabulous fashion palooza

Fashion party palooza

When I posted the invitations to Lottie's fashion palooza, I mentioned that I was struggling with the whole concept of a 'fashion' party for a six year old. And only just-turned six at that! I thought long and hard about how to pull off a party that was suitably grown-up in Badoo's eyes, but not too creepy for the rest of us. I think I managed ...

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