A magical Alice in Wonderland party (on a budget)

Magical Alice in Wonderland Party on a Budget

A couple of weekends ago it was Arabella's Alice in Wonderland party and let me tell you, this one was the most last-minute, budget-friendly party I've ever done. That's really saying something too, because I always leave parties until the last minute and I always try to spend as little money as possible. This Alice in Wonderland party had the ...

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Island party ideas – games, decorations, invitations, food

Island party

Every now and then I think my patience for creating kids' parties is reaching capacity... and then a birthday rolls around and before I can stop myself I'm enthusiastically bleating, "what theme do you want for your party this year?" Well, Cappers wanted a Fiji theme, which we successfully turned into 'island party ideas' and then morphed into ...

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Lottie’s fabulous fashion palooza

Fashion party palooza

When I posted the invitations to Lottie's fashion palooza, I mentioned that I was struggling with the whole concept of a 'fashion' party for a six year old. And only just-turned six at that! I thought long and hard about how to pull off a party that was suitably grown-up in Badoo's eyes, but not too creepy for the rest of us. I think I managed ...

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Arabella’s flower garden party

Flower garden party

Last weekend Arabella hosted 15 of her buddies at her flower garden party. These were the same group of girls who charmed us at last year's slumber party - just the nicest, sweetest group of girls and it was a pleasure to spend time with them all. For a bit of fun, I made head scarfs for each of the girls - well, my mother-in-law hemmed the ...

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Step right up to a craaaaaazy carnival party

Carnival party

All week it rained and rained and rained and rained on our carnival parade. Despite going through the motions of party preparations, my heart really wasn't in it. Everything we had imagined and prepared was for an outdoor set up, so I moped about, staring wistfully outside at the sopping wet trampoline which I'd planned to turn in a jumping ...

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How to throw an awesome Pokemon Party

Awesome Pokemon party

I absolutely love a kid's party with a narrative. Our Harry Potter party had one and Maxi's awesome Pokemon party had one too. From the very beginning of the party, the kids were all Pokemon trainers, charged with catching, training and battling a Pokemon. Zia Lucia (the best aunty in the whole world and my party buddy - dressed as a Pokemon below ...

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A very merry unslumber party

Merry slumber party

It's true that I am something of a mad woman, but even I knew that having an unslumber party for a seven year old's birthday party was a little bit nuts. Especially when certain circumstances conspire to mean you will be running said slumber party after just 3 hours sleep the night before. In our defence, we thought just two girls were sleeping ...

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How to make a princess party in 48 hours flat

Princess party how to

I know you probably won't believe me when I tell you this was a very low-key party... but it was. The cardboard princess castle is very deceptive! It makes it look like I went to a whole lot of trouble when actually this was a very simple party to put together (apart from the #@$#% cardboard princess castle, of course!) By the time this princess ...

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Oh good golly gosh, it’s a farm party

Farm party ideas

It's done. The farm party of the year is DONE. I'm farking farmed out. Maxi and his band of merry men (and maidens) had a really, truly super awesomey day (except that one kid... there is always one.. who told me constantly that he was bored. I hated that kid.) The trouble with 'doing' kids' parties is that kids have to come to them. I ...

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Party on down: Tables

The table decorating part of party hosting is outta sight fab if you ask me. Beautiful images created from beautiful food on beautifully set tables - what's not to love? Do bear in mind that out of all the party elements, the 'party table' is all about the parents and not really about the children. I don't honestly think they even notice that ...

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