The trouble with being a fixer

The Trouble with Being a Fixer

I'm a forthright person who calls it like it is (or at least how I think it is - very important point there... ahem), so I can sometimes run into a spot of bother. See, when you're used to being open and people respect you for that openness, your filter isn't called on all that often. It gets rusty and often doesn't work very well. The elephant ...

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Mum peak hour

Mum Peak-Hour

This morning I had an 8.45am meeting, but the uniform shop at school didn't open until 8.30am. Ordinarily the uniform shop opening hours factor into my day exactly never, but not this day. This day Lottie needed socks, shorts and a shirt for Mod Ball because she has mysteriously made it into the PSSA Mod Ball Junior Squad at school. "What's Mod ...

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My kids aren’t making me feel like sh*t on purpose

Kids are kids

Since last week's meltdown, I've tried very hard to take off the cranky pants. Let me tell you, it's been difficult. Those babies are stuck right on me. Which made me realise that I have a major attitude problem right now. I get like this from time to time. Trying to do "all the things" sometimes makes me dreadfully resentful of my children. I ...

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A wish for mums for the new year

A wish for mums

One of the things that makes me sad about online life is the number of mums who write about how lonely they are. It honestly breaks my heart how isolated, alone and unsupported so many mothers feel. I am so glad that social media exists to give these mums a place to voice their feelings. I remember being a first-time mother of a demanding baby 12 ...

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How I unspoiled my kids

Mary's House

I shared an article on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, that was shared again and again. There is a lot about the article that I don't agree with (the headline, for one thing), but there was a lot in there that really resonated with me. I am hyper-aware of how it is all-too easy to spoil our kids these days. In many, many ways, my kids ...

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My best isn’t good enough

My Best Isn't Good Enoughv

"We're all just doing our best." Honestly? If I hear that phrase one more time I will scream even louder than I screamed the last time I heard that phrase. I simply detest it. "Best" is quite possibly the blandest word in the world. What does "best" actually mean? Well, though the dictionary defines it as "of the most excellent or desirable ...

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Lately: What we’d chat about over drinks this week

Crayons and colouring

Is it Monday? Because it feels like I haven't actually achieved a thing this week, and yet I've been so busy that it's flown by. Here we are, Friday evening* and I'm still thinking about how to plan my week. Ah, some weeks we just don't it, right? * When does 'evening' start? Right now it's 5:26 pm and I say evening, but my friend Aidy (who is ...

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Avoiding drama (aka wiping off the ugly)

Avoiding drama

I am a simple person with a simple outlook on life and unless I'm watching it on stage or screen, I absolutely despise drama. If I feel so much as a solitary goosebump of drama, I will get away as fast as possible. Well, best not to run, but I'll do that walk-run thing you do when you see so-and-so on the other side of the street and you know it's ...

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Our family meetings

The family meeting

I used to laugh at parents who had family meetings. I thought they were the funniest thing. I was knee-deep in work meetings at the time and couldn't fathom why anyone would want to bring that tedium into the home. Speaking of which, Bart once attended a work meeting to discuss why they had too many meetings. See, meetings are funny. Well, ...

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I’m not ready for high school

Ready for High School

Max says he's ready for high school. "We're forming a gang, Mum," he tells me. "It's gonna have all the boys from my class who are going to our high school in it. We might ask other boys on the first day too. There's gonna be 20, maybe even 100 year 7 boys in it. We'll go around in a pack." Yeah, he's ready. Careful, Max, careful. It's taken ...

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