Pin of the Day | Paper plane valentine

No Biggie - free printable paper plane for Valentine's Day

I'm not a Val's Day person, either, but I couldn't go past this cute little paper plane idea from No Biggie. I think it's 'cos we are ALL about the paper planes at our place, having seen the darling movie and started a paper plane fad at school (that will be over faster than a flight from Syd to Melb, but still). "You make my ♥ soar" - it's ...

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Pin of the Day| New year’s resolutions for kids

New years resolutions 30 Handmade Days

I'm jumping ahead a little here, but sometimes we have to get ready for things early! Inspired by my collected 'gifts for friends' post, I've been doing one for things for kids to do for New Year's Eve. I came across this sweet resolutions sheet by Mique at 30 Handmade Days. It's such a great idea to get kids thinking about their best bits of the ...

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Pin of the Day | Gingerbread house

Cardboard gingerbread house - Inner child fun

Forget icing fiddly little gingerbread walls this year and make the kids this absolutely delicious looking gingerbread cubby house instead. This is all the work of Valerie from Inner Child Fun - one of those uber fun mom bloggers who make us all feel like having a Bex and lie down. Check out some of Valerie's other posts: Paper bag ...

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Pin of the Day | the cutest printable Christmas envelopes

Way too cute printable envelopes for Christmas

It's time, people. Christmas is coming and we're going to be ready for it, do you hear? READY I tells ya! I couldn't go past these printable 'holiday' envelopes from This Heart of Mine. They would make such an adorable packaging for a few sweets to give to every kid in the class, don't you think? I note that most Christmas decorations include ...

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Pin of the Day | Make your own pineapple stamp

Make your own pineapple stamp

I thought I'd better get this one up before the whole pineapple thing moves on to watermelon love (we are this close). I don't know about you, but I've always fancied that I would like to make a stamp. The only thing that stops me is the amount of effort that goes into making something that just does that one thing. Stamps pineapples. It's a ...

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Pin of the Day | Voodoo biscuits

Voodoo cookies

In honour of Halloween here are some Voodoo biscuits by Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella. Actually Lorraine calls them cookies, but these are definitely biscuits to me. Now, of course Halloween doesn't deserve to be honoured - at least not in the junk food and silly scares way that Australians have adopted from our US cousins. But no doubt it will ...

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Pin of the Day | DIY crepe paper hibiscus flowers

Crepe paper bloom - feature

In honour of Cappers' island theme birthday party, due to be staged tomorrow afternoon, curtains rise at 2pm, I bring you a hibiscus flower tutorial. Because guess what I'll be doing tonight? Last year when Cappers had her flower garden party, I thought I'd made all the paper flowers I ever needed to make, but apparently I was wrong. Still, ...

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Pin of the Day | DIY rope hanging shelf

Pin of the Day - hanging rope shelf by A Beautiful Mess

I was pretty sure I've featured those clever lasses from A Beautiful Mess as a Pin of the Day before, but a quick google would indicate otherwise. How is this possible? I mean, I reckon I pin just about every post I ever read from that lovely little blog, so how have I not featured them before? Shall we start with this cool rope shelf? I saw it ...

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Pin of the Day | 25 party garlands

25 party garlands to make

I have a whole pinboard called Garlands just make me happy. And they do. This round up of party garlands is from one of my favourite party sites: A Subtle Revelry. Victoria has the most trustworthy eye when it comes to all things pretty and fun. Her blog tagline is "merrymaking the everyday". Some of my favourite A Subtle Revelry party ...

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Pin of the Day | 50 organising ideas for every room in your house

50 organising ideas for every room in your house

I spend a good deal of my week writing posts for various websites that start with things like '21 ideas for' and '20 ways to' and '10 things' and '11 surprising'... we sure like our bite-sized content, don't we? Sometimes I worry about where the internet is taking us all. I mean, at the end of the day with all the stats and clicks we're chasing, we ...

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